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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights
[PFMPE] FIXING AMERICA Current rating: 0
02 Nov 2004
Modified: 02:17:55 AM
Friday, October 29, 2004


God's messenger offers a smiling white-wash of the darker hours ahead, as if no deficiency ever existed in the plans of George W. Bush.

But when every program or venture faces economic failure as a ramification of multiplying debt, the only solution to an uneconomic system which can only multiply debt in proportion to commerce is mathematically perfected economy.




"It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, they send forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression."

Robert F. Kennedy

On the one half, I have never witnessed such a frightening, repulsive, negative campaign, so bereft of content or merit, and so staged to instill both fear, and false hope of representation.

While common citizens have recently been arrested merely for saying "No" to what they perceived or knew to be a lie of a man who claims to be God's messenger; while a free country is already turned into a police state; while your purported representatives somehow now claim they were tricked into voting for a "Patriot Act" which God's messenger did not allow them to see and which only began to establish a far more severe police state; while everything of the time endorsed by the hand of God's messenger bears such a name evoking the idea it is a thing which it hardly is; and while even American children have been shot with pellets of pepper spray in God's messenger's remarkable efforts to impress that everything he speaks or has done is glorious, the real issue at the center of every issue before us is purposely never brought to your attention.

There is a reason, and I believe it's the most important reason underlying all that now goes on before you.

The real issue before us is fixing America. And we will never do that without recognizing and rightly acting on the truth.

One thing stands as an ever mounting obstruction to not only every public initiative, but every commercial and personal endeavor.

That thing is not merely the debt perpetually rising in proportion to our finite capacity to survive debt. It neither is merely what manufactures that debt in a way which not only can never serve us, but can only undermine to greater degrees the very foundations of the country, as you now see everywhere about you.

The real danger to you is the people behind this instrument of ever greater profit, operating purposely, and necessarily, by deceiving you what they do in the name of representation is harmless.

Almost the entire world has come to tolerate a very false, desolating thing. Everywhere it is called "economy." But in every way it is uneconomic; and it can bring but one outcome, which I shall try once again to explain.

If one of us were to strike an agreement with another to trade so much production of the first for so much production of the second, then the justice of this trade is evident by our very agreement.

If the delivery of any portion of the trade were intended to be delivered at a future time, then of course either party might provide evidence of their agreement to deliver that production, by issuing what we know as a "note" — which is a promise to pay.

If however a further party interceded on the trade, providing neither of the first or second parties anything and demanding a further portion of their production, then we who truly believe in free enterprise would resist this injustice for many obvious reasons.

Certainly however we would recognize that if a single such entity subjected ALL our trade to such injustice, then without contributing to our prosperity, it might take exceedingly from it, to our cost.

But we would certainly object all the moreso, if the proportion taken by the third party were increased perpetually, until ultimately that party confiscated all production of all commerce.


Just such a system was imposed upon the United States in 1913.

In the 1912 elections, the Republican Party featured such a proposition in its Aldrich Bill, which purported to solve artificial un-economic calamities by the audacious concept of consolidating the very entities which cause them into one. Although that institution is neither federal, nor a meaningful reserve of anything, we know this establishment now as the "Federal Reserve."

In opposing the Republicans in the 1912 elections, the explicit platform of the Democrats was a promise they would never create such an entity; and on this issue particularly, the Democrats prevailed in the election. Not but a year later, on the eve of December 23, 1913, the very entity proposed by the Republicans was created as a result of many ambitious deceptions.

What we have to understand however, if we are ever going to fix America or the world, is that everywhere in the world, central banking systems can only inherently multiply debt in proportion to commerce.

Every public initiative, and every commercial and private endeavor therefore, can only be perpetually more difficult, and ultimately even impossible.

What we have to understand therefore is this: In order merely to maintain a circulation, somewhere our payments against principal and interest have to be re-borrowed back into circulation. Re-borrowing payments against principal thus results in a subsequent debt, equal to the previous. The sum of debt therefore is not diminished by paying off debt.

Re-borrowing interest however, creates new debt.


If the American people *ever* allow the banks to issue their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation [or by simultaneous inflation and deflation as here described], the banks and corporations that *will* grow up around them *will* deprive the people of all property, until their children wake up homeless on the continent their forefathers established.

Thomas Jefferson


And therefore, in the central banking systems imposed upon the world, debt is inherently multiplied at the rate of interest.

Periodically then, debt is increased in proportion to the circulation by the very increment of *the sum* of periodic interest.


As the sum of debt increases in proportion to the circulation, a critical juncture exists, limiting the possible lifespan of any such system.

The typical lifespan can be easily understood. As the sum of debt increases in proportion to the circulation, a greater sum of periodic interest must be paid against that debt for any given rate of interest. As the lifespan progresses then, debt grows by ever greater increments of periodic interest.


Inherent collapse, or the maximum possible lifespan of a central banking system, is engendered as the periodic costs of servicing debt (blue) ultimately exceed the circulation (light green).


The period ending debt (or subsequent debt of any period, red-orange) equals previous debt (orange) plus periodic principal (light orange) and interest (red) payments, necessarily re-borrowed to maintain the circulation (light green).

The periodic costs of debt are what we are obligated to pay against debt.

Therefore as the sum of debt grows in proportion to the circulation, ever less of the circulation can be devoted to sustaining commerce, as ever more must be devoted instead to the costs of debt.

Thus every such system suffers a maximum possible lifespan; and we can readily project what such a maximum possible lifespan will be.

If commerce had no costs whatsoever, a maximum *possible* lifespan will be defined by a moment where debt is so much greater than the circulation, that the periodic obligation to pay principal and interest equals all the circulation. As the system can only immediately multiply the debt further in proportion to the circulation, the system collapses because it cannot afford to service debt.

As however there *are* costs which commerce must afford if it is to survive, a maximum *practical* lifespan then is defined by a moment where debt is so multiplied that the periodic costs of servicing debt infringe on the capacity for commerce to survive.

We have then in the so-called Federal Reserve System, our very situation of an extrinsic party intervening on our commerce, and imposing ever greater costs upon us, even until ultimate collapse under system-wide insoluble debt.

All the while, the cost of everything is multiplied, and indeed, every public initiative and every commercial and private endeavor are affected by the increasing costs and the adversity to the success of any desirable thing, which is the singular *and even purposed* consequence of the system itself.

This then, manifesting in every conceivable obstruction, is not only why we seem to need so many public initiatives, but why neither public initiatives or commercial or private endeavors can succeed at least in the end; why they succeed ever less as they can only become ever more costly; and why no pretended representative can ever represent you unless they stand for perfecting economy.

It is also why the government appears to govern from above and despite you. All the while it can only serve you all the less, much of the goals it pursues are really the goals of the few who impose this system upon you; who gather almost unimaginable unearned wealth; and who readily pursue every object, however unjustified, by the incredible power of that wealth.

If there is an invisible government of the world, it is the property of the world's usurers.


In the early 1980s I furnished the Reagan Administration, together with a prescription for mathematically perfected economy, computer models calculating the maximum possible lifespan of any such system for any rates of growth, interest, and dissolution of debt by whatever processes.

We ran every conceivable managerial policy, anticipating a pattern of reduction of interest rates.

A pattern of continual reduction of interest rates was anticipated for these projections because, as any such system reaches its maximum lifespan, it is necessary to reduce interest rates continually, in order for the costs of existent debt not to immediately terminate the "economy."

The lower rates of course also permit more assumption of further debt, because of course, there is an ever more dire need for money to sustain any previously possible standard of prosperity pitted against debt.

Thus however, we may also understand that the final death throes of such a system are evident in just such a necessity to reduce interest rates, just such a critical sensitivity to rising interest rates, and just such a disposition to borrow further, under reduced interest rates.


Every effort has been made by the Federal Reserve Board to conceal its power. But the truth is, the Federal Reserve Board has usurped the government of the United States.

Congressman Louis T. McFadden before the House of Representatives in the midst of the Great Depression, 1932.


Reagan had proposed that a ten-percent tax cut per year, for three years, would balance the budget, and would offset double digit inflation substantially greater than ten percent.

In response to this proposition, I provided a simple mathematic proof it was impossible to truly accomplish either goal, because if the cost of federal taxes is less than the costs of all other things combined, certainly ten percent of taxes is less than even ten percent of the cost of all things — which even include *all* taxes.

In any case, Reagan failed to balance the budget or eliminate inflation, because inflation itself is the inherent result of multiplying costs, and because multiplying costs cannot be neutralized without rectifying the un-economic system by a singular solution, which for almost fifteen years now I have been calling mathematically perfected economy.

Reagan's answer to his failure instead, was constant revision of the processes which calculate inflation.

Why do I say "constant?"

Because constant multiplication of debt requires constant and even ever greater revision of the truth to deceive the people, because, inherent to the system, the costs of all things are multiplied to ever greater proportions of the circulation. Today for instance, unemployment and inflation are purposely under-reported by obviously flawed processes as a natural consequence of an effort to deceive the people.

But by simply paying against debt obligations and borrowing as necessary to maintain a circulation, our model accurately projected the accumulation of both private and public debt during his administration.

While Reagan took the election by denouncing the (inherently) far more modest accumulation of debt during the Carter Administration, Reagan more than tripled not only the debt accumulated by Carter, but the debt of the previous entire history of our country.

In that time, the United States descended from the greatest creditor nation of the world, to the greatest debtor nation.

I certainly believe these projections are still germane, but in regard to understanding the relevance of those projections to the moment, we must account for the projection data used, which calculated for interest rates which de-escalated at a faster rate than those imposed over 1990 to the present. Therefore our lifespan calculations indicate terminal debt at moments beyond those we will probably achieve in history.

Neither do I pretend such calculations can be more exact than their input. Although the method of calculating termination is accurate to the penny, there is considerable possibility of both extension or earlier termination however, not only because of inaccurate basis input, but because the very precipitation of collapse in any sector can precipitate further collapse (thus collapse across the system can be engendered by early stages of collapse), and because the lifespan can be extended by intangible efforts at prosperity which may never come to fruition, much as the so-called dot-com boom and crash of the 1990s.

The numbers we come up with therefore approximate the date of collapse, because too it is impossible to know what minimal costs exists to surviving commerce. All any deviation from the basis data means however, is the termination of the system falls somewhere to one side or the other of the projection.

Projecting as accurately replicated the debt accumulated during and significantly beyond the Reagan era, we arrived nonetheless at a 2020 AD maximum *possible* lifespan, and an approximate 2015 AD maximum *practical* lifespan. The latter would indicate a practical lifespan for the pattern of interest de-escalation we calculated for.

Thus as the *practiced* interest management persisted in considerably higher interest rates until a few years ago, the more rapid escalation of debt and costs inherent to the *practiced* pattern would shorten the lifespan from our projections.

As the purpose of this appeal is to advocate solution, for the sake of contemplation let us just say that roughly adjusting our projection for the deployed pattern of interest de-escalation then predicates a *maximum* practical lifespan to approximately 2010 AD. An understanding of the inherent process of debt multiplication, and any combination of events somehow jeopardizing the mathematic *possibility* of achieving the practical lifespan projected, therefore mean the next 6 years can be vital to averting collapse.

This of course means the very next presidential term may be vital to avoiding system-wide collapse; that we must work to establish mathematically perfected economy from this very moment if indeed mathematically perfected economy is the singular solution for such inherent collapse; and that an administration absolutely conducive to mathematically perfected economy is critical to a desirable future.


Debt now exceeds proportions which precipitated the Great Depression.
1 Inherent multiplication of debt in proportion to commerce.
2 Collapse and dissolution of debt by "economic" failure.
3 Beginning of subsequent maximum lifespan. Usury cannot reap the wealth of a bankrupt system. Credit is resumed to the credit-unworthy.
4 Inherent multiplication of debt to subsequent collapse.


If this proposition of an inherently terminal cycle is born out however, we can understand any central banking system ultimately terminates itself because the multiplication of debt in proportion to the circulation (or commerce which can be sustained by the circulation) is inherent to the system.

One after another then, such a system features cycles of inherently multiplying debt to ultimate collapse. In the subsequent failure of the system, debt is dissolved largely by bankruptcy; and ultimately, as failed commerce is again granted new credit, a period of a new life cycle begins, as failed commerce attempts to re-establish itself within the wreckage of the previous failure.

The above data then would indicate we verge on the second Great Depression of this iniquitous system — an event not only with the potential to affect the world, but an event which would inherently be replicated in every central banking system across the world, unless leadership can be influenced by every populace, to establish solution.


Of course, the very prospect of the world's "economies" failing while yet natural resources are not exhausted, and while we remain to every necessary degree capable of persisting in production, is itself ludicrous.

"Recession" is but a more moderate manifestation; and in fact there is no true "recovery" ever in terms of an improving *environment* for commerce, as multiplying debt and improving production wrestle with each other. All the while, debt is perpetually multiplied further, to ever greater detriment, and can only catch up with any improved productivity. However we improve production, multiplying debt will soon negate any advantage intended.


Even if they may not have prescribed solution, the greatest leaders of our history, including presidents Kennedy, Lincoln, Adams, Jackson, Madison and Jefferson, as well as Congressman Louis T. McFadden and many others, tried to make us aware of the consequences of corrupting our very commerce system. The Great Depression was precipitated by the corruption of money, and its purpose was to make central banks the real owners of all property, ever since.

"The banking powers are more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. They denounce as public enemies all who question their methods or throw light upon their crimes. I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the bankers in the rear. Of the two, the one at my rear is my greatest foe. Corporations have been enthroned, and an era of corruption in high places will follow. The money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in the hands of a few, and the Republic is destroyed."

Abraham Lincoln


There is but *one* prescription for true economy, without inflation or deflation; without subversion of the value of money or property; which does not obstruct or impede prosperity; which provides for all of us to receive for our doings an equal measure of the doings of others; and which does not multiply debt beyond what we might acquire by assuming debt.

Mathematically perfected economy is perhaps best understood from an example:

In the case of a $100,000 home with a hundred-year lifespan, a $100,000 debt may be assumed by a first owner of the new home. The new debtor may pay some minimal fee to qualify for assuming this debt, however the debt is not subject to interest, and the circulation is issued by the representative government, as in the issuance of such a promise to pay of our example of two citizens agreeing to trade. There is no social re-engineering of free trade.

To eliminate inflation and deflation (traditionally defined respectively as increases or decreases in circulation *per* production), the note is paid off at the rate of the depreciating lifespan, or $1,000 per year, which comes to $83 per month.

Everyone constantly receives for their production, an agreed, equal, undiminished measure of the production of others: The builder of the home receives $100,000 upon the sale of the completed home; the owner of the home pays for that home as they use of it, with an equal measure of their work; and at all times, the currency in circulation equals the very remaining value of all indebted property.

It is always possible to pay off *every* debt; and it is always possible to perform work and be paid for work necessary to pay off every debt, because exactly so much circulation exists to do so. Moreover, the value of that circulation is never subverted, because it is always necessary to pay off debt for property of remaining value exactly equal to the circulation.

The disparity between mathematically perfected economy therefore and usury are readily compared. Under central banking systems, typically a person might pay over $1,000 per month for the same home. Likewise is the disparity in cost minimized across the system by mathematically perfected economy. Full desirable employment is perpetual. Full prosperity is never impeded. The value of our work or saved earnings is never diminished. Accordingly, it is not even necessary to rely on many of the failing social programs likewise imposed upon us and perpetually inflated in costs while diminished in possibility they can serve us, under usury.


It's a remarkable thing, the true and due skepticism most of us really feel about contemporary government while "public opinion polls" constantly tell us we approve of our constantly increasing detriment.

Contrary to so many such polls, in regard to the prospect of mathematically perfected economy, many common citizens would immediately think contemporary government stands as the greatest probable obstruction to solving so many problems at their very root.

But the curtain may be about to drop, and when it does drop, perhaps after 25 years or so we will finally do one thing: We will re-finance all debt.

Remarkably, just the same, that's all there is to establishing mathematically perfected economy: All we need to do across the world, is to re-finance all debt without interest, and schedule payment of debt according to the depreciation of the asset related to the debt.

At the same time, we remove the very device by which all unassented power ascends above us; and we remove the one driving force behind adverse world events, which to now we have unsuccessfully defeated in its opposition to us.

What about failing public programs such as "social security?"

A further object of course is to rectify the damages caused by the central banking systems of the world. We would not even think we might need such programs as social security if it weren't for subversion of the value of money by usury; and at the same time, every such program perpetually fails to an ever greater degree to provide what it ostensibly promises, because the costs of all things are perpetually multiplied by usury, and because the ability even to afford a social security program is ever more infringed upon by usury.

If usury had not existed all this time then, not only could we have saved tremendously as is not possible under usury, the value of the savings would not be subverted, and the public program, always in the hands of those who "might not" serve us, would not even be necessary.

In the case of "social security" for instance, it is certainly unfair to ask subsequent generations to pay disproportionate immediate costs arising largely from corrupt plundering of the original funds. Neither can subsequent generations necessarily afford this. Neither might we readily retrieve so much in damages from the usurers who took so much from us.

But the solution here too is simple.

We simply publish the money to each of us as we might have so saved; and therefore from the moment we do so, mathematically perfected economy is initiated in a state of equilibrium from which it can be perpetuated, with no cost or threat to anyone, and every prospect of benefit.



Many of you may not know much of the history of God's messenger, or of his family — not at least the history which answers as to how such unseemly men, and moreover such an otherwise unseemly family, came to power. Of course, despite even the financial scandals to which Jeb Bush is well known, he presides as governor in a state which further has been the site of the voting scandal in part responsible for Messenger of God's ascent to the presidency. But neither the Messenger nor his father would even answer to the prospect of mathematically perfected economy, and I believe that is indeed an incredible, telling thing.

His associations, if not allegiances with Haliburton, Enron... the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the so-called World Trade Organization and so forth are infamous enough to know the tree by its fruit.

But if George Bush can possibly represent us, ask him how he refrains from giving scope to mathematically perfected economy, and I wager you will only begin to penetrate the veil of lies and pretension he purposely surrounds himself with. After all, the towers were successfully attacked on his watch, and it may not at all be the American people, but the very usurers of the world which were the object of that attack. If so, all the security at the cost of liberty and all the wars in the world will never put an end to one terrorism over another.

But ending usury, to which he is so opposed, might. We'll never know however unless we reject him and the many plans we are no part of, but to furnish the toil and blood.

Neither of course can I promise any more than that Kerry and Edwards appear to be of intellect and substance which can indeed provide the kind of leadership so vital now.

I am not even a democrat. But because Bush has conducted such a shamelessly negative campaign so without real solution to the greatest problems before us, and because he is so dangerous and reckless, I have already cast my vote for Kerry/Edwards.


In part this is because they are the only viable opportunity to defeat Bush, even if that is not enough to engineer the solutions Bush has not even moved toward but in lip service, and which this country sorely needs.

We can no longer afford Bush. But there is one caveat: There will be NO representation until usury is replaced by mathematically perfected economy, and I for one therefore will hold Kerry/Edwards accountable to it.

Perhaps you will ask them to give it scope.

mike montagne — PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy™

To find the players in all the corruption of the world, "Follow the money." To find the captains of world corruption, "Follow the money all the way."

Copyright by the author. All rights reserved.

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Re: Every One Get Out and Vote for Nader
Current rating: 3
03 Nov 2004
Vote for Nader, the ONLY anti-war candidate and the most visible candidate with regards to criticizing US foreign policy and Israel.

most visible candidate with regards to criticizing US foreign policy and Israel. state in relation to the Palestinian people (and, indeed, any people it doesn't like) were not surprised at the so-called "video" of what the Israeli government/military (the army has a state!) were declaring was a rocket being loaded into a UN van.

It's par for the course. Diversionary tactics, it's called, serving to deflect attention from the ongoing Israeli atrocities in the Occupied Territories.

The film was sent off to various news agencies around the globe in a deliberate attempt to besmirch the UN's Palestinian relief aid programme, whilst at the same time it was sending its terrorists, masquadering as an army, into Gaza on a killing spree that continues as we speakl

I wasn't the only one who saw this as a blatant attempt to discredit the work of the UN in the Palestinian Territories, and I also realized how dangerous it could be for the UN workers in the area.

Our own CBC's Middle East correspondent, Adrienne Arsenault, showed up on our Sunday newscast on the same evening, pushing a microphone in the face of Unrwa Head, Peter Hansen, and demanded to know if there were Hamas members on the UN payroll.

RALPH NADER IS OUR ONLY HOPE for peace in the middleeast
vote nader forr the sake of world peace

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