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Update on Kansas City anti-G8 protests

A protest march against the G8 and capitalism was held tonight in Kansas City by anarchists, labor activists, and people from around the Midwest.
A protest march against the G8 and capitalism was held tonight in Kansas City by anarchists, labor activists, and people from around the Midwest.

Here's a quick overview:

* Around 60 people met up at 7 pm tonight at the Firemen's Fountain in Penn Valley park.
* Protest moved to Westport where people took to the streets for a march to the Board of Trade
* Police in hiding at the beginning. Attacked march a few blocks after it left central Westport. Heavy undercover cop presence. Police were following groups of protesters after the protests wound down.
* Police maced several protesters.
* Five people arrested total today, including two legal observers from Lawrence. They are being held at the the main jail facility at 12th and Locust St. in downtown Kansas City. Several protesters are at the facility doing jail support.
* Police attacked protesters without giving any warning.
* People arrested on charges including "Obstructing traffic" and "Obstructing a police officer." Bails of $1000 and $2000.
* Two legal observers from Lawrence were singled out and arrested.
* Participants included people from Lawrence, St. Louis, Kirksville, Arkansas, Des Moines, and Kansas City.
* Protest included participants from SEIU.
* Police confiscated and stole several bikes.
* You can help with legal support by sending money to:

Kansas Mutual Aid
P.O. Box 442438
Lawrence, Ks, 66044

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Re: Update on Kansas City anti-G8 protests

Paris 1871, Chicago 1886, Mexico '10s, Mahkno's revolt in Russia '17-'18, Spain '36, Paris '68, Mexico current...

I'm sorry friends, allies, comrades, supporters, and all of those in between, but that all is in the past. We've seen just about everything we can that suceeded and failed, and it's time to learn and move on. Seriously. Yes yes, Seattle was a major influence and inspiration (not success, mind you) to us all, but it's time to move on. When are we going to start thinking beyond what's expected of us? This isn't romanticism, or on the other end of the spectrum realism. This is the truth. I live in Lawrence. I was here through a lot of what's shaped and expanded into what the rest of the country (and maybe even the world) sees us as. I've helped do all I can do to set in motion countless of committies, orginizations, umbrella groups, affinity groups, and autonomous areas. It's time we considered and reconsidered the tactics used, harnassed, and as much as I hate to say it, "cherished" within our tiny circles of resistance. These marches and "actions" are getting us no where. Direct action is an amazing idea when used properly, but when was the last time you saw that harnessed effectivly? I mean TRUELY effectivly. Especially in the midwest. Maybe somthing new, somthing completely contemperary and fresh is needed. Let's not let anyone "expect" anything from us ever again. I don't know what the answer is, but maybe it's time we all thought about it. Let's not get caught. Let's not let them lie in way for us around the corner. Let's do anything and everything that they won't see coming. Whatever it is, you decide, but don't let them know and don't let the rest of us know. It's good to show the rest of the world they have our support and can mobilize in mass, but let's let them know they can count on us to stop this fucking destruction. This fascist machine. By any means necessary.

Re: Update on Kansas City anti-G8 protests

It's really great to see radical protests happening in Kansas City. The Anarchist movement is definitely growing, and despite the fact that police brutality was exercised today in KC, it was the first Anarchist organized march to happen in Kansas City in who knows how long (has it happened before?). Just make sure to post all the pics of the police brutalization around, and get the word out about that. It lends credibility to the message.
Mad Props to all the folks in KC who put their shit on the line to express their resistance to this fucked up System.

Re: Update on Kansas City anti-G8 protests

Participants also included people from South Carolina, Minnesota, Hawaii, Georgia, and Maryland.

Are all of the five that were arrested out of jail now?

Re: Update on Kansas City anti-G8 protests

i believe two or three were released last night

Re: Update on Kansas City anti-G8 protests

To my knowledge, only three people were arrested; a fourth was detained, and the fifth was created through a miscommunication with those arrested, I believe.
Kansas Mutual Aid bailed out the three people we were aware of. The two from Lawrence are safe and sound now.
Thanks to everyone who did jail solidarity, gave money, food, rides, and love!

Re: Update on Kansas City anti-G8 protests

THis is for kansas. I agree with you about new tactics it is neccessary to save the movement from destruction, but why attacks people in KC the didn't move for a police confrontation the police confronted them. It was a blatant and vicious attack on real human beings for expressing themselves. And in response to not letting them expect whats to happen. I believe these attacks are a direct result of fear on the part of KCPD they had no way what to expect because the situation has rarely ever happened.

Further more I respect your theoretical debate but think this is hardly the cause go point out what was wrong with SEattle not Sixty people who got the shit kicked out of them for no reason.

Re: Update on Kansas City anti-G8 protests

Solidarity with SEIU and Union Summer Folks! Right on! Militant Labor is not dead. We are the workers and we need each other..when we organize there is nothing that can stop us! Thank you so much for the opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder to give light to the issues that affect us all as humans and fellow workers. Much respect for standing in the face of state repression and premeditated, unprovoked police violence. How easy it would have been for the violent arm of the state to have left the march alone as it continued to it's destination where we would have had a rally and cause to celebrate! How easy it would have been to follow behind as an escort until we reached the march end! How easy it was for the police to instead choose to violently attack with chemical weapons and fists while standing antagonizing and humiliating, holding shotguns and clubs while helicopters flew overhead uprovoked and uncontested by force! How dificult it is for those of us who are repeatedly arrested and beaten for our wants and desires! How hard it is in our day to day lives to raise families and live on the wages they allow and the conditions we endure! How easy it would have been to turn and run when attacked but we stood our ground and had our celebration as we liberated our friends! Always for life and liberty! Solidarity comrades!

Re: Update on Kansas City anti-G8 protests

it breaks my heart to read the comments posted by Kansas. While i understand the frustration of the only Midwest "action" involving standing around with signs, it sells the Movement short to claim that actions throughout history don't have any progress. What about Selma or Birmingham? the Million Man March? Sam Day's "actions" to close missile silos? What about over 1.2 million marching on DC last year--forcing Asscroft to quit snooping into abortion records at the federal level THE VERY NEXT DAY?

We protest to gain attention to the cause. The saddest result of the G8 protest wasn't the arrests and macings, but the fact that we didn't make CNN with it. This was a boundary crossing first in our little leftist community. There will be more to come. Let the pigs lie in wait. We knew they were coming. They suck at ambushing. This momentum will carry regardless. If there's someone with something "contemporary and fresh", bring it to the table. But let's not knock tactics that have been time-tested--let's just use them to their fullest advantage.

Fuck what's expected of us. We create the expectations.

Re: Update on Kansas City anti-G8 protests

Indeed Amanda.

The whole marchin' and protest thing and comments from Kansas; it's part of fighting on all fronts. Instead of abandoning tried and true methods, lets expand on them: include some grassroots organizing, door-knocking, phone-banking, organizing our own workplaces, and holding awful elected officials accountable. I think whatever action is planned in the future HAS to be coupled with community organizing. We have to hit the doors and organize people - because that's [people] all we've got to work with. If we are going to build power and create lasting social change all angles have to be covered. We need LTE campaigns to the corporate news (no, don’t spend money on them – use them to our advantage). We have to educate our fellow neighbors and workers. We need to go to the union halls and speak on these issues. We have to build a base where everyone doesn’t look the same. We have to increase power for with and by disenfranchised constituencies. Long story short, there is a movement, but it does need work. We’re talking about long-term movement building – big stuff; but very achievable. I think KC has some brilliant and caring people that will make this happen. And, just because I’m in the arena of electoral organizing I have to throw this in: the fasted way to bring about change is taking control of electoral politics. It’s under our thumb – the only thing is actually utilizing it. I think all participants in yesterday’s march should feel proud that they were apart of something great. In KC where the movement for (lets just use a generic term) justice, is so fractioned off into small groups – you all brought people together. Way to go.

Hope all is going well at critical mass.

Re: Update on Kansas City anti-G8 protests

I think Dave Strano is one of the most honorable person I have ever met. My husband and I back him to the max. If he needs anything, all he has to do is ask.......


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