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News :: Privacy & Electronic Information
Is RagingBull Lycos profiting from penny stock scams,money laundering ? Current rating: 0
08 Nov 2005
Lycos began as a search engine at Carnegie Mellon and paradoxically its that provides message boards that censor or delete critics or defrauded investors from posting and allow known penny stock frauds to continue and insiders to the scams to promote known penny stocks frauds is itself like a dark alley of the internet where search engines don't go.
Is Lycos RagingBull of Waltham,Massachusetts profiting from illegal penny stock scams,money laundering ?

Please direct any legal questions to:
General Counsel
Lycos, Inc.
100 5th Ave
Waltham, Massachusetts 02451

Are Baltimore's Agora Inc's and Lycos' RagingBull penny stock touting connected ?

Lycos', of Latham,Massachusetts, RagingBull,as well as Agora Inc.of Baltimore and its agoracom.con,aids offshoring of stolen money.
Are RagingBull and Agora Inc. connected ?(Do a google search 'agora ragingbull' to learn how scam penny stock websites interact and feedback on one another to defraud naive investors.)

Reply to Declan McCullagh's article,
'The truth about offshoring'

Investing - Agora Investor Relations
Investor Relations firm: AGORA Investor Relations Regulatory Filings & Info History
... Porter Stansberry, Agora Inc, Pirate Investor hit by SEC fraud suit ...
agorainvestorrelations/+AGORA+Investor+Relations+agora+inc+stansberry :

Lycos ' RagingBull aids offshoring of stolen money
Reader post by: Tony Ryals
Posted on: noviembre 5, 2005, 5:06 PM PST
Story: The truth about offshoring

While Declan McCullagh's overly general thesis that 'offshoring' is good for you is in itself debatable the use of RagingBull is a very poor example to say the least.For one,RagingBull was a U.S. Carnegie Mellon 'invention',I believe.And secondly it has been,and continues to be,the source of a huge cyber fraud and cyber bullying operation for years and makes John Reed Stark and his Internet Enforcement (OIE)branch of the Securities Exchange Commission a laughing stock to the extent that many defrauded investors had their 'investments' stolen in illegal pump and dump and probable money laundering activities. And even if much of this money was transacted in accounts such as those of Charles Schwab and other onshore brokerage accounts their money was quickly moved offshore,decreasing Americans' wealth while not contributing to anything other than a mafia with international tentacles.

“If I were operating some sort of mafia in the United States, I would be only too delighted to have the leading voices of the news media insist to the public that many of my crimes could never have happened. It might even be worth hiring some goofballs to spread preposterous theories about nonexistent conspiracies in order to discredit persons who might stumble upon evidence of the real thing.” — James Dale Davidson, Strategic Investment Newsletter, 7/25/95, commenting on the Susan Schmidt article in the Washington Post of 7/4/95.

(Do a google search,'schwab lom', and also do google search,'ryals ragingbull cyber bullying '.)

John Reed Stark's Internet Enforcement (OIE)branch of the Securities Exchange Commission has done little other than harrass some college kid whose profits from illegal touting or promoting of a penny stock over the internet netted pocket change in comparison with such infamous international characters as James Dale Davidson, founder of the National Taxpayers Union and his or Bill Bonner's Agora,Inc.,located out of Baltimore,conveniently near the Beltway and Davidson's National Taxpayers Union office in Alexandria,Virginia.This is not to say that the college student should not be made to see the seriousness of stock fraud but it is criminal when grown men in the Beltway with criminal minds are robbing investors blind and the SEC pretends it doesn't see.

Both Agora Inc and the NTU or National Taxpayers Union are so close to the the SEC's Washington, D.C. office and politicians they could probably be in the same social circles and probably are.In fact Grover Norquist and Steve Forbes are NTU connected.Jim Davidson is the founder of Agora Inc. that Bill Bonner of dailyreckoning also claims to be founder of but both appear to have a connection to John Berthoud who heads Davidson's NTU while Bonner presides over Agora Inc.'s penny stock promotion operation both from Baltimore and from France.

And it appears that Agora Inc. employees were the organizers of a conference with ex-DIA George Tenet in New Orleans in 2004 and promoted Ionatron,one of the stocks certain CIA employees invested in through their In-Q-Tel employment fund and that was sold off after some pr lifted the share price.

Also see The Agora Wealth Symposium 2003 San Fancisco,James Dale Davidson

James Dale Davidson connected David Patch and his has used for years to promote penny stock schemes and coincidentally created his website in 2003 after the NAANSS or National Association Against Naked Short Selling' website closed due to unfavorable attention it was drawing.Also because James Dale Davidson had finally drawn a little scutiny from the SEC for his outrageous lying penny stock promotions through Agora Inc.'Vantage Point'.

The fact that James Dale Davidson made his famous quote,'The SEC lies',about that time and that Patch's investigatethesec appreared about as soon as 'NAANSS' went offline is probably more than coincidence.

I have already covered my reasons for believing Davidson is probably connected to the that appeared online,after a strange $100,000+ paid ad in the Washington Post in February claiming W Bush() should not place SS funds in stocks until 'naked shorting',a mostly fraudulent claim made by penny stocks the likes of which Davidson and Dave Patch and Agora Inc. promote,was solved.This was paid for in great part by Patrick Byrne of and is also where Agora Inc.'s does occasional promotional ads.I will just put some appropriate links below.Or do google search for 'naanss ncans'.Google,' james dale davidson bob o'brien '.

What I am getting at regarding is that virtually every penny stock scam in recent years that has promoted illegal pump and dump activities,(most while the SEC has looked the other way),as well as the few they have persued have had or still do have a message board on RagingBull.And many fraudulent websites still making fraudulent claims that their stocks are being 'naked shorted' or simply pumping and dumping worthless shares in worthless shell companies use ragingbull or yahoo for fraud.

But what appears even worse is John Reed Stark and the Internet Enforcement (OIE)branch of the Securities Exchange Commission pretending they never notice a thing.Many worthless penny stock frauds that steal from Americans and remove their stolen money offshore have to thank for aiding and abetting their fraud.And many insiders to these scams post deceitful messages on to lure 'marks' or victims to either buy their worthless shares or be directed to a particular scam's own website or pr release as does David Patch of who incessantly posts his lies about 'naked shorting' and promotes various penny stocks there that make such claims.And so do many aliases that appear to work with him.

And while Agora Inc.has its own dailyreckoning website and message board and agoracom also has message boards for its mainly questionable penny stock client companies where they can moniter and censor critics or remove their posts,I believe Agora connected individuals have used ragingbull as well to tout their fraudulent penny stock scams.In fact I do see David Patch connected with Agora Inc. by way of his past connections to GENEMAX that Davidson was CEO of at the time of its pump and dump when many messages were being posted on ragingbull's GMXX message board in 2002-2003.And when NAANSS was closed down it was located in the same Blaine, Washington office that GMXX had been located out of.Coincidentally David Patch now has a very cosy relationship with the alias 'Bob O'Brien' of .

Examples of two well known penny stock critics on ragingbull who were censored by ragingbull or ragingbull staff are athena_sword and wolfblitzzer0.Do a google search of either and add 'ragingbull' to your google search and see what you come up with.Below is from my latest alias 'endoscam' that contines or continued to expose the ongoing fraud on ragingbull's Endovasc message boards,EVSC and EVSD.

Warning,I lost 100% of my investment in EVSC through phoney 'reverse split',fraudulent claims of 'Phase III' FDA development when not even a 'Phase II' was ever planned,only an ilegal pump and dump from a Charles Schwab account,my own broker,who then let the company and private clients send their(my) money offshore as best as I can figure,(possibly through LOM of Bermuda's Schwab account).It may have included money laundering but it was an illegal pump and dump and James Dale Davidson promoted it with lies through his Agora Inc.'s Vantage Point mail fraud and cyber fraud op.And the ragingbull message board also played a key role in luring suckers in. Coincidence ?

Also,it must be remembered that this same type of mass mailing and internet disinformation is what Davidson used to spread the lie the Bill Clinton killed Vince Foster through Agora Inc.'s Strategic Investment that used ex-CIA Chief Colby's name on the letterhead,possibly withut his approval. Davidson's own Beltway black psyops that makes him a darling of the Beltway's far right was and also is still applied to defraud Anmericans through Agora INC.AND ITS VARIOUS OFFICIAL AND UNOFFICIAL TENTACLES AS WELL AS RAGINGBULL.COM

I discovered by putting my name and email on the internet about Bellador Group of Kuala Lumpur, , who Dwight CANTRELL,(who replaced 'Dr.'David P Summers as head of the penny stock pump and dump fraud known as Endovasc),and Robert Johnson even made a post 911 deal with in Kuala Lumpur, ALL WITHOUT A SINGLE NOTICE TO INVESTORS NOR A SINGLE MENTION ANYWHERE IN PRS OR IN SEC FILINGS !! THE SEC THEN IS IN MANY WAYS COMPLICIT IN ILLEGAL STOCK ACTIVITIES IN KUALA LUMPUR OR DUBAI,ETC.,POST 911 ? EVEN MONEY LAUNDERING MAY BE INVOLVED. WHY ?!

Tony Ryals;

And these are posts of 2004,the SEC as well as Stanford University and their professor Heeschen and Cooke should have known about the pump and dump fraud and possible international money laundering since at least 1999.Even NASAA knew about Endovasc cyberfraud in 1999 although they would not make fraudulent claim of being victim of 'naked shorting' until they became involved with James Dale Davidson and his Agora Inc. 'Vantage Point'and NAANSS and 'famed'trial attorney O'Quinn'.

This by insider to Enodvasc fraud who posts daily on/ http://www.ragingbull EVSC 'MESSAGE' BOARD,
different_drummer0 AND CONTINUES THE LIE TAUGHT HIM BY AGORA INC.'S JAMES DALE DAVIDSON ABOUT THE STOCK BEING NAKED SHORTED WHICH AS I HAVE STATED WAS REALLY A SCAM BY AGORA INC.S DAVIDSON TO MASK ILLEGAL DUMPING OF SHARES THROUGH A CHARLES SCHWAB ACCOUNT AND POSSIBLY MONEY LAUNDERING.The FinancialWire disinfoermation is mainly that of David Patch's is James Dale Davidson and thus probably Agora Inc.Baltimore connected. Mark Faulk of also has full reign of spreading the lies about 'naked short selling'.

This is massive fraud that Agora Inc., RagingBull and various scam websites using RB or have all had a hand in.The insiders to specific penny stock frauds such as different_drummer0 of EVSC and EVSD then further distribute the lies on their specific RB message boards.:

By: different_drummer0
08 Oct 2004, 10:36 AM EDT Msg. 8029 of 17698
(Msg. is a reply to by None.)
StockGate: 'Dateline' Naked Short Feature Confirmed By FinancialWire

Oct 8, 2004 ( via COMTEX) --

(FinancialWire) FinancialWire has independently confirmed that the "Dateline NBC" feature from the General Electric (NYSE: GE) unit is still being produced, and may wrap up in time for a bombastic debut before the elections three weeks from now., an online publication, had reported the development yesterday, and reported yet another lawsuit by the O'Quinn legal combine, this one naming E*Trade (NYSE: ET), Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) and Bear Stearns (NYSE: BSC), among others as

AND NOTE 'slowbone'another RB EVSC 'message board' fraud or promter acknowledges working in boiler room scams that promote stocks to dump on defrauded investors in the past yet RB welcomes him to commit his fraud on Lycos' system. :

By: slowbone
10 Oct 2004, 06:27 PM EDT Msg. 8063 of 17698
(Msg. is a reply to 8062 by nigebirch.)
I'm going to show my colors here. I've worked in boiler rooms in the past, so I know a little bit of what's going on. They were all penny
stock companies. We peddled everything from general inventions to bio tech. I also made some green investing in these penny OTC companies.
But I never made a dime on the companies I was selling. Didn't need to. Most never went public anyway. The last one I did opened at less
than a nickel, soared to 2.50, then gradually was eaten away to less than a dime. And, no, it's not evsc. Though it is bio tech. I own 11K
shares of restricted common in that company that was given to me as a bonus. If it gets to .50 cents, I'll dump. But I'm not holding my breath.

In some cases, what these men do, the CFO's, etc, the brains of these boiler rooms, is contact other fraudsters who don't sell anything, they make deals with owners of shell companies, companies that are for sale or rent, change the name of the company, etc, and they're in business, without having to file all the red tape paperwork the SEC requires. They also have contact with shady venture cap outfits. So, just because China is home to the only Southern Securities on Google,then it stands to reason that they are probably the ones in question.
Fifteen years ago the so-called Pacific Rim was a big deal in venture cap. A lot of the names baddog implicates in the evsc scam are known
advocates of investing in the Asian market, and have been for a long time. These guys have contacts all over the world. And their game
plays just as good in China as it does here. Evsc never gives a lot of background to the outfits that are backing them, unless it's to
their favor. It doesn't surprise me. The less you say, the better.
Just throw out a name that sounds impressive and hope the prospect bites. Smart people do their D & D. But most of the time the reason people like me make money is because people are just plain greedy.
All you have to do in push their greed button enough times and they'll cut you a check.

Like a lot of other people, I was taken in by evsc. A client of mine recommended it. The guy's a doctor who specializes in researching bio tech companies. He believed evse was going to soar. Because the guy's a doctor and because I'm just as human as the next guy, I bit. And lost a chunk in the end. But, hey, play withfire and it's going to happen.


By: different_drummer0
11 Oct 2004, 03:41 AM EDT Msg. 8069 of 17698
(Msg. is a reply to 8063 by slowbone.)
Slowb: You're incorrect. It's not China...

I did further investigation:

If one organization puts up such a large monetary investment, it follows that there would be announcements on both ends (investor &

It sure ain’t China.

---Diff. Drummer


Southern Securities to Invest up to $5 Million for Endovasc

MONTGOMERY, Texas--Oct. 7, 2004--Endovasc Inc. (OTCBB:EVSC), announces that it has agreed to an investment banking deal with the investment firm of Southern Securities Inc. to a $5 million dollar financing commitment over the next 12 months. These funds will drive an aggressive business development campaign which will evolve over the course of a year. The funds so raised will be employed to further develop the drug pipeline and potentially acquire additional enterprises that fit into the Company's business model.

Southern Securities, a private investment fund specializing in the Small-cap and Micro-cap markets, has agreed to begin funding upon the completion of the conversion to a BDC.

Rob Johnson, Vice President of Business Development from Endovasc, states, “The door to the capital we need is now open. With this capital commitment we believe we can achieve significant progress in the process of commercializing our drugs. There are millions of Americans with Peripheral Vascular Disease that could benefit from our treatment option. We are motivated by our Phase II Liprostin study to explore every financing option available to further the development of this potential life altering drug."

According to Dwight Cantrell, CFO of Endovasc, "We expect that our Shareholders will benefit swiftly and significantly from our BDC status. Brokerage firms and investment advisors may now offer the Company's common stock to Investors of all classes. This significant benefit enables a wider investor base to learn about the Company as a Section 54(A) Investment Company. BDCs have the ability to raise capital in a more efficient, investor friendly manner. Compliance and regulations in a BDC stipulates that the majority of new investment falls to the subsidiaries or potential investments. This may lead to increased shareholder value through future rights offerings,dividends and spin- off transactions as the business grows."

About Endovasc

Endovasc, Inc., established in 1996, is an innovative drug development company with two new cardiovascular and metabolic drug therapies. Endovasc's mission is to design the delivery, and release drugs to their intended targets in an efficient and controlled manner. Endovasc's lead drug candidates include Liprostin and

For more information about Endovasc, please visit

Safe Harbor

This news release includes statements that are not historical facts and are
considered "forward-looking" within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements reflect Endovascs' current views about future events. They are identified by their use of terms and phrases such as "believe," "expect," "plan," "anticipate", “possibility" and similar expressions identifying their forward-looking character.
Investors should not rely on these forward-looking statements as assurances of future events, because such statements are inherently
subject to a variety of risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from the Company's
expectations.The factors that may affect the outcome of such expectations include, but are not limited to factors detailed from time to time in the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

CONTACT: Endovasc

Investors: David Zazoff, 800-596-8388


To: "tosreplies (at)"
Subject: Re: RagingBull Warning (KMM25942775V7143L0KM)
Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2005 19:51:34 -0500

Dear Ragingbull Fraud Abuse Investigator,

Here is yet another post from'gil836' who acts as if he owns the RB EVSC and EVSD boards.How many inside tout aliases against me,one defrauded investor ? And yet you think I should be prohibited from posting and only someone who admits having the most evsd shares to dump besides,Dwight Cantrell,should be allowed to stay on the two boards they use for insider tout fraud and I who was defrauded have to sit helplessly as they lie to tout on your website to defraud others !?

Is this really what you are allowing ? How do you justify that ? Are you sure that meangene53's ownership of evsd shares does not mean he should disclose his involvement,who he is and where and how he got them ? Do you really in light of what you know want to rig your website so they can all tout to lure more victims to rb's evsc and evsd boards ?

Also could you please look into why my posts are blocked ? You have sent no notice and Google warned me of a virus so I am notifying you and also requesting that either I be allowed to use another alias,restore my original or close down the EVSC and EVSD RagingBull Boards altogether. Does aiding their fraud really benefit ?



By: gil1836
04 Nov 2005, 05:43 PM EST
Msg. 17693 of 17693
(This msg. is a reply to 17692 by meangene53.)
Jump to msg. #
When I saw his post, I immediately reported it to RB ....hopefully, if we keep doing that, they will take him
off... eom

(Voluntary Disclosure: Position- Long; ST Rating- Hold; LT Rating- Hold)

By: meangene53
31 Oct 2005, 08:01 PM EST Msg. 17621 of 17692
(Msg. is a reply to 17620 by slowbone.)
Good job Slowbone.I believe the increase is the same as last year.Around 400,000,000 million shares.I see that Dwight Cantrell is the only member of the board with more NDC series stock than me.Anybody interested in going to the shareholders meeting?They are very boring unless you plan to connect with somebody. Although MSFT can get a little wild.Thanks again Slowbone.MG

By: meangene53
31 Oct 2005, 04:42 PM EST
Msg. 17605 of 17692
(This msg. is a reply to 17593 by kingoraschmuck.)
Jump to msg. #
Hey King,where did you see the info about registering 500 million shares?If they send out a proxy vote for the share approval I'll vote
to pass it.The reason why is Endovasc needs to assign so many shares to each of their cos. Example,50 million to Liprostin Inc. and 40
million to Prostent Inc.Also,they will give each of the shareholders shares in a forward split. They need to pass this if they are going to partner up or sell the company for a lump sum and keep a percentage of sales profits.One more reason to assign the shares is for a possible IPO.This is good business.Why else would they need 500 million shares.The only thing I don't want to see is Endovasc registering more shares for EVSD and diluting the profit margin for us long time holders.That would be a blow where I would probably bail on principle.I have been buying EVSD all along.I will still buy under a dime.I don't need anymore but as you can see Endothil is a hit with great sales and $2 million coming by 4-31-06.MG

By: meangene53
03 Nov 2005, 07:03 PM EST Msg. 17679 of 17692
(Msg. is a reply to 17678 by kingoraschmuck.)
Where's endobutt?Did some TOS reports get him tossed?Man that gut was nervous noise.MG

By: meangene53
03 Nov 2005, 05:42 PM EST Msg. 17674 of 17692
(Msg. is a reply to 17670 by kingoraschmuck.)
I think anybody who contacts Rob Johnson will have a good repoire with him.He's a wise gentleman and I wouldn't dare insult him by
fishing for info.I feel I have the skinny for myself and I can be patient.King,give him a call and if he's available he'll talk your head off. He'll also kindly let you know if your asking for protected info which could bring in the SEC if someone like endobutt complained.But do call it's free.Rob Johnson can tell you everything he tells me and can answer only certain questions.Let him answer your questions,you'll feel better getting answers first hand.I think if we sit back and ponder what is going on we'll see that business activity is improving.Our CEO is attending events that will show our wares.We know Endothil is a huge hit or Basic Research wouldn't be sponsoring hotrods,weightlifters and bodybuider forums and large spreads in several mags.One last thing I've forgot to mention is David Summers is still dumping and if anybody is trying to manipulate the stock it would be him.Summers does not have to file a form-4 when he sells his EVSC/EVSD stock.That ended 2 years after his indictment.MG

By: kingoraschmuck
03 Nov 2005, 05:11 PM EST Msg. 17670 of 17692
(Msg. is a reply to 17669 by meangene53.)
Good strong points Meangene. You seem to have a good relation with Rob Johnson. Any chance of you talking with him and kind of getting
the "skinny"?


----- Original Message -----
From: "tosreplies (at)"
To: "william knowles"
Subject: Re: RagingBull Warning (KMM25942775V7143L0KM)
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 10:59:26 -0700


Thank you for taking the time to send this information our way. We will be looking into this and making sure that this issue is resolved.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for your support of Raging Bull.

Raging Bull Team, part of the Lycos Network

Daily CASH Prizes at Play With Friends!

Original Message Follows:

Dear rb,
i tried to send this to you last night but although i am continually harrassed on rb by insiders to the evsc 'company' that ripped me off i don't bother you about that but explain that in my original email below which may have not reached you,i didn't even know where to sensd to tell you that evsc touters had organised a hate campaign against me victim of their scams. I plan to write more about internet fraud and as i say it is not rb's fault but neither should rb be deceived into aiding and abetting fraudsters who use rb for pump and dump ops that are illegal.thank you for your consideration.
i have posts below of meangene53,leader122fl ,'s insulting and threatening posts to me and he is an insider to i need send you
urls or does this give you an idea they are harrassing me only i wouldn't bother you about it under other circumstances.

By: meangene53
06 Sep 2005, 05:36 PM EDT
Msg. 709 of 728
(This msg. is a reply to 707 by endoscam.)
Jump to msg. #
You said it not me Dikhead!!!EOM

By: endoscam
06 Sep 2005, 05:29 PM EDT Msg. 707 of 728
(Msg. is a reply to 705 by meangene53.)
it's only dropped 99%+ since then but that includes the boiler room Belladorgroup etc. since then - NOT 'NAKED SHORTING' NOR 'OVERSOLD POSITION' AS YOU AND ATTORNEY O'QUINN FRAUDULENTLY CLAIMED.

By: meangene53
06 Sep 2005, 05:04 PM EDT
Msg. 700 of 729
(This msg. is a reply to 695 by endoscam.)
Jump to msg. #
You're messed up Tony.Somebody post rhetoric and you buy into it not knowing whether they are lies or not.Have you ever researched a stock? Who told you about ENDV?He/she is the one you should be whining to.By the way,yes your responsible for knowing if a post is bullschit
or not if you're going to throw your money down.I'm sure O'Quinn and Reilly sit around and discuss if meangene53's claim was fraud.NOT!!!!When did I ever make a claim of fraud endobutt?That's the way you operate,not me.I move on when I've lost.I don't stay on a message board and make a fool of myself.DIKHEAD!!!

By: meangene53
29 Aug 2005, 03:31 PM EDT
Msg. 638 of 729
(This msg. is a reply to 636 by endoscam.)
Jump to msg. #
See here?Now,who are you talking to?Who is you?Dikhead!!!

By: meangene53
23 Aug 2005, 04:57 PM EDT
Msg. 607 of 729
(This msg. is a reply to 604 by gil1836.)
Jump to msg. #
His posts remind me of someone who was the end result of a drunken ****.

By: meangene53
01 Sep 2005, 02:13 AM EDT
Msg. 666 of 729
(This msg. is a reply to 665 by endoscam.)
Jump to msg. #
Your posts read like somebody puked the alphabet on my screen.Do you ever read what you type?What a MESS!!!Keep working it Tony.What a waste of life.Do you want to borrow some money to get back in the game?HA!HA!HA!HA!HAAAAAA!Dikhead!!!!!

By: meangene53
12 Sep 2005, 07:52 PM EDT Msg. 16322 of 16340
(Msg. is a reply to by None.)
You attack every poster that shows up Tony and I only attack you.I'm willing to come out and show my face.How about you?Hell with it,your
easy enough to find.

By: leader122fl
12 Sep 2005, 08:25 PM EDT Msg. 16332 of 16340
(Msg. is a reply to by None.)
I have already made a formal complaint on ENDO and they stated that they are in the process of review, and will take appropriate measures. With that said I would suggest everyone to continue the complaints and make sure that they are aware that he will continue to change his moniker. That is how they will remove his msg's and continue to review additional complaints to identify Tony as he continues to change his moniker. Unfortunately putting Endo on ignore is no longer effective, and will NOT resolve the issue. Stalking, slander, defamation, and harassment are not within the RB guide lines.
(Voluntary Disclosure: ST Rating- Strong Buy; LT Rating- Strong Buy)

To: webmaster (at)
Subject: In my defense on EVSC board vs. meangene53,leader122fl,
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 23:04:01 -0500
Dear ragingbull,
This should be sent to whoever reads 'tos' complaints in my (endoscam's) defense.As I am not one likely to complain to you regardless of how bullying or abusive others are of me I am taking time unfortunately to defend myself from penny stock touters who apparently are complaining to you officially about me.I lost $60,000 on Endovasc alone or 100% of my investment.But do I come to you and complain ?
No,I don't,even though I was lied to by prs posted on rb and insiders using the various Endovasc message boards on rb over the years as their own personal scam websites as I'm sure you must know from much experience and many message boards, happens.But the message boards are for sharing information ideally rather than making them only for insiders who may be tempted to 'fib' just a little bit for personal gain at the expense of legitimate investors.And if I have or take any legal recourse it should be
directed at those who directly defrauded me and not a message board host.Same goes for those who I have every reason to believe are insiders on rb's evsc board to go and file a legal complaint against me if they have cause AND NOT AGAINST RB.
So below are typical posts from me and from 'them'.Stock touting is a big business so and most defrauded investors either lost less than me or are too embarrassed to admit it and fight it.And the EVSC'FOLKS' have even lost their Stanford patent in the last few months because of my complaints to Stanford so they are mad at me and I'm glad.No one else will be defrauded by that patent they never deveoped but
only used as a 'hook' to lure suckers like me into their scam,IMHO. I HAVE DISCVERED ENOUGH ABOUT INTERNET AND AND PENNY STOCK FRAUD TO WRITE A BOOK AND MAY YET DO SO.But I have no bone to pick with you.Sure I'd love to have rb tell me whether the touters are company insiders but I already know from years of observation they have insider knowledge.And unfortuneatly it is not your responsibility but the SEC's or state regulators,just as it should not be your responsibility to censor me for touters in hopes they can lure new 'marks'. Ragingbull should be proud they are letting dissenters or those who lost in stock scams,or poorly managed penny stocks at best,tell their story to potentially new or naive investors who might not know what they are getting into.
Anyway I'm tired and wish these bad jokers had not sent a complaint to you making me have to contact you in my defense.But as you can see
below,they say they did,so I'm contacting you with samples of their 'meangene53' and 'leader122fl' and my 'endoscam' posts.
If after reading meangene53 and the newer leader122fl you think I am worse than they are please let me know.I can't imagine how you could
however.And you may note links in my posts to articles by Tony Ryals who has put the Endovasc scam and the 'naked short scam'(the opposite
of what rb touters claim it to be)out in the public domain.And you know other journalists are taking interest in what he says on indymedia about Endovasc and various insiders involved so I believe rb should just take a neutral stand.
If indymedia isn't afraid of the big bad wolves you should not be afraid of Endovasc and insiders who tout here and complain of
'bashers',who for all you know,could really be ripped off investors.
endoscam (at)

By: endoscam
12 Sep 2005, 10:41 PM EDT Msg. 16342 of 16342
(Msg. is a reply to 16341 by leader122fl.)
misleader122fl, it is insider dumping that has caused collapse of share price,that and lieing in every pr till no credibility is is you who is comibng here with a new alias mysteriously around the time vfin that you also tout like a favorite football team is in 'arbitration' with evsc,no doubt related to giving them more shares to dump.the truth is you like me are an alias but it is obvious you are here to tout no doubt in order to dump shares.i am here because i was lied to and lost 100% of my substantial investment in what turned out to be a pump and dump scam. you ever heard of those ? they're illegal but for some reason recurring. does your 'fl' stand for florida where vfin is located ?

By: leader122fl
12 Sep 2005, 10:23 PM EDT Msg. 16341 of 16342
(Msg. is a reply to by None.)
Which is it Endo... Are we/I part of the fraud or marks of the fraudsters, you've classified me as both which is not possible.
You're starting to slip up. In addition you are rubbing EVERYONE the wrong way. Your days on RB are counting down. I feel sorry for you
because you wont be able to Manipulate the pps by your incessant bashing.

By: meangene53
12 Sep 2005, 07:46 PM EDT Msg. 729 of 731
(Msg. is a reply to by None.)
If you want to stop endoscam from his personal attacks,whinning,name calling,the "KKK" usage then we all have to flood the TOS board.I sent ten TOS reports on the evsc board a couple of minutes ago.If we do nothing then it's our fault for allowing his behaviour to be flung around our boards like a mad dog.Fill out the TOS reports everyday and Lycos/RB will do some thing about endoscam.MG>

By: endoscam
12 Sep 2005, 10:22 PM EDT Msg. 731 of 731
(Msg. is a reply to by None.)
fraudgene53 doesn't want the truth because that effects his use of rb for fraud he wishes to use the board to tout to bring new suckers and
finds it more than a little inconvenient that anyone defrauded in the past by his and insiders use of it to tout here would now spend much
of their time wearning others away from evsc scam and its connections to a scam called 'naked shorting' that was really a fraudulent lie to mask illegal pump and dump activities both onshore through accounts at brokerages such as Schwab(I have the 'agreement')and through whatever deals with vfin etc.undisclosed to defrauded investors.

If EVSC were really in phase III as meangene and other insiders have claimed on rb since the 1990's he would not be here touting and money would be in EVSC account for said purpose. Instead he chooses to spend his days as an insider on rb touting to dump more shares even though he knows any investor who listened to him or other evsc insiders who have used rb to tout their have lost everything. So those are the general outline of the facts,why don't you tell
ragingbull you have been promoting phase III for years and stealing all investor money so it could never happen if you had FDA approval
which is just another of your lies.YOU SAID YOUI HAD FDA APPROVAL IN THE 1990'S !!!
Where did the money go from the fraudulent reverse split ? Want to sue me foer saying fraud ? Do it and I'll bring the shareholder agreement to fill one Schwab account with up to 30 million shares to court with me.Unlike you,I don't lie.

By: meangene53
12 Sep 2005, 07:52 PM EDT Msg. 16322 of 16340
(Msg. is a reply to by None.)
You attack every poster that shows up Tony and I only attack you.I'm willing to come out and show my face.How about you?Hell with it,your
easy enough to find.

By: leader122fl
12 Sep 2005, 08:25 PM EDT Msg. 16332 of 16340
(Msg. is a reply to by None.)
I have already made a formal complaint on ENDO and they stated that they are in the process of review, and will take appropriate measures. With that said I would suggest everyone to continue the complaints and make sure that they are aware that he will continue to change his moniker. That is how they will remove his msg's and continue to review additional complaints to identify Tony as he continues to change his moniker. Unfortunately putting Endo on ignore is no longer effective, and will NOT resolve the issue. Stalking, slander, defamation, and harassment are not within the RB guide lines.
(Voluntary Disclosure: ST Rating- Strong Buy; LT Rating- Strong Buy)

Dear endoscam,

This is an official warning that you have violated Raging Bull's Terms
Service as detailed below:

Personal Attack/Harassment

Further warnings can result in suspension or deletion of your account.

Please note that we will not email you with copies of the offendingposts. Should you have any questions regarding your violation, please
read our Rules of the Road bin/static.cgi/a=rules.txt&d;=community

for clarification. Also note that there is no appeals process to this action, all decisions are final.
We will not reply to any questions with regards to what or why wetook this action. This notification willbe the only communication you recieve from us.

The Raging Bull Team

The Byrnes,John Edwards,Attorney O'Quinn,Swift Boat Vets,Money Laundering

To SEC : James Angel,Georgetown University,Aids Penny Stock Fraud

Bill Bonner :Agora Inc,Baltimore has aided penny stock fraud

Agora Inc.meets George Tenet in New Orleans,touts penny stock for CIA

Agora Inc., Bill Bonner , Porter Stansberry , Jim Davidson and fraud

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