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Deciphering Lockheed Martin's EIS; toxic NDMA in groundwater

Lockheed Martin's Waterton CO plant is responsible for the infiltration of toxins like NDMA into groundwater and South Platte Rio tributaries like Brush Creek. Both the Rio Platte and Rio Arkansas enter in or near Kansas..
Note on Environmental Impact Statements (EIS);

Both of the EISs referenced in this article are available at the Denver Public Library and the Columbine branch of the Littleton Public Library..

ANYBODY is free to read these documents at the above locations..

EIS terminology is intimidating and inaccessible to regular people. Having some scientific background is needed, or an encyclopedia/reference book to decipher egghead terminology. Sometimes it gives me a heart/headache to read the cold, calculating language that treats life threatening toxins like numbers on a roulette wheel..

Corporations like Lockheed Martin hire third party consultants to perform and prepare the EIS for public scrutiny. The results of the EIS may determine whether that third party consultant is rehired or given a good word of reference amongst corporate executive country club chatter..

The possibilty of slight innaccuracies in testing methods doesn't imply that everything in the EIS is false. Over 90% of the material is completely accurate and the fallacies can be discovered by reading between the lines to detect the lies..

Here is a brief translation of two EISs about groundwater toxins originating from Lockheed Martin's Waterton Site. Any info or verification can be found by looking at the documents and doing further research..

Investigation of NDMA Contamination in Glennon Limestone from Lockheed Martin Inactive Site/US Air Force PJKS at Waterton, CO and Interim Corrective Measures



630 Plaza Drive Suite 200
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
(720) 344-3500


The 5,200 acre Lockheed Martin Astronautics Waterton Plant in Jefferson County is located 25 miles southwest of Denver. The 464 acre Air Force PJKS plant is encircled by Lockheed Martin's Waterton Plant grounds.


Beginning in 1956 Lockheed Martin's manufacture of missles for military and other aerospace equipment resulted in toxic waste byproducts that were stored in five shallow open unlined evaporation ponds until 1980 when the ponds were covered. This site is called the "inactive site" by the Environmental Impact Statement..

Contaminants of concern stored at inactive site;

Various oils, solvents and metal finishing wastes resulted in infiltration of carcinogenic chemicals into groundwater including but not limited to;

N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA)
1,1-dimethylhydrazine (UDMH)
trichloroethane (TCE)

Below is one example of a sample test performed at the LM inactive site in 1999;

According to the September 1999 Construction Closeout Report of Groundwater Remediation performed by ARCADIS Geraghty & Miller using method 8260B, the following chemicals were detected in these quantities (Appendix A)

Test; 982803-001

Date; 10/07/98

Time; 13:50

Mode; grab

Matrix; aqueous

4-Bromofluorobenzene; 86.8
acceptable range; 65.0-113

1,2-Dichloroethane; 99.2
acceptable range; 40.0-134

Toluene-d8; 96.9
acceptable range; 66-120

The test sample above was duplicated every half hour on the same date. The autumn season when the testing occurred follows a relatively dry summer season when groundwater infiltration is minimal. Variations in rainfall amounts may influence stratification layers of groundwater contaminant downward movement..

In January 2004 NDMA was discovered in well GM175B in the Glennon Limestone formation. The amount measured was 4.400 micrograms/liter(ug/L). Surface water of West Branch Brush Creek contained NDMA also, 0.160 to 0.180 ug/L. The CDPHE standard for NDMA in water is 0.00069 ug/L..

10/11/2003 Lockheed Martin sampled N-nitrodimethylamine (NDMA) using unapproved method to find lower levels of detection. After waiting to report this info to Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), additional approved testing method, 8070A, also found significant quantities of NDMA in the water near the LM "Inactive Site"..

((BTW, the fact that Lockheed Martin turned themselves in for their discovery of groundwater toxins is not an indication of ethical behavior on the part of LM executives. If anyone else tested and discovered this toxin and reported it, LM would look worse in public opinion. Basically they are covering their ass in an attempt to look good. Sorry, not buying the hype LM!!))

LM Found NDMA in surface water in lower reaches of West Branch Brush Creek (WBBC) and groundwater in basins of both East and West branches of Brush Creek..

EPA state certified tests also found NDMA in Glennon Limestone formation. Glennon Limestone is a permeable narrow section of bedrock running north/south through the Waterton facility and discharges groundwater into the West Branch of Brush Creek. Within a few kilometers Brush Creek enters the South Platte River..

Statements leading to Interim Corrective Measure (ICM) employed by Lockheed Martin to attempt remediation of groundwater contamination;

1) NDMA impacted groundwater flows from Waterton Facility through Glennon Limestone into Brush Creek drainage alluvium
2)Discharge of NDMA groundwater from Glennon Limestone is main source
3)NDMA enetered Glennon Limestone by infiltration of surface/groundwater at US Air Force PJKS or Lockheed Martin inactive site
4)US AirForce PJKS is primary source, contributions from inactive site flowing northeast.
5) South Platte River surface water downstream of Glennon Limestone/Brush Creek has no detectable NDMA to 1 parts per trillion.
6)ICM needed to preclude impacted groundwater from recharging WBBC;

-extraction well in Glennon near crossing w/ WBBC water to treatment plant
-collect foundation drain inflow from SSB --> treatment
-infiltratuion trench intercept spring discharge WBBC --> treatment
-interception trench across EBBC pump alluvial groundwater --> treatment

Blah, blah, blah, etc..

Once a toxin enters groundwater it is very difficult to remove no matter how fancy the terminology may sound. Prevention of these tragedies is hindsight of 20/20, yet under the Bush/Cheney regime militarism and weapons manufacture continues full speed ahead..

The myth of cleaner military technologies exists because enough people and wildlife became ill from exposure to previous toxins that the mistakes will be remembered..

In Pueblo Colorado the Pueblo Chemical Depot (PCD) is located 23 km east of Pueblo and 3 km north of the Arkansas River near North Avondale. Chico, Haynes and Boone Creeks all join the Arkansas and flow within less than 2 km of the PCD site..

Here the "Design, Constructionand Operation of One or More Pilot Test Facilities for Assembled Chemical Weapons Destruction Technologies" EIS of April 2002 compares methods of destroying 105mm-155mm and 4.2 inch mortar rounds containing mustard agents and various other heavy metal toxins. Supercritical water oxidation (SCWO) and biotreatment are two possible options listed. Currently the weapons are contained in earth covered concrete bunkers. The risks of SCWO incineration are accumulating airborne toxins in the Pueblo region and leaching of toxic particulates into the Arkansas Rio watershed..

Other Chemical Weapons facilites listed include Anniston, Alabama and Pine Ridge, Arkansas..

What the US military and weapons manufacturing corporations do to people and ecosystems in other countries thay also do to people and ecosystems here in Nort America (Turtle Isla). Despite all the flag waving patriotism of many misinformed people, most US citizens and recent immigrants are still viewed as expendable by the corporate government military leaders..

How people live on our Madre Tierra is up to them. If we are thankful for the bounty of flores, pesca, arboles, birds, and other living beings we share our planet with, we will prosper and live happy lives..

If we allow corporations and military weapons to pollute our Madre Earth, we will only be enslaving ourselves and killing ourselves slowly to enable a wealthy few to profit from never ending war and colonialism/imperialism..

If people choose to live in harmony with the ecosystem of Mother Earth, we have a great abundance of biodiversity to enjoi..

The South Platte (Raven) Rio and Rio Arkansas are the two major riparian systems in eastern Colorado. These lowland riparian ecosystems sustain the greatest variety of biodiversity. Cottonwoods, box-elders, alders and other trees provide habitat to many species of birds like yellow-billed cuckoo, red headed woodpecker, northern flicker, eastern kingbird, great horned owl, house wren, yellow warbler, black billed magpie and others..

above from;

Colorado Birds
Robert Andrews and Robert Righter
Denver Museum of Natural History '92

Many medicinal and edible plants and trees also require a healthy riparian ecosysem to survive and thrive (check before sampling);

Not all these are edible!!

Tall Marsh Sunflower
Golden Currant
Western chokecherry
Wild Grape
Common Skullcap
Blue Vervain
American Speedwell
Yellow Columbine
Roughneck Buttercup
Violet Aster
Sticky Willowherb
Peachleaf willow

above from;

Guide to Colorado Wildflowers
GK Guennel

other info;

Zero Emmissions Research Institute;


Center for Public Environmental Oversight


About Remediation.com


specific Lockheed Martin Waterton info;



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water toxins and self destructive human behavior

Was unable to express all ideas in above article. Something like groundwater contamination and human behavior is too complex to examine without taking a multifaceted approach..

The location of Lockheed Martin's "Inactive Site" in Waterton, CO is upslope from the South Platte River. The beginning of toxic solvent/hazmat storage in 1959 means a few years went by before the initial toxins percolated through fissures and entered the water table in small amounts. Over the next few decades a steady flow entered the water..

The source of Littleton's drinking water is likely the reservoir on the South Platte River south of town. This is the closest source of water for the population of Littleton/Columbine region. If not, there are many fissures and channels that water travels along. The South Platte River is really the only available water source for these two communities. The Lockheed Martin "inactive site" at Waterton is south and upslope of Littleton/Columbine. If any toxins entered the drinking water site via groundwater flow, it could explain the increasingly violent behavior of the nearby townspeople that led up to the Columbine shootings..

The Roman Empire achieved decline after a steady intake of leaded water amongst the upper classes resulting in a violent society with fight to death gladiators and feeding people to kidnapped and incarcerated African lions. These violent rituals were performed for the pleasure of the elite and kept the proleteriat in line. Militarism and increased warfare (both self destructive behaviors) resulted in less energy focused on sustainable agriculture. If a great many people develop lead poisoning, the entire society may increase in violence and cruel behavior towards other humans, both symptoms of lead poisoning..

Ingestion of toxins cause people to feel ill and unpleasant. Think of the Salem Witch Trials when an already overly religious village in Massachusetts became sick with ergot (mold on rye) poisoning. The scapegoats were the outcast undesirables, women who may have collected medicinal plants and offered herbal treatments to villagers. Blaming people for causing crop failure or human illness (then charging money for treatment) is a form of patriarchal scapegoating without looking at another cause. The "witches did it" theory could avoid other issues like hoarding of grain by individuals which could more likely result in an ergot mold outbreak..

Littleton/Columbine always had problems since Lockheed Martin became their new neighbors. Of course the people who work for a corporation that specializes in manufacture of military weapons of mass destruction will not always be pleasant or well balanced emotional people in the community either. The surface exterior of Littleton/Columbine with well manicured lawns and cookie cutter houses with SUVs in the driveway masks a very disturbed emotional interior. This is true of many suburbs, yet the military weapons contracter looms over the community like a bloodthirsty general. This is a psychological toxin for any community..

Now combine this with the addition of groundwater physical toxins that may enter the water supply of residents. A community already experiencing psychological stress now also has toxins entering their water supply..

Individuals all react differently to any given physical or psychological toxin. Some can maintain their health and survive. Others are less fortunate and suffer illness or death. The effect of toxins on the human brain is still not well understood. We do not need any more animal or human prisoner research, we need less toxins in our environment..

The additive approach is multifactorial in looking at all possibilities and their interactions. Certain environmental factors are enablers to certain symptoms, alcohol may increase already existing violent behavior. Peer reviewed research has shown that pharmaceutical products like Eli Lilly's "Prozac" brand fluoextipine has resulted in violent behavior and homocide in teenagers. Most recent Minnesota high school shooter Jeff Weise was also taking Prozac. Kleibold and Harris were both prescribed psychiatric medication on and off. Often times a pharmaceutical chemical medication is inaccurate and can backfire and have the opposite effect..

Another symptom of Prozac/pharma intake and additional toxins from water could be a paranoid ideation similar to a "Nazi" obession. Healthy people are able to avoid the extreme illogic of the neo-Nazi theories. It could then be argued that an unhealthy mental condition could lead to an unnatural interest in neo-Nazi theory despite evidence that this outlook on life is self destructive..

Then ask is there a link between self destructive physical behavior (not always deliberate, accidental exposure/poisoning in drinking water, toxic psychiatry, etc..) and resulting self destructive mental behavior (neo-Nazi obsession, inability to resolve conflict with abusive peer/adult group other than increased level of violence, ie physically smaller victim shoots the big bullies)..

This doesn't excuse shooting people, it only looks at other factors influencing the human brain. Many violent people have tested for abnormally high levels of lead or other heavy metal toxins when these tests are paid for. Most people are not so fortunate and toxicity tests do not occur. The person appears to behave normally so they are percieved normal..

Have left many openings for any number of lower echelon pharmaceutical/military/psychiatric spokespeople to shoot me down (hey, i'm a college flunk out, remember??). Am lacking many details and some information above may be 100 percent false. Some is also true. Generalizations are difficult to interperet, comparisins between different communities lacks cohesiveness. Taking the rantings above seriously is a challenge for most people..

When a scientist discovers identifiable Prozac molecular compounds in fish this isn't something most people want to hear. The media would rather avoid talking about it so as to avoid an uncomfortable stir amongst the masses. It is far easier for the media, like the Roman elite or the Puritans of Salem Mass to locate a convienient scapegoat..

The Roman Imperialists had the followers of a long haired houseless Jewish anarchist named Jesus, the Puritans had a few women who collected plants and ran naked through the woods, and Bill O'Reilly and FOX news has gays, agnostics, pagans, Muslims and other outcasts to throw stones at..

If lead poisoning, ergot contamination or toxins from Lockheed Martin (or substitute any other local polluter) were discovered as contributing to self destructive/violent human behavior, would the masses turn away from the beating of the scapegoat and focus their gaze on the ruling elite safely protected in the military fortified balcony??


Today was a complete loss. Ive just been hanging out not getting anything done. Nothing seems important. I cant be bothered with anything these days.


Ive just been letting everything wash over me recently. Pretty much nothing seems worth bothering with. I cant be bothered with anything recently, but I guess it doesnt bother me. I havent gotten anything done for a while. Ive just been staying at home waiting for something to happen. Not that it matters.


Id split time between the Roberts Nomination and the current investigation into the Plame Case with equal time. Wag the Dog claims have to be coming down the pike, and the serious allegations about potentioally treasonous behavior by the Presidents (and VPs) closest aide are troubling. Dont let it bump that story out.


Id split time between the Roberts Nomination and the current investigation into the Plame Case with equal time. Wag the Dog claims have to be coming down the pike, and the serious allegations about potentioally treasonous behavior by the Presidents (and VPs) closest aide are troubling. Dont let it bump that story out.

Re: Deciphering Lockheed Martin's EIS; toxic NDMA in groundwater

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Re: Deciphering Lockheed Martin's EIS; toxic NDMA in groundwater

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