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Bush World as we know it

Living in Bush world is a miserable existence
Greenwood, MO 64034
Friday, April 29, 2005

In the last four years, our national debt has grown by over 2 trillion dollars. Today the Senate voted to raise the debt limit to over 8 trillion dollars. Our trade deficits have ballooned to around 600 billion a year. Annual federal budget deficits have been around 600 Billion when Social Security surpluses are subtracted from the equation. Gasoline is at record highs. China has become our chief competitor in the market for oil suppliers. The situation in Iraq is continuing to indicate a failure of foreign policy. Jobs are being created, not in the United States, but in foreign countries. China is flexing its military muscle over Taiwan as it grows rich on sales to the United States. Wage discrepancies are growing with low income Americans seeing their paycheck shrink in relation to the huge salaries of corporate executives. More people are without medical care in the United States than ever before, and millions of low income Americans will lose health care provided by Medicaid. Daily, we see more homeless people at street corners begging for food and money. Meanwhile, our President travels the country to change the only part of government that is successful, Social Security. Welcome to Bush world.

For those who pray, you had better pray that Bush begins to address the real world problems that our country faces, leaves Social Security alone, and stops using hypocrisy and hate to sell his ideology in the name of Chrisianity.

Gene W. DeVaux


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