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letter to the KC Star about photo priorities

September 2, 2003
angry letter to the KC Star about photo priorities
Dear Editor,

It was very surprising to see the Alabama Justice Building protest photo on your Labor Day, Sept. 1 Editorial Page. This Alabama protest of 350 people earned a photo measuring 6.375"x 3.375". This serves as a perfect reminder of why the Star has lost credibility with a portion of Kansas City readership.

I have been working on a project which requires searching through the Star's archived, anti-war protest coverage. It simply must be pointed out that this Alabama photo is larger than any Star photo printed of the Kansas City anti-war protests, even with 3000 local people!

Why does the Kansas City Star deem a small Alabama protest more of local interest than the huge Kansas City anti-war protests?

You may be interested in the attached protest photo taken on March 20th, the day the Baghdad bombing began. As evident in this photo, The Kansas City Star photographer was clearly working as thousands marched through the Plaza streets in solidarity against this attack. Yet even during this height of the local anti-war protests, the Star did not see this as an event worthy of photo ink.

Unless there is significant change from the Star, you have damaged credibility with many readers. I will not be holding my breath for the Star's journalistic objectivity to appear.

We will continue to spread the word through all other available media, rendering the Star's Pravda like coverage increasingly irrelevant.

Jan Kuliska
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Re: angry letter to the KC Star about photo priorities

It's well past time more people got angry about this sort of thing!

Re: letter to the KC Star about photo priorities

Not surprising at all. I was there also and noticed that we got more "coverage" by fox 4 than the KC Star. We will never "reform" these institutions by the moral weight and rightousness of our position and/or argument, which is why KC Indy Media exists. Use it, the media is a tool of the people and for the people. Its time we reclaimed it from those who have taken it and use it for their own ends. Creating new institutions that are in line with our beliefs and opinions will literally create that new world we all strive for. It has to be this way; there are not very many attractive options. Creating these institutions, democratically controlled directly by the people within the shell of the old, is essential. If we do not build this frame work, when the old system falls away, we will have no stability from which to work. We do not have to plead with the ruling class and their institutions for fair and equal treatment. We do not have to plead with capitalists to put people before profits. And we do not have to plead with our "government" either. All we have to do is organize along class lines, practice mutual aid and respect and organize institutions and industry on principals of control from the bottom up. Start small businesses based on co-operative, collective ownership and decision making. Convert businesses you already work for or own along these lines. We have to be more afraid of what is happening to our world than we are of working together in a directly democratic manner. If we are truly serious about ending the exploitation and domination of man by man and man over man we have no choice but to eventuallly come to these conclusions. Any institution that allows for formal unchecked hierarchy, authortarianism and elitism beyond the direct democratic reach of the people is nothing more than a tool of oppression and exploitation. Top down control always creates class division, whether social or econimic. We can do better than that. We have to. "What better time than here, what better time than now!" -Zach De La Rocha

Re: letter to the KC Star about photo priorities

This letter was written in the morning of Sept. 2, before picking up that day's newspaper, and seeing yet ANOTHER Alabama protest photo on the Editorial page. geesh!!

Has anyone else written the Star about this photo issue? My initial imputus is that this is very much an ongoing issue, and not likely to improve unless several people contact them. Think our KC fishwrap will print a decent Bush protest photo? I think we all understand why that is highly doubtful.

You make some very interesting points Jeremy.
(paragraph breaks are your friends, and make text much easier to read)

Re: letter to the KC Star about photo priorities

I didnt know indy media would alow for breaks. Most message boards dont so i dont bother. Ill keep it in mind.

Re: letter to the KC Star about photo priorities

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