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Commentary :: Imperialism
Prophecy Nov 18 : The bullet in Margaret's head - a call to Jihad Current rating: 0
18 Nov 2004
Arise and shine, Holy Warriors, and answer your call to Jihad, fully equipped for battle, armed with the breast plate of Righteousness, holding up the shield of Justice and Peace, and wielding the terrible swift sword of Truth.

A bullet in Margaret's head

A couple of days ago I decided to cool my heels for a while and wait for the Nazis to do something really awful, just dreadful, to awaken certain trusting sheep to the mortal peril facing them. Because they are in peril and it is mortal, and yet such trusting sheep still can be found drinking watered down cocktails, perhaps demanding some social change, rather than a revolution. Apparently, I thought, they have not yet seen anything that so rattled them that they felt the need for a good stiff shot to calm their shattered nerves, and so instead one can still find such trusting and naive souls drinking watered down cocktails, since they did need a drink, but not a good stiff shot, not being that horrified yet.

My idea was that I would step aside and allow the Nazis to be Nazis, which Nazis must be if they are to inspire the level of terror require to create that atmosphere of psychological shock which then results in the Stockholm syndrome whereby the victims of terror become docile sheep, the opposite of revolutionary sheep, and such docile sheep will then become practioners of appeasement, in the hope that by appeasing a Nazi perhaps there will be no more such terror, while the opposite is true, since once the Stockholm syndrome kicks in, the Nazis are free to pick people off one by one, increasing the level of terror, the docility, and the appeasement. Such is the solution to a rising tide of revolutionary ferment on the part of the Elite HAVE MOREs, which is why you find yourself confronting the Bushitler.

When the Elite HAVE MOREs did such things as purchasing those scandalous, suspicious voting machines that leave no paper trail, they were declaring open warfare on the American people. They fired the first shots in this revolutionary war. They did so fearlessly, because they understand things these people, in particular they understand the gullibility of sheep, in that sheep can always be reassured. Sure such voting machines were not the best purchase, and the ones with the paper trail were much more secure, but they could buy the machines that are not safe and then offer reassurances that all is well, that officials are making up for that lack of safety by being extra safe to make up for it, and sheep, being sheep after all, and not believing in the heart of darkness that dwells at the center of evil and wickedness, would of course be reassured, because although the wrong voting machines were purchased, still when someone reassures you they mean it with the best of intentions, since no one in the world could ever be so bad.

Now what we see when we look out over the world is that there are these good sheep, trusting sheep, who just had a bullet fired over their heads. Could it be the case that such trusting, good sheep, having seen bullets whizzing past their heads, should decide to do such things as ‘demand accountability' from that gun toting wolf. Yes after years of hiding under a sheep skin that wolf has started firing bullets at the sheep who now must begin to ‘pressure the wolf' to stop shooting, and then demand some concessions from the wolf. Perhaps protest the wolf, for firing bullets, and then what would this accomplish - perhaps the wolf will put away the gun and go back to wearing ship skins, at which time good trusting sheep should start bargaining with that bullet firing wolf.

So then we see a wolf firing bullets into the body of Iraq, one bullet after another, ruthlessly firing bullets into the body of Iraq. We see a wolf wrecking whole cities in Iraq, since bullets aren't enough, and bunker busters are required. It should come as no surprise that this same wolf has been seen dropping bunker busters on American sheep, and naturally being American sheep, they will pay back that back breaking national debt forever and ever, having had their government and their economy struck bunker busting bombs, and that could be expensive to repair.

Whole cities in America are in decline, infrastructure crumbling, having been hit by those budget busting bunker busting bombs, just as cities in Iraq are badly in need of repair. Thus given the nature of those trusting sheep, those gullible sheep, the ones who still just cannot believe what their own ears are hearing and who just cannot seem to see what their own eyes are seeing, I feel that I have no choice but to find a large spanking paddle, the hardest and largest spanking paddle that I can find, and then grab some sheep by their sheepish necks and start paddling some sheepish butts. For you see, when someone is firing shots, this means WAR. It means REVOLUTION, not ‘social action' or some other damnable thing that such blind and trusting sheep seem to think is what is required. Such sheep are still to be found drinking bland cocktails, not being in need of a good stiff shot to calm their nerves, while the forces that encircle them continue to tighten the trap, just as they encircled Fallujah, blocking all exit points, making escape impossible, to prepare the way for that wave of bunker busters intended to level their city to the ground.

It is such sheep who bad mouth revolutionaries, perhaps complain, since revolutionaries like revolutionaries, but sheepish sheep who remain asleep try to drive a shepherd away, so they can continue to follow wolves, a foolish idea, and so the real revolutionary of course will not be sent packing, but rather will pick a stick and start paddling those sheep who are being led to the slaughter house where they will receive a bullet in the head just as Margaret received a bullet in the head after thirty years of social activism. You see being good just isn't good enough, since you cannot bargain or pressure evil especially in a time of open warfare. Being good it never occurred to Margaret that due to the monstrous evil which she faced she might require armed guards, just as many American sheep think they can do just fine without an guard around, for while things are bad, they aren't that bad.

It was such sheep that Adolph spoke of when he said that in this world he would rather be the wolf than the sheep. It was because they were sheep that the German people became Nazis in spite of the fact that Hitler could not get elected, since the German people did not want him. It was because of terrorism that the German people became shell shocked docile sheep, in the end doing those weird things such as marching in Nazi marches and doing the Seig Heil at Nazi rallies. As Hitler said of such sheep, you just lie outrageously to them, making sure that your lies are utterly outrageous and then, being the trusting sheep they are, they will believe those outrageous lies, and so even the most transparent lies become the gospel truth. Unsafe voting machines become safe and secure, which is very reassuring, since when you buy such machines, which are obviously unsafe, you will need lots of reassurances and this will have to do instead of having Democracy instead, which would be more reassuring. You then tell outrageous lies about elections being won, about strong mandates, and it just continues on and on, the more outrageous the lie, the more likely it is to be believed.

We know that Margaret Hassan was shot in the head. The timing I found interesting, and this is the only thing really bad that Nazis did in the last couple of days. Which of course means that the Iraq war is a war against terrorists, as anyone can tell. Which means that Nazis are justified, and also justifies the slaughter in that one sided war of overwhelming force in Fallujah. Even now while some sheep are suspicious about the timing of this event, and understand how much this works in the favor of Nazis, you still find such sheep qualifying their remarks by saying such things as ‘no one is saying the Nazis themselves were involved.' Because that would be hard to believe, hard for the mind of a trusting, good sheep to accept.

Now if the Iraq war is going to become a war against terrorists, another outrageous lie, but if that lie is going to stick and continue to stick, this will require of course the flock of sheep, the flock of good little sheep, who don't understand the monstrous depths of wickedness. But really, when you stop to think about it, it would take more than a bullet in Margaret's head to make everyone forget that the Iraq war is an O-I-L war, and a criminal act of robbery and looting and plundering, the most damnable offense in International War Crimes law, as well it should be, since all wars are about sacking and looting, and they always have been.

It would be more consistent if instead of putting a bullet into Margaret's head, and then convincing sheep that the Iraq war is a terror war, there was to be a bullet put into the head of ‘privatization' and ‘neo-liberalism' in Iraq, euphemisms for sacking and then looting and plundering. And so you see, that as far as Nazis go, the damage has already been done, for when Iraq had an election, and the election turned out about as well as the recent American elections did, given how only Bushitler had a vote in that election, the Iraqi people decided to privatize and neo-liberalize by selling their sacked loot and their pillaged plunder to American robber barons, for whom the Iraq war is being fought, since there are trillions of dollars worth of nickels there, and since when did the elite HAVE MOREs ever decline HAVING MORE nickels. I have never seen the day. HAVE MORE O-I-L. HAVE MORE money. HAVE MORE pay cuts. HAVE MORE job sackings. HAVE MORE wars for loot and plunder. HAVE MORE media outlets and corner stores. Yes HAVE MORE because it seems to be the case that you never can HAVE MORE than enough, at least not while there is still something you don't have, a super weirdo concept, but nevertheless as rotten as such an idea is, it remains the truth, making HAVE MORE the perfect epitaph for the tomb stone of that system of brutal oppression you have established to enable you to both loot and keep the plunder. HAVE MORE.. Will that be all, your highness? Can I get you anything else, your Majesty?

Now as everyone knows, the Iraqi people did not vote to hand over the plunder and the profits to these robbers, rather they are fighting to the death, as one would expect, while Nazis are slandering their brave resistance and calling resistance ‘terrorism' as one would expect, since the most outrageous lies are the stock and trade of such Nazis, since they need propaganda sheep will believe. Putting one bullet into Margaret's head won't change the simple facts, but once again we see Nazis hoping to sow confusion even if they can't convince, which they cannot do, because despite the outrageous lies and deceptions, the truth, as unbelievably evil as it is to many good and trusting sheep, is still just to damned obvious, and always will be, Nazis being Nazis after all, and therefore up to evil and no good.

And so therefore, Nazis being Nazis after all, would choose not to put a bullet in the head of that plundering and looting, but rather faced with that simple and obvious choice, would decide to put a bullet in Margaret's head instead, and then one must suppose, just cross their fingers and hope for the best, these outrageous lies of their being peddled to trusting sheep after all, as all Nazis know very well to be the case..

Yes they put a bullet in Margaret's head, when they could have put a bullet in that privatization and neo-liberalism instead. But then that would mean admitting that yes they are what they are which is war criminals. It would means saying that yes, they committed the most heinous war crimes the world has seen in over fifty years, but having put a bullet into their heads, instead of putting a bullet in Margaret's head, they were showing that they confess to their crimes against humanity, and that they were sorry, and would now step down off the throne, and hand themselves over to the forces of justice to face the music in their war crimes trial. For while a confession would be nice, even if it would be out of character for such Nazis as these, as everyone knows it does not absolve one of guilt, since the stain is to deep, and this being true it is understandable why they should choose instead to put Margaret to sleep instead.


Now I am qualified to talk about terrorism, having been a terrorist myself for a time, so since the big dialogue in our society is now to be about ‘terrorists', especially now that the Nazis have turned the debate back to the subject with a bullet in Margaret's head, well just let me talk about terrorists from the terrorists point of view. Because you really do want to hear both sides of a story, now don't you, just to be fair. In doing so I will appeal to that basic trusting goodness of sheep, who I am sure want to be fair and hear both sides, which would be the good thing to do.

When I was twelve years old I saw something that shattered me, that crushed my spirit, and broke my heart. Rather than tell you what I saw, I will show you, since a picture is worth a thousand words.

I also saw something that enraged me, and lit the fires of revolution in my soul. I saw the Elite HAVE MOREs sitting on the throne. I also felt the brutality of their oppression, and was crushed under the brutality of their systems, confronted with the impossible difficulty of doing what I knew was morally right and decent.

Terrorism is the cry of a people who are being brutally crushed by the rich and powerful. The more vile the act of terrorism is the more brutal the crushing oppression is, the more forcefully the boot is grinding a human face into the dust. If the terrorism that came out of Iraq after one year with America's Elite HAVE MOREs was particularly brutal, this was a sign of the viciousness of the oppression that was crushing Iraq for a year before these things started to happen.

I understand terrorists, because as a twelve year old child I was also brutally crushed under their boots, and I confronted the rage that comes with being powerless, without hope, dwelling in the deepest blackness with no way out, no salvation, nothing ahead but what looked to me like endless generations of human suffering and despair. And so I made up my mind, and I swore then and there that I would make life into a human sacrifice, and that I would become a terrorist, since that was about the only idea that popped into my head, since their ruthless power was to strong to resist any other way that I could think of at the time.

I understand terrorists. They are not ‘animals who must be hunted down and killed.' They are the most hopeless and despairing of people, much like I was. Take away the hopelessness and the despair, and you won't have terrorists. I know this. I was a terrorist for a couple of years, sitting in my bedroom when I was twelve and thirteen plotting terrorism that I would do when I grew up. I guess you could say that I wanted to be fire fighter when I grew up, and so I made my career choice, and decided to become a terrorist. After struggling with terrorism for a couple of years I began to realize that this would not work, and while I still wanted to be a terrorist, even if it didn't work, because it was better than doing nothing at all, which was not an option, it was also important to me to do something that would work, and so I began a new struggle to find some other way to help the helpless and save the doomed and the damned. Which brings me to where you find me today, still on that same road, and producing results, which shows that persistence pays off, especially when you are a determined revolutionary such as myself, and you want something as badly as I want this. Every day that I wait on the road to victory is a day of outrage for me, since it is one day to many for the suffering, for those in agony, for those who dwell in the darkest blackness with no hope in sight, who look into the future and see nothing but endless generations of the most atrocious cruelty and eternal despair and hopelessness. Some of them become terrorists, as you would know, and being a terrorists once myself I thought I would explain what terrorism means so that you can consider these acts of terrorism and understand what they mean about the Elite HAVE MOREs.

So then when these super rich people say that they are ‘fighting the war against terrorists' it is true that this is an outrageous lie, which probably makes it believable in the mind of a trusting sheep who listens to shepherds who are just wolves who try their best to dress up in sheep's clothing, since you see the dress up game is important or no one would bother. They just cannot do their evil deeds by themselves, which is why wolves dress as sheep. And sheep, not believing that any bad wolf could exist, will of course find that sheep costume convincing, even when a wolf is hunting down and slaughtering prey, as long as the lie that wolf tells the sheep is outrageous enough. The remarkable thing is just how well this gross abuse of the trust of sheep really works in that a wolf can hunt down prey in broad day light while sheep are watching, and still dress as a sheep, and because such sheep are so gullible, being good sheep after all, they still do not clearly see the wolf even though the deeds of a wolf must be done in broad daylight if they are to be done at all. And a wolf being a wolf such acts of predation will be done as wolves hunt and feed, which creates in the end the revolutionary conditions we see before us today, since a wolf cannot but be a wolf and in the end this is the downfall of a wolf, since it is no sheep, and cannot hide under sheepskin forever.

Lift up your skirts

Now waiting for Nazis to do more evil really isn't required, since there is such a pile of logs on the fire already, that it hardly seems necessary to wait for more logs. If good trusting sheep need to be spanked it is hardly necessary to wait for Nazis to do more evil, since their sins are piled to high heaven, and there are already more than enough logs tossed into the fire pits. No, waiting for Nazis to be bad would be a bad strategy, since Nazis might not want to throw any more logs, and thus alert those sheep, those restless sheep, the very sheep they were supposed to pacify and render zombies, which is what Nazism is all about at the end of it all. So we see that while I was waiting for Nazis to be very bad, and thus do their job, the best they could do was to put a bullet in Margaret's head, and that is just not good enough, as wicked as that was, not to mention a useless strategy, since what was required was that they put a bullet in their own head, which they will not do, which explains why Margaret was shot instead.

No the correct revolutionary strategy at this time is not to wait for Nazis to be terrorists, which would be so very helpful, but rather one should simply lift up their skirts so their nakedness can be revealed and their crimes exposed.

Now let us suppose that you have a world like this one, where billions are forced to struggle to survive, to live on less than a dollar a day, and are crowded into slums to live in squallor and filth. And let us suppose, as everyone knows, that there are these people, the Elite HAVE MOREs who are the political base of the Bushitler, and they have the most fabulous wealth the world has ever seen, as everyone knows, although the truth be told, no one really knows the true extent of their wealth, since that information is never released, and so all we have are estimates. Now let suppose that such people, given their wealth, own all the media, and thus can hide any crimes that might be required to keep the hordes away from the vaults. Because when you have a situation such as the one I just described, where people face starvation and desperation, one might expect a storming of the vaults. But this does not happen, this revolt does not happen, and the reason for such a strange state of affairs is quite simple.

It is Nazism, it is terrorism, of the worst sort that crushes the poor and the needy of the world. Sheer brutality is used to keep them in line, and other stunts such as control of media is used to hide the crimes required to keep them in line. So then let us take a look at the types of crimes that are required to protect the loot and the plunder. As an example, let us look at how the enslaved people of Indonesia are kept crushed and the loot and plunder is kept protected from those marauding hordes outside those vaults, this being I believe, the best possible sheep spanking tool, and forcing them to look at the ugly truth is perhaps a better strategy than waiting for even more of the same..

Indonesian massacre victims

heads3.jpg - 3253 Bytes

indo1.jpg - 4480 Bytes

indo3.jpg - 6261 Bytes

Now you might think to yourself that ‘this is Indonesia', which of course, is some place else, and therefore not relevant to our discussion. Well our discussion is of the crushing of the poor, and so such things are relevant if we wish to understand why billions live on next to nothing and yet there is no revolution. We need to understand the nature of the threat facing the poor if we wish to understand the threat facing American sheep of the type who have those bullets whizzing by their heads and who suffer under bunker busting bomb attacks, while still being trusting sheep who just demand ‘accountability' or ‘concessions' rather than realizing that they are at war and thus demanding revolution..

But to clear matters up, let us make some comparisons then. First as we have seen people are being chopped in Indonesia, the reason being that they need to be crushed under a set of boots, to keep them in terror and thus keep them away from the vaults. In case you might be thinking that this is Indonesia, and not America, well looks look to see how people are being chopped in Iraq, and then it might become clear that people are being chopped around the world as a matter of course, and for the same reason every time. This explains why there are two reasons any nation needs a military - the first reason is to protect themselves against the sacking of the looters and plunderers who are the Elite HAVE MOREs of some nation next door, and the second is to crush the poor and grind their faces in the dirt. In both cases the military exists to protect the rich, either from the rich or from their own people.

Victims of body chopping in Iraq

chop1.jpg - 8164 Bytes

chop2.jpg - 3684 Bytes

chp3.jpg - 7394 Bytes

Now we know that the massacres and terrorism in poor nations is done to protect the vaults of the Elite HAVE MOREs. We also know that privatized Iraq which like poor countries around the world, has been ‘neo-liberalized', is a country being sacked and looted and plundered in what is obviously another rich man's war, a war for O-I-L, and nothing more or less than that. This is obvious. After all wars are rich man's wars, and always have been, as one group of rich men fight other rich men for loot and plunder, going sacking and grabbing real estate. Therefore, since all wars are sackings for loot and plunder, it is also no surprise that the Iraq war being a war after all, is a sacking war for the spoils of war which are and always have been loot and plunder.

With this clearly in mind we can now make some obvious comparisons to the way the desperate resistance in Iraq is treated and the way the resistance in a place like Indonesia is treated, and note certain obvious similarities, which should come as no surprise, but the shocking realization might come as an eye opener to those who say, ‘It can't happen here' or ‘this is America.'

indo2.jpg - 4565 Bytes

Victims of Indonesia Massacre

Victims of the Massacre in Fallujah

fal1.jpg - 4928 Bytes

fal2.jpg - 4146 Bytes

fal3.jpg - 4746 Bytes

fal4.jpg - 7498 Bytes

Now to continue with our analysis of the way that capitalism, with its ruthless hording of wealth and plunder, works to protect loot and plunder, when its not sacking so as to loot and plunder later, one can make some more comparisons of the obvious global similarities that can be seen when considering the images below.

child.jpg - 5881 Bytes

Indonesia victim of terror massacre

burned_boy.jpg - 6578 Bytes

Child victim of Iraq O-I-L war with head blown right open

amviet.jpg - 3809 Bytes

Child victim in Vietnam

baby.jpg - 4746 Bytes

Iraq baby destroyed

In first two cases we can see that both the children lost their head in the battle to protect loot and plunder, while in the second their bodies were destroyed. In all three cases they became some of that collateral damage required if rich men and capitalists are going to reach real old age whle staying real real rich. No one can attempt to hurt a capitalist, as this would be an outrage, as you can tell by the outrage that greeted that frustrrated and angered terrorist attack on Wall Street on 911, something widely condemned as an outrage, and which only disturbed me because civilians were killed, rather than real rich men, for as the saying goes, those who live by their swords will die by their swords.. This saying has proven to be true, as they have fallen on their own swords in Iraq, having bitten off a little to much, and are now unable to swallow or chew.

To continue with our comparisons, we can see the results of the sacked and destroyed towns littered with corpses in both Indonesia and Iraq in the images below, such sackings and destruction being required for similar reasons in both cases, due to the simple fact that all wars are the same, there has never been a good one, the only good war being the war the Iraqi resistance is fighting against a greedy and vicious oppressor, while those who start wars are always in the wrong, according to International Law, which is American Law, according to the Constitution of the United States of America, which explains the contempt for International Law not to mention the Constitution being displayed by these war criminals and rogues. Terrorism certainly is no excuse to invade or start wars, since they are the source of terrorism, and if they were concerned about the problem, they could step down from the throne, the swamp could be drained, leaving no place to breed mosquitoes, which in the grand scheme of things is all a terrorist is, and hardly a massive threat, and once that swamp was drained that problem would be solved. War on the otherhand being just one more brutal crushing oppression of the earth, can only lead to more terrorism, making such a bogus rationalization just that, bogus, and the war remains a war crime, as the plundering so richly illustrates.

town.jpg - 5407 Bytes

Indonesian town sacked, corpses in the ruins

Iraq sackings

body2.jpg - 7235 Bytes

Body pulled from the rubble in Iraq

Of course such sacking and plundering is not free for the country doing the sacking as the following photo of a dead American soldier demonstrates.

amsol.jpg - 4457 Bytes


If you have been privy to the information, you might have noticed that the Elite HAVE MOREs of America first decided to loot and sack Iraq, and then they decided to fight and win the Jihad in the Fallujah, the Holy War of the Iraqi resistance fighters. Some American soldiers in Iraq, who don't want to be there, and want to leave that place, said, in April, after being illegally ordered to fight for Fallujah, that they admired the courage of the resistance fighters in Fallujah, and that they would do the very same thing if some invader tried to enter their home town. I salute such soldiers and I remember their honorable words in the midst of a most dishonorable and disgraceful war, and so I fight to redeem them and salvage the honor of every soldier who understands this truth, and I fight for the ear of their mothers, who need to understand the principles of PEOPLE POWER, once they understand what a disgrace this Iraq looting war really is, that is...

Now you might notice how the Jihad did not go as planned, in that Babylon, that great Queen of the Nations, took a bit of a sacking herself. The ruins are already considerable, for as she carpet bombed Fallujah, much to the shocked surprise of her Majesty, she found herself fighting a Holy War, and being evil and wicked herself, she was badly outgunned by overwhelming air power, and the battering force of big guns, something that she must have failed to consider when she was making her plans.. And as she fights to clean up the last pockets of resistance in Fallujah, she finds herself under seige, as the battle rages to mop up those last pockets of resistance in that badly bombed out fortress city of hers. Around the world the world people are shocked and amazed at her ruins, as the smoke of her burning rises higher and higher.

I will just remind people here that it was people of faith who dealt her this terrible blow, matching bunker buster with bunker busters and air power with air power. And there is a reason for that, for you see, as any person of faith would say, this is God's universe, and thus you cannot be wicked here. And while wickedness brings great riches and wealth and power in the end wickedness proves to be the downfall of wickedness, and there is a reason for that. You see, you can't be wicked here.

Now I say to those who cannot have faith when confronted with such monstrous soul destroying wickedness and cruelty as we are seeing on this planet, that such is life since you see, to many of you are those trusting naive sheep, and therefore it is off to the slaughter house with you, and no one ever came to rescue you, for you see being those gullible sheep who are the prey of the wicked, and who thus give wickedness its power, since they cannot do it without you, and since it proves to be impossible to talk to you, since you do not believe in the monstrous depths of the evil you confront, as is shown by the weak and watered down cocktails you so often drink, not requiring a real stiff shot as a revolutionary would, since, apparently you have not yet experienced the full depths of wickedness and evil, well for that reason you were never saved but rather were left to be led the slaughterhouse again and again and again, as your history proves, because it turned out that you needed to learn a few things.

So then pick your hearts up out the dust, after your trip into the horrors of the heart of darkness, Holy Warriors, and renew your courage and find some faith. Did I not try to tell you about these things before, but although your ears were open, you could not hear me, and although your eyes were able to see, you could not see. Now let not your spirits be crushed by the horror and the pain of wickedness, nor let wickedness work its dark magic over your soul, but rather be renewed and find new courage, and become Holy Warriors, those who have stared at the monstrous evil and the heart breaking cruelty, and found renewed strength for the Jihad, the Holy War for suffering humanity that groans and moans for deliverance and salvation. You can hear their cry, and you have heard my words. Did I not speak to you of many things, and yet it seemed you could not leave behind despair, and faith was out of your reach. Now behold the results, and watch and see what is to come. Arise and shine, Holy Warriors, and answer your call to Jihad, fully equipped for battle, armed with the breast plate of Righteousness, holding up the shield of Justice and Peace, and wielding the terrible swift sword of Truth. Fear not and let not your spirit be crushed. Have I not told you of these things before. So be of good courage for your time is at hand when you will be fully vindicated and justified, and your struggles will be rewarded, as you receive a garland of praise in place of thorns, and joy in great measure in place of a heavy heart and a song to sing in place of ashes in your mouths.

I say this to those who say, ‘but who can have faith like those people of faith, given this much wickedness'. Well given this much wickedness and the power of Jihad, I would reply, who could not have faith. As events unfold remember then that this is Jihad and the those who took the lead in this Jihad were people of faith, because you see there is a reason for that. So then take hope after your trip into the heart of darkness, and the horrors of brutal oppression and war, and let not your spirits be crushed, for this Jihad is not over yet. You see, she has a little appointment to keep in Fallujah in the very near future. Having done her part in the Jihad, having been as wicked as she could in fighting her part, using Unholy War against the forces of Holy War, now the time is at hand for people of faith to be fully justified and for the name of God to be glorified and honored, rather than cursed and reviled. For you see, she has done her ugly worst and it just wasn't good enough, as her bombed out city reveals, to the astonishment of nations, who gape at her wounds and shake their heads when considering the rubble which already surrounds her, while they reflect and consider on what might be the meaning of all this. For it proves to be the case that the wickedness and evil of the wicked has been their undoing, since the universe is a glorious and righteous place, and you cannot do evil here, and there is a reason for that, which as the Jihad reaches its conclusion will become abundantly clear so that even the most hopeless and dispirited of people will not be able to doubt or ignore the simple truths which even now are in the process of being revealed in this Jihad being fought by Holy Warriors, the people of faith.

Now she has a little appointment to keep at Fallujah with more Holy Warriors, this time from Iran, who, as I have warned them, will come in under the cover of overwhelming air power, something their secret agents discovered as they cased my place. Apparently King George decided that no bad news is welcome news, and thus decided to shoot those messengers, or stab them with long knives since those long knives were handy, since once again the intelligence that came back to Washington was not what King George required. Quite the contrary, really. And now I see that in addition to putting a bullet into Margaret's head, thus winning the propaganda war over defining the meaning of the Iraq war, making it once again a war against terror, rather than a sacking war for plunder, they have also been busy trying to terrify Iran, not something they will be able to accomplish at the end of it all, since there is something else much more terrifying than them on the scene, as those sacked secret agents could testify, but I guess they feel that they have to try making feeble threats, being in the bad spot they are at this moment, since the time is fast approaching to fight the last battle in this the Jihad in Fallujah, this Holy War against the forces of darkness and wickedness, which is what all Holy Warriors have dedicated themselves to fighting, with results that speak for themselves.

So then muster the forces, I say to the powerful oppressors,, and let darkness take its stand at Waterloo, at Fallujah. Stir up your courage if you have any courage left, and take Custer's Last Stand at Fallujah, the site of the swiftly approaching conclusion of your Holy War, a war which you have been losing badly I might remind you, since it was a Holy War and you are not well equipped to fight in such a Jihad, despite the trillions that you spent getting ready to fight any war, which might have made sense, if it had no been a Jihad, a Holy War, thus putting you and your forces on the wrong side of a Holy God, whom you forgot when you were making those plans of yours, even though there was someone around to remind you in no uncertain terms of the risk you were taking. I can only assume that you did not think over, nor did you stop to consider how it was all going to end up for you. You wanted a Jihad and now you have got a Jihad to deal with, and now you will finish what you started in Fallujah, which is where you must now put all your efforts in one last final come back, one last final reversal of your fortunes, one great triumph that will turn the tide of the battle as you destroy the forces of Holy War, as though it were possible to do so, as your intelligence agents not doubt reported to you. But what choice do you have but to take your stand, for one last battle, the Battle of Waterloo in Fallujah. Finish what you started and show the world what you can do, on that battle field in Fallujah. Perhaps you might yet emerge triumphant and inspire terror and despair when the world mourns your victory over the Holy Warriors of Iran at Fallujah.

Come down off your throne

Come down off your throne and sit in the dust, Queen of Babylon, ruler over many waters. Descend from your lofty throne and sit on the ground, Elite of Babylon. Never again will you be called tender and delicate, the creme de la creme, the aristocracy, the ruling class, or any other name by which you have been known.

Now to work with you, and take the hand mill and grind the wheat, and prepare meals. Remove your veil, uncover your face, remove your skirt, bare your thighs, and start wading through rivers so that your nakedness can be seen by all, and your shame exposed. I shall take vengeance says our God, and will show clemency to none, says our Redeemer, the Holy One..

Queen of the Nations, go into the darkness now, and sit in silence. For never again will you be called Queen of the Nations. For our God was angry with the sheep and gave them into your hands and you showed these people no mercy whatsoever. Even on the very aged and the very young you laid a very heavy yoke. You thought in your heart, ‘I will remain Queen until the end of history.' You gave no thought to your actions, nor did you consider their eventual outcome.

So then listen to this word, you lover of luxury, carefree on your throne, saying to yourself, ‘There is no God. I AM and there is no other,' no one to rescue your victims from your power. You said to yourself, ‘I will never sit in widow's mourning or know the loss of children.' Yet suddenly and unexpectedly, all these things have come upon you in a single day, they are coming upon you in full measure; widowhood and loss of children, despite your constant spinning and doctoring, and the power of your many sorceries, all your countless spells.

Feeling safe and secure in your wicked ways, you thought to yourself, ‘No one can see me.' Obviously it was your own great cunning and knowledge that led you astray. You said to yourself, ‘I AM, and there is no other ruler to challenge me.' Therefore evil will overtake you, and you will not know how to conjure it away. Disaster will befall you, and you will not be able to avert it. Ruin altogether unforseen will suddenly come upon you.

Persist in your many spells and your many sorceries, in which you have trafficked all your life. Maybe you can get some help from them. Maybe you will yet inspire terror. In spite of your many crafty wiles you are powerless. Let your spin doctors and sooth sayers who foretell your future persist and save you. But they are like stubble, and fire burns them up. They cannot snatch themselves from the flames. For this is not some glowing little coal burning here, not some cozy little fire to warm themselves by. So much for your magicians with whom they have trafficked all your life. They are all preparing to leave you, to wander off each in their own way, and there is no one left to save you.

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