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News :: Protest, Resistance and Direct Action
Reclaim the 'Orange Revolution', and Your Country Current rating: 0
19 Aug 2005
Cindy Sheehan's courageous actions in Texas have captured the imaginations of an American public desperate for an end to this madness. We must give them something they can get behind, while the Bush/PNAC Regime is vulnerable, and before the next big Distraction we all sense is imminent. Let's send an unmistakable message of unity and determination to the world, and end this now before things get any worse.
Since the demonstrations which reversed the electoral decision in the Ukraine, I've heard and seen many Ukrainians talking about large groups of foreigners who were pivotal to their planning. Many of these groups were the ones responsible for paying for the food, shelter, and orange banners used by the protestors. I didn't think much of this, or the accusations of funding from agencies such as the CIA, until I saw the same thing occuring in Lebanon.

Then, a reporter for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (, Carol Off, did a piece explaining that the "spontaneous, grassroots" protests in the Ukraine were the result of CIA funding and planning over a period of ten years.

Sadly, the report lauded these tactics of Regime Change, but nonetheless, proved my point.

One thing I've noticed is the tightly-controlled Western media's willingness to ignore the unsubstantiated allegations made in Syria and Lebanon that the Central Intelligence Agency, or Israel's Mossad, or both, were responsible for actions like the assassination of Rafiq Hariri, and behind the recent Opposition Movements, while at the same time, parroting over and over the same unsubstantiated claims about Syria, emanating from the White House den of LIARS and thieves. Even media outlets which I consider better than the rest, like the CBC, are guilty of such irresponsibility. When pro-Syrian demonstrators turned out in the hundreds of thousands, proving the anti-Syrians to be the minority voice, the media downplayed these numbers.

Just feels a bit too staged for my taste ... What I find the most irresonsible about all of this is the fact that whoever is behind this, they are attempting (and succeeding) to divide the Lebanese People, and cause conflict both within the country, and towards Syria. This, of course, aids the Israelis and PNAC Americans, who both have an interest, and want to invade and occupy Syria (and perhaps Lebanon as well), as called for repeatedly by the agenda which has seen Bush/PNAC illegally invade two Arab nations already.

The CBC chose Janice Stein, a Zionist "Middle East Expert" to comment on the situation, and she said when she saw the demonstrations she "saw the colour orange". This was after the first anti-Syrian demo, when the colour scheme wasn't so pronounced. Since then, orange flags, placards, etc. have started "spontaneously" appearing in great numbers.

When I was in university, my Design professor brought in some Colour Researchers from the University of Edmonton, who lectured on the psychological, but also the PHYSICAL effects, colours have on the human body and mind. This red-orange colour is one of the "comfort colours", and you will no doubt remember seeing it in countless commercials (ING Direct, and the creepy, stereotypical European banker, anyone ... ?).

Since the CIA, or Mossad, or whoever is ultimately behind these carefully stage-managed displays, you know they understand what they're doing. I believe that we should be taking a cue from them, and striking while the iron is hot.

This orange colour scheme has been carefully crafted in order to transmit "armchair understanding" of these two manufactured crises.

Even though it was our Enemy putting it out there, for their own purposes, we should seize the opportunity to claim it for ourselves. After all, we have been granted an unprecedented look inside the CIA's "Handbook for Non-Violent Revolution", and you know damn well that they have studied all of the relevant psychological factors.

If you are to protest, from now on, DRESS IN ORANGE, and CARRY SIGNS OF ORANGE, rally at the feet of power, and the media, DEMANDING that the democratic Will of the People not be ignored. I guarantee this will send an instant message, not only to the Bush/PNAC/Bliar Regime, but to all Americans and to the world that sees it.

Keep your signs easy to read and understand, things such as "FIRE THE LIARS", "INVESTIGATE, IMPEACH, PROSECUTE" and at media centres, "LIARS", or "TRAITORS", or "COWARDS".

Groups should design some Talking Points, and designate members to speak with the reporters on-scene. In larger centres, you should inform the media of what's going to happen, and call the stations' News Director or Assignment Editor, and request to be interviewed. You could even take it further, and offer your services as an Activist Analyst for the day, just like they use ex-military personnel, and members of Right-Wing "Think-Tanks".

Let's test these LIARS and War Criminals, and their media puppets, and see just how much they truly respect "Freedom & Democracy", the words upon which they attempt to justify the attrocities upon which they've built their fortunes.

Regardless of what happens, the message will be sent. We have nothing to lose. If something comes of this, then great. Follow up and celebrate. If the rallies are ignored, or treated by the police as those in the past, then you've just PROVEN these men to be the Hypocrites we all know them to be.

I'd like to see as many people as can not simply Rally for a few hours, but for DAYS. Those who cannot make it there, plan and hold your own local rallies, and not only gather where your Government officials meet, but also where the media does its business.

Let's take this thing that was designed to dupe people into supporting what the Fascists in DC want, and turn it on its head.

Let's use it as a tool for bringing that Fascism to its knees, and demonstrate the good intentions that were to be assumed about the "Orange Revolutionaries".

Remember, that we are the Majority, and Truth is our greatest Ally.

The only way we can fail, is if we fail to ACT.

P E A C E . . . ?

"No matter how far you have traveled down the wrong road, turn back"
- Ancient Egyptian Proverb

There will be a Plant along to Cast Doubt on my ideas, and attack my person (Seems to be followong me around ...), but you'll recognize his Ad Hominem Tactics of Disinformation, and his transparent focus. Seems I've made some people very nervous with this ... which is a great sign!!

25 Tactics of Disinformation:

Logical Fallacies: Of Propaganda & Disinformation:
See also:

This work is in the public domain

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Come to Washington, DC September 24-26
Current rating: 0
09 Sep 2005
I hope that if people cannot make it to DC, they will hold solidarity rallies, and keep the above tactics in mind.

Come to Washington, DC September 24-26

In September, people from across the nation will gather in Washington to tell Bush and Congress that it is time to bring the troops home. Join Cindy in Washington for three historic days of action against the war: a major march, rally, and festival on Saturday, September 24; an interfaith religious service and day of grassroots trainings on Sunday, September 25; and a large-scale grassroots lobbying day and nonviolent civil disobedience on Monday, September 26.;=91%20

Re: Reclaim the 'Orange Revolution', and Your Country
Current rating: 0
13 Sep 2005
A Change Must Come. We Must Bring It. Join Us. Donate Generously Now.

Read, Sign and Spread the Call: The World Can't Wait! Drive Out the Bush Regime!

It's unconscionable that the Bush Regime be allowed to go on ruling one more day --- callously and willfully condemning hundreds of thousands of people to die and horrifically suffer in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

Incompetence. Negligence. Criminal Policies: before, during, and after Katrina --- the continuing deprivation and outrageous disregard for the people=s lives that unfolds hourly make crystal clear that the world really can not wait to drive out the Bush Regime.

It's unconscionable that in response to this dire emergency the Democrats are [1] doing nothing, and, [2] proposing to investigate at the appropriate time (see #1).

A Change Must Come. We Must Bring It. Join Us.

Because the Future Depends On What We Do.

Only truly massive, broad and determined resistance by the people can bring a change, and the time is now. This is a government that brought repression instead of rescue to New Orleans, and which continues to treat the black and poor of the entire Gulf Region as refugees to be controlled, corralled, and repressed instead of respected as people in great need. This is why The World Can't Wait issued important demands and is taking to the streets across the country to fight for them.

In only 7 weeks, on November 2nd 2005 the world will see a new force in America that has the vision and determination to not stop until the Bush Regime is driven from power. November 2: People everywhere will walk out school, they will take off work, they will take to the streets to say NO! This Regime Does Not Represent Us!

For this to happen the word needs to reach millions, now. You have an opportunity to make this happen today by sending a suggested donation of $200.00 or more. Immediately, your donation will be used to:

* catapult a new movement onto the campuses. Young people are throwing everything they've got into this. They've quit their jobs, taken leave from school calling on others to make history and drive Bush out. They need to be supported! Massive quantities of printed materials, posters, T-Shirts, stickers need to be produced. By October, the message needs to be everywhere. Starting Budget: $25,000.

* launch a radio ad campaign on Air America to bring the message of Nov 2nd. The World Can't Wait to Drive Out the Bush Regime! to a listening audience of 3.5 million who detest the Bush Regime, who are looking for a way to really make a difference, and who have been locked in a framework and conversation of hoping the Democrats will come to the rescue.

Let's be honest, over the past two years people have poured their time and fortune into a politics as usual that went nowhere. Mr. John Kerry "reporting for duty" and Dr. Howard Dean, who didn't and still doesn't oppose the Iraq war, and who, as head of the DNC is counseling people to do nothing in response to Katrina besides give to the Red Cross at time when great action is required.

These These ads will be controversial and spark debate. We need a national conversation that sharply speaks the truth. "That which you do not resist and mobilize to stop, you will learn -- or be forced-- to accept. We plan this Air America radio blitz to run in conjunction with the September 24th March on Washington against the Iraq war. An initial purchase of air time, and production of the spot will cost $50,000.00. This is only the beginning.

Think deeply about this moment in history. Lives are in the balance:
In the aftermath of Katrina;
In Iraq;
Womens' lives --- if abortion is outlawed (2 Bush confirmations away);
The Lives of millions in Africa being denied condoms by Bush's "abstinence only" restrictions on foreign aid; and last,
The life of the planet itself hangs in the balance as the Bush regime suppresses science ignoring and failing to act to prevent global warming.

Can the World Wait? The Future is Unwritten. WHICH ONE WE GET IS UP TO US.

September 4, 2005, NYC. World Can't Wait organizers left our first national meeting and took to the streets to demand: STOP THE MASS MURDER THROUGH NEGLIGENCE NOW GOING ON IN NEW ORLEANS AND THE GULF COAST! RESCUE, NOT REPRESSION!

Thousands of people greeted the slow procession as it went up Broadway from Greenwich Village to Times Square, with bus drivers waving, and passengers cheering. World Can't Wait is holding similar events in cities around the country this week.

Action Alert! World Can't Wait is mobilizing for the mass march on Washington September 24 demanding an end to the war and occupation of Iraq. JOIN US! Help find thousands of new organizers to Drive out the Bush Regime. Join our teams on the buses and in the crowd! contact outreach (at)

In Your Community!

Come to New York!

World Can't Wait

info (at) info (at)
305 W. Broadway #185
New York NY 10013

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