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Photos From Iraq: April 25 - May 3, 2005

A selection of pictures taken in Iraq in the last week: Iraqi civilians pay the cost of a "new Iraq" in blood; a victim of torture at Abu Ghraib speaks out.

Photos From Iraq: April 26 - May 3, 2005

Yet another oil pipeline, near Kirkuk, was hit on the 25th.

In Samarra, another man “caught in the crossfire” between U.S. soldiers and Iraqis who want them to leave. April 26.

A high-ranking collaborator, Brig. General Jihad Luaibi, barely survived assassination in Baghdad on the 27th. He was seriously injured, while his two bodyguards died.

U.S. soldiers raided a hospital in Ramadi on the same day, sparking a small protest by workers there. Arabic signs read ‘Down America’ and ‘America – face the call for liberty.’

Ali al-Shalal, in Baghdad on the 27th. The photo on the computer screen depicts al-Shalal undergoing torture by American soldiers at Abu Ghraib. (He says the wires were live.) Now, he is attempting to sue two contractors and the U.S. military, and is fighting for the prisoners still at Abu Ghraib.

April 27, in Hawija.

At least ten carbombs targeting police and soldiers killed at least 23 Iraqis, and wounded 90 more, in Baghdad on the 29th. The number of collaborators vs. civilians killed and was not mentioned; but pictures showed both.

Another carbomb hit Iraqis working for the U.S. in Baquba that day.

Daily life under foreign military occupation in Mosul – April 29.

Iraqi artist Nasir Thamer, with one of his paintings, at a gallery in Baghdad on May 1st.

May 1st, in western Baghdad.

Victims of a carbomb attack, also in Baghdad on the 1st. (Possibly the same bomb that destroyed the humvee.) For three straight days starting on the 29th, Baghdad was hit with unusually large numbers of suicide car bombs – as many as a dozen per day. More than 50 Iraqis--civilians, police and military--and about 12 U.S. soldiers were killed.

Things calmed down a bit on the 2nd, with only three bombs exploding in the capital.

Hameed Shihab was wounded on May 3rd in Ramadi in a gunfight that began when anti-occupation fighters ambushed a U.S. military checkpoint. Hospital sources said five Iraqi civilians were injured.

Children in Balad, living amongst squatters in a former headquarters of Iraq’s internal intelligence service, the Mukhabarat. May 3, 2005.

Photos from Iraq Archives:

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(some photos may be broken due to external sites moving images around)

selected sources:
Yahoo Iraq photos
Getty Images> (type ‘Iraq’ and re-search)
Crisis pictures
Dahr Jamail

Please reply here or email dirtykaw at yahoo.com if you know where more original Iraq photos, preferably with details, can be obtained.


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Re: Photos From Iraq: April 25 - May 3, 2005

perdon por mi lengua, pero solo se expresarme correctamente en español.
lo que acabo de ver movio mis sentimientos al punto de movilizar mis manos y mente para difundir el material que ustedes han logrado, para eso, me tomo el atrevimiento de realizar un video secuencial con sus fotos, de caracter objetivo, con las dos partes; o las tres, pues los que callaramos somos una parte mas dentro del mismo mundo intranquilo y despiadado.
soy Argentino, profecional y humano por todas las cosas, no puedo tolerar tanta sangre de niños en el suelo, tanto sufrimiento de mis pares, tanto de los que son enviados a luchar y los autoctonos que se revelan a la ocupasion. No puedo ni quiero soportar tanta masacre en mi mundo, o deberia decir, en nuestro mundo, soy solo una persona, que mira e intenta entender la situacion total, mi situacion y la de ustedes pero nunca puedo dejar pasar el compromiso moral que levantan sus fotos, la realidad, la realidad bajo el lente.


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