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KC Indymedia is back online!

#media_522;right# We lost our server, but thanks to from many different people we're ready to resume reporting the news deemed unworthy by corporate media.

KC Indymedia is back online!

We lost our server, but thanks to from many different people we're ready to resume reporting the news deemed unworthy by corporate media.

Our downtime came at a bad time since so much election-related news is never covered. We've got Diebold electronic voting machines in Kansas with no paper trails. We've got a congressional candidate -- again on the KS side -- who's personally helped draft provisions of the next edition of the Patriot Act. Who knows what else is going under the radar? Voter suppression ... intimidation ... dirty tricks?

Luckily, the members of the KC Indymedia collective are not ones to dwell on the past. We plan to get back up to speed quickly, starting with a quick FYI about the local Sinclair Broadcasting Group boycott that's underway both nationally and locally.

Why is Sinclair being boycotted?

Sinclair Broadcast Group's plans to use its privileged access to the public airwaves to sway the election to fit their agenda. Sometime in the next week they will broadcast "Stolen Honor," an anti-Kerry documentary whose producer is affiliated with the unapologetically pro-Bush Washington Times (that's the Moonie paper, by the way).

Sinclair calls the propaganda news and therefore feels no need to offer counter-opinion. Paul Alexander, who directed the critically-acclaimed "Brothers in Arms," which examines Kerry's experience in Vietnam, and casts him in a favorable light, has offerend his film to Sinclair for broadcast at no charge. To date Sinclair has not taken Alexander up on his offer.

Who's the local affiliate?

In Kansas City, it's WB62.

What can you do to voice your outrage?

Call the WB62 advertisers below and tell them you will not patronize their stores or purchase their products as long as they advertise on WB62

Call or email WB62 to inform them you are participating in this boycott (email: webmaster@wb62.com; phone 913-621-6262

Forward this information to your email list

WB Advertisers

American Eagle Morgage Co. - 816-779-4700; 816-525-7171

Black Chamber of Commerce KC - 501 E. 18th, KCO 816-474-9901

Insurance Express - 816-763-1800 (multiple locations)

One Stop Decorating Center - 125 NE 91st St. KCMO 816-468-4483; 1174 NE

Doublas Blvd, Lee's Summit, MO 816-468-4483; 12611 W. 62nd Ter., Shawnee, KS 913-631-0088

The Gutter Cover - 816-246-7881

Heritage College - 534 E. 99th St., KCMO 816-942-5474

Des Reales Mexican Restaurant - 8841 W. 75th , Shawnee KS 913-341-1046;542 Southwest Blvd. 913-362-0817

The Pizza Shop - numerous locations

Learn more and stay informated at


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Re: KC Indymedia is back online!

Right on!!!

Re: KC Indymedia is back online!

It's great to see KC Indymedia back up. Lawrence IMC has passed away, however. Any objections to posts and events from Larryville?

Re: KC Indymedia is back online!

YES! We want posters from Lawrence, Topeka, Columbia ... everywhere. This was always meant to be a regional resource. We hate that it's been down at such a critical time, but losing our server was beyond our control.

So tell everybody u know to come back to the site and start posting. We'll have the calendar back up soon too ... yadda yadda yadda.

We also want tips on stories that aren't being covered by the mainstream media, so send 'em in!

And finally, we're going to start having regular meetings again now that the site is revived. Watch 4 news...

Re: KC Indymedia is back online!

Yo Chuck0,
Forget about KCIMC, what the hell happened to Infoshop!?!

Hudsy the 'lawyer' claims that there will be a Kansasimc soon - but that was months ago.

Re: KC Indymedia is back online!

If you ever bothered to give the least bit of assistance in getting things here going, or spent one penny of your own money trying to get a kansasIMC going, I'd be damned well shocked. The fact is, for the last 6 months, it's been nobody up here except for me and Chris Hayden (aka Chris Deleau). Nobody ever bothered to attend any meetings, nobody lifted a finger to help, but lots of people made bitter angry complaints when the format was changed. That got back to the person who was providing us with our server, who promptly pulled out, leaving us high and dry without a server and without a site. You might ask Chuck0 how much trouble it is to get a web server up and running, it's trouble you'll never bother to go to, since it's easier to sit back and bitch and complain rather than to actually do anything.

Re: KC Indymedia is back online!

Like Sam, I think it would be great to see postings from Larryville and other cities and towns in the region. As a long time media activist, I'd also like to see new IMCs crops up in Columbia, Kirksville, Lawrence, Topeka, Springfield, and Wichita. Of course, it's up to local people in those towns to do the legwork to make those IMCs happen. I'm available to help new IMCs in the region get up and running, but I think that we would need to do some agitation in those cities to find local activists and citizens to sustain new IMCs.

What we need now is for people in Kansas City, Larryville, and elsewhere to start writing and contributing kick ass independent media. This resource is for us to share our voices and amplify them in competition with the corporate media. Many people think of Indymedia as a place to post accounts of protests, but we need everybody to think about doing some original journalism, be it writing a feature, writing an op-ed about the Bi-State tax or the Royals, or some original journalism about community issues. It takes a little bit of work to do these things, but if each of us contributes one thing a month, this website would become an important news and cultural resource for the region.

We also need to get the word out about the existence of the website. Here in Kansas City we need to patner with KKFI. In Lawrence, peeps should ask KJHK to run a PSA about us. Peeps need to make flyers and write the URL in bathroom stalls.

Become the media, don't just consume it!

Re: KC Indymedia is back online!

site looks great!! good job everyone.

when is the next indymedia meeting? i have wanted to go to meetings (finally made the last one) but I was not sure when they were, since they kept getting cancelled and rescheduled. I would not get too frustrated at people for not going, yet still voicing legitimate concerns about the changes, in light of this. also, keep in mind that infighting destroys every movement if we let it.

Citizen's Filibuster

Here are the details of our event:
Citizen's Filibuster
County Court House (Old)
11th and Mass. Street
Lawrence, KS 66044
Tuesday, 24 May 2005, 12:00 PM

We hope to see you there.


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