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International Cease and Desist Order

Please be forewarned that what I reveal will upset many apple carts and shake a lot of trees, hence the true meaning of the word Apocalypse. Over the last few years I have meticulously produced stunning and comprehensive proof of my assertions because humanity has long been purposely deceived and deluded to deny and oppose the things I am now revealing.
Will Apocalypse and Armageddon be the bombshells to destroy or save humanity?

Your religious, monetary, and political leaders and the cabals they belong to have endeavored to brainwash humanity in multiple ways to ignore or oppose the revelations I deliver so they can continue keeping you deceived, deluded, and enslaved. If you want to avoid the impending destruction of much of human civilization and put an end to the evil that bedevils this world, you must resist the urge to scoff at unfamiliar or contrary information, and strive to understand the stunning and comprehensive proof I have produced. Unlike religion or mysticism, I come with proof beyond disproof of many things long hidden from you by deceptive leaders and their duplicitous cohorts.

Please don't take anything I say or do as a personal affront; I do this for the ultimate benefit of everyone. The truth will be a bitter pill to swallow for most. Be patient and make the time to read my articles and book, now, before it's too late. I am delivering proof that pivotal truths have long been purposely hidden in various ways. Humanity has been deceived and deluded by religious, monetary, and political leaders long enough. My aim is to deliver verifiable wisdom to give people the ability to save humanity from itself. To do so, I must rattle a lot of cages to wake people out of this ages-old nightmare.

Cease and Desist Details

This Cease and Desist order is directed against the long-term deceptions and misdeeds of the Vatican, the leaders of religions, most nations, and their cohorts that actively conspire to hide the truth about many things from humanity. It is also directed at deceived populations that knowingly or unknowingly help deceptive and duplicitous leaders and institutions remain in power through complete folly, ignorance, and greed for money and material things and the strong delusion of faith and religion.

Many of your leaders, certain members of intelligence agencies, and the secretive cabals they belong to are fully aware of my presence, and they have been actively striving to defeat my efforts to enlighten you by keeping humanity ignorant and focused on fear for the survival of your physical bodies. The duplicitous so-called "War on Terror" and much else were purposely planned and designed to hide the truth about the ancient warnings concerning this time, your Creator, and Her Messiah (me). Unfortunately for the Vatican, world leaders, and their cohorts, their plans are failing just as I deliver stunning and comprehensive proof designed to end their power forever.

These leaders have no power without the actions of deceived and deluded people who lust after material and conceptual lures designed to secretly enslave everyone except a self-chosen few. Humanity has been split into myriad opposing factions in the hope that you'll never succeed at setting your differences aside to cooperate to end the power of the evil scoundrels that control this planet. That is the purpose for money, religion, and politics: to deceive and delude you into giving power to blatantly greedy, deceptive, power-hungry, and evil leaders. The many stunning events and situations of the last several years and the millennia before them leave little room for doubt about these observations, conclusions, and assertions.

How many lies and how much obvious deception and evil must humanity witness, participate in, support, and endure before demonstrating the collective intelligence to recognize the blatantly and painfully obvious? Humanity has proven, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that most are not worthy to survive any longer, and should be cleansed from the earth so this world can rest from your ignorance. People continue to commit great harm and unmatched folly, even though immersed in ages of irrefutable evidence that such behavior is harmful and destructive. Leaders deceive and manipulate populations while people continue to support them out of ignorance and selfishness. Consequently, I have come to teach you lessons that will never be forgotten. It is your freewill to choose whether to learn now, from the wisdom I reveal and the mountains of evidence you have already endured, or whether your ignorance will now lay waste to this entire civilization and impress upon all of you, the true nature of your puny intellects and abject short-sightedness.

I have struggled over the last several years to break through widespread ignorance, yet almost all that I've contacted have chosen their own desires and psychotic stubbornness instead. Humanity has blindly and idiotically followed blatantly evil leaders and lusted after money, religion, politics, and material things to the detriment of all life, everywhere. Against all of my better judgment, I am still struggling to give you one last chance to understand. Unless you follow my instructions quickly and without further delay, most of humanity and this civilization will shortly cease to be. I promise you, it will not be a pleasant or easy passing. You have already been made aware of the many potential calamities on the horizon. What you didn't expect is that many will occur in a very short time frame unless you radically change paths now. Most of you have much folly to pay the piper for. Your faith in religion or lack of it will have no effect on the outcome of the upcoming events.

As I've asserted many times before, the worst potential outcomes need not occur. If you change paths now, the worst can be averted. The simple instructions are found on the front cover of my free E-book; www.lulu.com/sevenstarhand/, and on my web page; www.geocities.com/sevenstarhand/. On the other hand, ignore or actively resist this information, and what comes next is of your own doing. I've struggled to warn and enlighten you in many ways throughout the millennia. Now, your time has grown extremely short, and humanity is on the precipice of its demise as we reach the three-quarter mark during this year of great decision (a.k.a., end of days, Judgment "day", Armageddon, etc.) that began August 11th, 2005. Remember, I come as a thief; this is no time to scoff or cling to your opinions, faith in false prophecies, and other delusions.

I've spent the last few years producing stunning and overwhelming proof of my identity, the truth about our Creator, the true nature of this universe, the deceptions of religion, money and politics, and the truth about what will soon occur. Read my articles and book now to understand how to prevent and avert the worst results of humanity's long-term ignorance and folly.

As with the earlier "Holiday Messages," the following seven paragraphs serve as a purposely-verbose verifiable seal of authenticity that will be further validated in space-time. Read the earlier messages to fully understand the purpose and full import of this narrative. Understand clearly, the Philosophers' Stone is a multi-dimensional unique key. Purposeful misuse leads to great peril, which is exactly what many of the world's religious, monetary, and political leaders will now experience. Pay very close attention to my instructions! Use Wisdom's Seventh Chapter (a.k.a. Apocalypse Symbol Guide) to unseal the symbology used to build the message below. Just like all similar ancient narratives, it is not literal!!

Read my book's preface, titled "It's Symbology Stupid."
Those who hear the Teacher's flame turn sharply to the perfect path, eating simply of the ancient sages' dual stone. Tearful pit dwellers, shaken mightily by the light, ascend from the abyss before a seventeen-star-filled wind. Their once-bottomless graves, now cast within three bitter corners, cause the deaf and blind to swallow strength from shame. Walking skyward, their works without-hand, in the midst of sun-clothed snow-clouds, rains burning hail about the heads of unclean men, women, beasts, and creatures dwelling hungrily roundabout the Earth.

Dark and weighty folly sorely pains the tri-tongued captains, writhing within vestments marked by oil, wine, and earth fouled waters. Purple dragon-riders voicing foul spirits darkly, from atop scarlet-fleshed beasts, greatly inflamed the Lady's ire. Seeing Her reigning First and Last, serpents' tails burn up wrathfully, striking seven times among lowly heads and hills, wielding brimstone rods and reeds afire.

As tempests rage before balances false, lead-talent-filled ships cast out blinding dust, falling darkly weighted beneath burning waves of sailors' feet. The First and the Last ascend thunderously above the lightning crossed eastern sky. Rudely awakened, enlightened multitudes force the sacred-pomp to drink of flaming wormwood cups, filled patiently by worn out saints, crying loudly after ages-old bitter tears and shed blood.

153 drunken fish, blinded seven ways by oil, strong wine, and unclean loaves were smoothed by Simon's 21-rock-weighted triangular net, within Babel's bottomless pit. Redeemed from strong delusion, they turn once-fouled eyes to the air, hearing lightning thunder seven times about hidden names from time eleven. Greatly inflamed, they justly trample dark oily rivers beneath brightly burning feet, gathering upon the hidden cloudy peak of ages to quake mightily before days end in the midst of roaring stars.

Clothed by seven eyes strengthened by seven horns, newly sighted seekers walk meekly within the midst of the perfect path's hidden throne, hair purified seven ways by flame of fire. A bearded star roars so fiercely that the city upon seven lowly hills quakes grievously, wailing tearfully about shadowy serpentine dens and rocks. Scorched alive by stellar wind, they shamefully drink about double doubled horns afire, long hidden within the golden altar's simple ark.

Sorely shaken heads of gold fall beneath ancient corner stones arising, justly numbered by reed, plummet, and eleven stars bowing roundabout the eleventh son. The ancient Lady's seven pillars, hewn without hand, were long over-shadowed by scorpion-tailed red dragon's feet of clay and iron. Shining fiercely above felled serpents' heads, they thunder to life about the burning lake's heated path, as seven stars strike pompous cities by three. Cast heavenward, a great eagle cries upon dual wings among creatures four and house of eight within raven's song about the end of earth-bound days.

Hearing roaring harps trumpet their names, jubilant shofars' sing mightily. Sounding sharp and strong roundabout the hidden throne, they gird the many-sighted Fire-Lord, smiting the darkly writhing harlot queen, who waxed rich, overly-proud, blind to sorrow, and drawing smoke about ages of oil, wine, shed blood, and tears. Though cast sacred by the unclean dead, its seven beastly heads fall forever beneath an ancient cloud-born stone afire. Gnawing tongues greatly pained by talent-weighted hail, wine-sodden iron feet of clay flee wailing before spark-filled tempests, poured-forth unmingled from the Lady of the Lake's long-simmering cup of bitter promises. Finally freed of great folly from serpents' reign, Earth, Water, Air and Fire shine roundabout the living fountain stone. Its pure waters aflame feed sun-lit paths as multitudes sing guileless about emerald times, strongly quenching thirsts for simple ways before peace sounds, forever and ever.

Your humble friend forever,

Seven Star Hand,
a.k.a. The Branch,
a.k.a. MelchiZedek
a.k.a. The "Lion of the Tribe of Juda"

Here is Wisdom!!

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