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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights
Navigating the Multi-Dimensional Matrix Current rating: 0
18 Oct 2005
This is the first chapter of my forth coming ebook and a partial listing of its contents. Those interested in this material are welcome to contact me.





The heart of my effort is directed at helping people recognize their need to take back their power, to live a life of empowered integrity, personal sovereignty, and destroy some of the illusions that keep them enslaved. It is time to instill the dream of personal freedom from the exploitation of callous plunders and make sense of the universal matrix in which we find ourselves.
We have a much deeper and more meaningful reason for taking our birth upon this beautiful planet, and we have a desperate need to embrace this purpose and stop allowing the manipulation of our lives. This is a time in which we are called upon to rise up and embrace the honorable course of human development through an effort of personal transformation; which demands we rise up and embrace our own empowerment. The time for allowing greed motivated corporations, lying politicians and secret societies the license to dictate the direction of our life and the life of this planet for their personal exploitation must end now. Left unchecked the corporations and invisible government will exploit us into oblivion. The planet cannot sustain the destruction, poisons seeping into the soil or toxins being released into the air so the cabal of elite manipulators have been systematically working to eliminate as many useless eaters as they can without attracting attention to themselves. This is often done through creating circumstances so that the real cause of the destruction and death can be blamed on other sources, while they continue to profit. Many studies are nothing but distortions or convenient distractions, so “experts” can agree with who ever is putting money into their bank account. This continues until the whole thing is swept under the carpet, long enough for it to be forgotten about. While people are kept busy with wage slavery trying not to miss payments unless they slip off the financial treadmill into a life of begging in the streets.
Allowing yourself the freedom to look at the world from an unusual perspective will open your perception to many of the things in life that don’t make sense via the status quo limitations. Things will start to become understandable once you push back some of the obvious lies and false information that you have been given most of your life. For there exists within you something precious and it is my hope to point you in the right direction so that you navigate the multi-dimensional matrix with a better understanding of your point observance in this unfolding dream. Become the hero of every myth you have ever read, and take a step into the wonder of yourself, and free your mind.

“Our destiny has long shadowed us, waiting for our embrace.”

--Donald D. Forsyth

Table of Contents

 Birth the Grand Entrance
 Understanding the Inner Tyrants
 The all Pervasive Guide
 Death Don’t Worry About It
 Some Important Cycles of Life
 Birth, Abortion and Rebirthing

Fermenting aspiration of passions full delight

Crest in that moment of merging in the night

A shadow stalks the traces of a scent

May just be a time well spent

But hope I might myself to present

The journey is long and slowly winding

As I rest upon this station

A new start I am looking to be finding

This may be my new destination


Birth the Grand Entrance

Knowing one’s time is a vital piece of information in getting a true understanding of our purpose in life. We all have a purpose for being here, and we know that to be true on some level. Few in modern society understand the significance of birth. They miss the Divine nature, the mystical beauty and the sacred reality of how our first breath connects our consciousness to an individual vehicle. They miss the subtle energies in play in the universe around them, that make up the matrix upon which, the maturing karma will in time unfold a destiny of our own creation. The roots of which lie hidden beyond the veil of forgetfulness; that hides from us, the full extent of our actions from previous births. Remnants of our past vibrate within us on an emotional level in the subtle body, which remains an unconscious vibrating force. That force though subtle, is powerful enough at times to create subtle inner tsunamis; which override our intellectual assessment of the best action to take. They wash away the strength of our will and we follow instead the tendency rooted in our ancient past. This is the invisible thread of our unfolding karma, which plays in the mix of planetary energies we swim in constantly.
The planetary energies that are in play at our moment of birth, set up the limits in which we will play out our karma. They reveal our tendencies and indicate the nature of our karmic matrix at the time of birth. The significance and the nature of the results of when certain types of planetary energies will manifest and their meaning will depend on three factors. First the nature of the combinations of factors that are indicated in the birth chart and the present transits of the planets. Second by how much one tends to drift along in life carried by their residual tendencies from previous lives.
Third by the application of personal will applied in opposition to the natural tendencies one brought into this life and the nature of your intention. This conscious intention gives shape to future results according to your vision of how you desire them to be.
The planetary energies will either uplift us or take us down depending the nature of the planets; the nature of the houses they rule and their relationship to the ascendant. There is a common misconception that exists about astrology. This misconception is the belief that the planets control our life, but the truth is they are simply indicators of various types of energies. These energies will affect our tendencies according to the nature of the planets and what influences they represent. Understanding the nature of planetary energies and their aspects will allow us to assess the nature of energies that are about to unfold and interpret their significance. This knowledge is vitally important to our understanding, because it sets up the matrix, in which we play out the acts of our life.
That does not mean that ones success or achievement is totally limited within the astrological matrix, because of the variable in the equation called will or personal effort. Though circumstances such as where one starts off in life are karmic, whether you are born in a very poor country or a wealthy one; whether you are born in a peaceful family or a challenging one; is a result of the karma you have dealt yourself from the past. Where a person chooses to go from there will depend to a large extent on the focus of one’s vision, belief in one’s self, making consistent effort and the strategic timing of when that effort is applied. One will also have the unfolding influences of planetary transits to factor into the equation as well.
There are times that are better for initiating certain activities, so that one can use the support of planetary energies for the type of venture you are endeavoring to achieve. The elite in this world often uses this kind of information for their benefit. They use it to their advantage more often that they would ever admit. So why do we not at least have this information available to us when we are growing up?
We do not know about the subtle energies that play such an important role in the unfolding of our life because we are taught nothing of it. It is easier to control, manipulate and exploit people that are robbed of their personal power. It does not serve the status quo, for us to be empowered with this kind of knowledge. In fact they don’t want you to have any information that really encourages you to become empowered in its truest sense. The reason they don’t is because their objective is to control every aspect of life on this planet. They aspire to create a new-world order.
These are creatures that will sacrifice your children in the horrific fires of war and destruction as a sacrifice to their greed and power and dress it up with lies about freedom and democracy. These people have traded their soul to entities that operate from a dark dimension of the lower astral plane and work through initiates of certain secret societies. Through these initiations they have taken an oath to serve the interests these demonic astral entities operate through them on a physical level. Some of these secret societies would include but are not limited to the Skull & Bones, Highest levels of Free Masonry, Rosicrucians, O.T.O., most fall under the Illuminati unbrella. They presently continue to foment war and destruction, destroy family units, profit from poisoning food with cancer causing agents and diseases to profit from pharmaceuticals meant to keep one in a maintenance mode but not necessarily heal. They don’t care about you or your family because to these arrogant creatures you are considered a useless eater. They do not think like human beings because through initiations into Satanic cults and secret societies that have alliances with fourth dimensional beings of great evil they no longer have the same emotional connection to their heart as most humans have.
Those who have a special interest in seeing that the status quo continues to be maintained; create confusion to discredit such subjects as astrology. Western astrology is a distorted echo of the much older Vedic astrology and often leads to confusion and questionable results. So why don’t we learn of topics like Vedic astrology in school? One can deduce it is suppressed by purposeful neglect; otherwise, it would be an essential component of our education system. This seems to be a principle of suppression applied to all forms of empowerment and knowledge that lead to a sense of independence, confidence, and critical thinking. By design the unique is ridiculed by inference that the herd is the only acceptable norm. “Be a team player!” is the mantra. It also helps one make sense as to why so much money is made by those who play team sports. When you control the power to print money you can orchestrate the direction of the herd, design the distractions with spectacular finesse, and pay puppets to lie and give you an aura of invisibility.
The definition of education according to the dictionary is a development in knowledge, skill, ability, training, study or experience. What then is it we are training for? Indentured servitude? Either knowingly or unknowingly you are being programmed for compliant service in support of the status quo which only ever profits the few. If they can brainwash you into total subservience or your personal destruction they will. If they can program you to believe there is honor in killing another human being then you get to screw up this life and maybe a couple of more before you get healed and have the karma balanced by future suffering. You can then kill and die for their profits and investments and suffer for it, while they sit in their ivory towers and sip champagne and watch their stocks in military hardware continue to climb.
Now consider what an education would look like that fosters integrity, honesty, humility, respect, a deeper knowledge our true inner nature and the benefit of selfless service. Now compare that to what is offered today. They do not arm children with a knowledge that protects them from media lies, manipulation, propaganda, advertising fraud and the subversion of their personal sovereignty. Is this because the majority of the top positions in these media organizations, corporations and financial institutions are filled with high-ranking members of the same secret societies that profit at the expense of your ignorance? They are not taught how to spot those characteristics in people and organizations that are intent on undermining them as a sacrifice for profit. Instead the precious and sacred individual child is devalued in this insidious system for the sake of greed.
Where are the subjects that uplift, inspire, instill a sense of appreciation, guide and foster one’s growth into a lifestyle that is both rewarding and fulfilling to the individual? Why this neglect, why are our dreams undermined instead of encouraged? Why are large sums of money funneled into distractions and acknowledgements that are empty of any real merit? How is it that people are paid millions of dollars to bounce a ball while others have to work like slaves for a minimum wage? Is there something about these pointless distractions that we are not getting? How can something so obviously devoid of making a valuable contribution to humanity be so well compensated?
Perhaps it is a useful distraction for those who profit by the fact they can operate unnoticed ever pushing their agenda of a global fascist police state from the shadows. I may be paranoid, if so, so be it. I would rather be paranoid and one step ahead of unfolding disaster, than arrogantly ignorant and used as cannon fodder for some cabal to make a profit. To not have mistrust of certain organizations in the face of such evidence would be to reflect the stupid, ignorant denial of compliant sheep; which is the result of successful compliance programming, by those fascists who conspire for a new-world order.
Be part of the herd and don’t think for yourself, is the conditioning program, of the compliance education units that start at age six. And only those who fit into the status quo agenda in an acceptable manner should ever expect to get any support after leaving this information gathering apparatus. It is astounding that this hocus-pocus has been allowed to invade people’s lives, take it over and leave them at the end of the day feeling unfulfilled, angry and victimized. That is not our reason for being! On a very important inner level we know this. So why do we not take some action that in its intent, is motivated by the impulse to be free and to break with compliance and manipulation? We must dust off our heart and remember what dreams that inspired us! Can we still delve deep enough into ourselves to find the inspiration to create a life that is founded on personal empowerment? You can create a life filled with enthusiasm, love, happiness, compassion, understanding and freedom.
The birth of a human, a creative endeavor, starting a business, getting married, or any other action has one common denominator; they were initiated in time. The time when any action is initiated is as important to its development and fruition, as the intention of its purpose. In some cases starting at the most auspicious time is even more important in achieving the desired result. Having the support of certain planetary energies, will work in a way that enhances your efforts and can make the endeavor less difficult. To use the example of water tides suppose you decide you want to go and dig yourself some clams. You don’t know anything about tides, but a fisherman on the wharf suggests you come back the following morning because it is now high tide. You can go and dig for clams at high tide, but waiting makes it much easier when you consider your effort to result ratio. Astrologers of the Vedic tradition are experienced with the interpretation of the subtle cosmic tides, that in turn affect what actions are best to be performed during that time. The play of these cosmic tides are known as the dasha system in Vedic astrology and is one of the important tools missing from western astrology thus limiting its ability in the area of prediction.
One should also consider the nature of the karma maturing for the person or persons involved in the creation of any undertaking. One does not need to make such a study of Vedic astrology of course; one simply consults a Vedic astrologer and gets the necessary information. However, anyone interested in higher learning should give this subject the respect and consideration it deserves. Those who say otherwise are either knowingly deceitful or simply ignorant, in either case their derision has no merit.
We are often led to believe that things should be instant and it feels true, because it feeds into the natural gravity of desire. It is not easy sometimes to over ride conditioning that tells us that everything in life should be instant. Its another lie! In fact, the best things in life take a very long time. Understanding the nature of our own inner Being, coming to experience your own inner greatness is the ultimate reason for taking a human birth. Some may doubt this because they have had no direct inner experience that has revealed it; but I assure you, you are greater than you can imagine.
Desire is an inner enemy, one of several inner enemies, all of which we need to understand if we are ever going to overcome them and free ourselves from the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Overcoming them is the destiny we are all faced with. This is the battle of the great Indian scripture called the Bhagavad-Gita. It takes the spirit of a warrior, vigilance of a tight rope walker, determination of marathon runner, and total commitment to one’s evolution, to go inside and battle for the most precious treasure of all, Self-Realization. Inevitability it is a war we all must embrace, as there is no way around but only through the challenges, and with the grace of our inner Self we are assured victory in due time. This is where learning to navigate the multi-dimensional matrix becomes vitally important. For starting our journey into the great unknown we will need the guidance of a master of the matrix.
It has been my experience that those who have a sincere and ardent desire to know the Truth will in the course of time arrive at the feet of their guide. Most people these days are very skeptical about the merit of following spiritual teachers, and these days with so many people looking to exploit others I would encourage you to remain skeptical. That is not to say the genuine article does not exist just because you have only encountered the counterfeit version. One must examine closely whether the teacher and the teachings are a reflection of each other. If they do not walk their talk, then you should run!
Birth on earth is the envy of millions of disincarnate beings, even beings of very high spiritual attainment in the subtle planes of consciousness, for it is only here that one can work out karma and strive for the most sacred and cherished treasure, liberation or Self-Realization. Even the Gods are limited and can progress no higher without coming to this planet and confronting the challenges of spiritual development and facing the obstacles that must be overcome. Even those beings that attain heaven will have to return to this world, once their merit is exhausted from past good deeds. No one is without some limitation until they reach the ultimate goal.
That is why the sages say, “do not let this opportunity of a human birth pass you by”. You have something far more precious than the hope diamond. You are in possession of the greatest treasure in the world. But do to the fact that you are surrounded by a bunch of disillusioned liars, you are ready to trade what you have for a few measly dollars. You have been fooled into thinking your time on this planet is practically worthless, worth a few dollars an hour at best. This is such a scam! To see this happening around me everyday is heart wrenching. You really need to reassess the value you have placed on yourself, and begin to get a true understanding of what you have access to, deep within yourself. I do not say this to increase your pride, but to assure you that you are underestimating your worth. Again it is easy to control, manipulate and exploit people that have low self-esteem and are ignorant of their true worth. So who does it serve, if you hold onto this concept that you are worth less or worthless? Not you! Think about it.
Your birth was the most significant event in your life. What matters now is that you realize your being here is important, very important. No one is ordinary. Every living human being is immensely worthy of respect, for the divine dwells in that person’s heart. The first response to this statement is to give the example of some serial murderer and say, “well what about him?”
The truth is regardless of one’s actions God dwells in every person. The cause behind one acting in a way that is destructive to one self is caused by the ego and the inner enemies. The responsibility for that evil is not God. When these inner enemies are allowed to take over their lives they cause suffering and destruction. So let us delve into this mysterious subject of the inner enemies. Let us see how it is that we allow these inner forces to destroy our lives and the lives of others.

Copyright by the author. All rights reserved.

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