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Empower Yourself

This is a time when denial can no longer hide the obvious.
Empower Yourself

This is a time for the world to decide if it is going to be free to live a life guided by their heart which will offer love and action that springs from that love; or slavery guided by the will of greedy tyrants. It is a time of radical truth. There will be no fog to hang out in for your truth, will be forced out into the open for all to see. That is part of the reason getting our inner emotional matrix in order is of such importance as the world's consciousness is increasing in its intensity of vibration. Those ruled by passions other than for the expression of love will soon find their passion burning them in the fires of war and destruction. Brothers let us not be deceived by lies and manipulation and be led into the abyss with the psychopathic leaders. Let us step aside and take back our power. They betrayed us with lies and deserve not our trust. It is a time for discrimination, critical thinking, and soul searching for the truth that resonates in our own heart.
It is time to embrace your own power and not the fear, manipulation, deceit and destruction being staged at the behest of the elite. Their time of control is ending, and in their desperation they will lash out with ever more destruction until at last they destroy themselves. We must be the one's to pick up the pieces and rebuild the world in a paradigm that is based on love, or we will have to repeat it all again. Empower yourself, you are not sheep, cattle or useless eaters as they consider you to be. You are Divine having a temporary experience of being human, and it is time to embrace your divinity and give up concepts that create division. We are one though on the surface we seem as two.
We have to be true to ourselves and not give in to the coercion of wage slavery, corporate brainwashing, advertising, subliminal programming, or any of the other devises used to control and exploit us. It is time to rise up and with all the courage of a fearless human being and embrace action that will contribute to the healing of our spirit. It is time to let your voices be heard and to remember your deepest aspirations for real happiness and harmony in the world around you. Who is this greedy little cabal that would dare deprive us of our birthright? WE are the people; we have the power to with hold our money, our effort, and our sanction. We can shut it down. It starts at a personal level, we become grounded in the truth of our being and get clear about the world we want to create, and once the yoke of financial subjugation has been renounced. The elite’s house of cards will start to crumble. Not before it does some serious damage as it writhes in the throes of its ending. Being able to deal with the coming changes in a way that allows us an emotional buffer, from the jolting events will be critic to our emotional well being. Being grounded in our own truth and being able to stand in our integrity when we look into the mirror each day will be worth more than approval from others still under the illusions of the status quo. As we begin to shift our awareness and adjust to the intensity of the higher vibration of consciousness that is unfolding at this time, we may need means to facilitate the shift. One of the more effective tools for this is shift is the use of the breath. There are methods that have been developed that will help us get grounded in our self, heal our emotional matrix and strengthen us for the unfolding changes of our time. We are going to need leaders who are able to lead from a place of personal empowerment, passion, wisdom, integrity and commitment to humanity. These leaders will not fall from the sky, they will come from those with natural talent, some who have had some other forms of training, and those with a pure selfless willingness to serve humanity and they will need to undergo special training. This training will enhance natural ability, deeper one’s perception of there interconnected-ness to all other being, heal emotions that distort our perception from an unconscious level, and facilitate the building of networks towards moving this knowledge and unfolding consciousness to the point of critical mass.
Rebirthing is the vehicle that will facilitate this process of transformation and allow people to relinquish the strangle hold of materialism. There are some amazing healers doing this transformational work, you need only google rebirthing it to get more information. Peace.


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