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Agora Inc.,Endovasc,Stanford University,C.Heeschen,J.Cooke penny stock money laundering

This story may have a St.Louis connection by way of Nova Star Financial that is being promoted by a scam artist 'Bob O'Brien' who runs nfi-info.net
as well as ncans.net along with Patrick Byrne the scammy CEO of Overstock.com who together with his father billionaire insurance man Jack (pal of Warren Buffet)of Geico etc. paid a $ million out of his own pocket to fund an anti-John Edwards campaign and support Swift Boat Captains against John Kerry.
'Bob O'Brien' who may be James Dale Davidson of 'Clinton killed Vince Foster' or working for him has an organised mafia of touters on Yahoo's NFI or Nova Star Financial message board who are known to threaten critics of Nova Star Financial and OSTK or Overstock.com.
This story has a New Orleans connection by way of James Dale Davidson's Agora Inc. and an investment conference in 2004 that brought various stock promoters to New Orleans including the CIA's used stock and 'WMD' saleman George Tenet.(see link to story below)The conference actually dates to now deceased Louisiana right wing gold bug James Ulysses Blanchard III,an old friend of Agora Inc.'s James Dale Davidson.

This story no doubt has a Beltway connection because James Dale DAVIDSON has spent much time there promoting his far right and unethical scams using the National Taxpayers Union's clout to push his own agenda which definitely includes international penny stock fraud and probably money laundering.The SEC so far does nothing.Who are his Beltway and political protectors ?

This story has an Arkansas connection by way of James Dale Davidson of the National Taxpayers Union who may not have spent much time in Arkansas but was the person most responsible for the smear campaign that claimed Clinton killed Vince Foster.Mr.Davidson's Agora Inc. promoted Endovasc in 2002 allowing him to dump still undislosed numbers of worthless Endovasc shares on defrauded investors.This story also has a Texas connection by way of the fraudulent shell company,Endovasc of Montgomery,Texas and an Arizona connection by way of Phoenix attorney Ron Logan who aided Endovasc and Bellador Group boiler room of Kuala Lumpur and Dubai to conduct their fraudulent scam of dumping worthless penny stock shares around the world,defrauding American investors and probably money laundering in this post 911 era.A true traitor and general all round bad guy.Attorney Ron Logan also lied about Endovasc being 'naked shorted' to cover up this illegal pump and dump scam that may have aided terrorists and certainly criminals to launder their dirty money with unaudited shares of U.S. penny stocks.

In truth this story has both interstate and international stock fraud and money laundering implications that should embarrass our self righteous governent.Unfortunately religious and criminal hypocrites know no shame.


You(Stanford University) may recall I contacted you earlier this year with regards to Endovasc and their use of your 'nicotine for angiogenesis' and 'stemcell recruitment' patents for fraud,(i.e.-illegal pump and dump activities including through a Charles Schwab hosted account as well as a Bellador Group of Kuala Lumpur and Dubai boiler room deal that scattered unaudited and unregistered Endovasc shares around Asia and who knows where else). Probably post 911 money laundering is involved as well in terrorist suspect money laundering regions.
Stanford University,Chris Heeschen,John Cooke,et.al,

Below is my letter to you regarding Endovasc and fraudulent use of it to pump and dump their worthless penny stock around the world with the help of National Taxpayers Union founder James Dale DAVIDSON AMONG OTHERS.If you do a google search 'pope's misconceptions orbit phosphates' you will get some idea of my sincere interest in science and biology that led me naively to be defrauded by Endovasc in the first place.

I felt your discovery was simply eloquent and at the time felt Endovasc to be an up and coming Syntex a la Djerassi.I could not have been further from the truth.This email-letter shall be incorporated into one of my ongoing articles on Endovasc 'share-money laundering' soon.If Stanford or Heeschen or Cooke have any comments or statements in their own defense for aiding and abettng this international penny stock fraud I would be glad to hear it and add it to my article.

Funny how I thought Stanford and ENDOVASC to be about as an American investment as I could find when in truth every penny I placed there was instead used to launder more money for onshore and offshore criminals.

How did you not know ? How could you not care,post 911,that you were aiding money laundering in terrorist laundering suspect regions ?

Tony Ryals

Stanford University,Chris Heeschen,John Cooke, penny stock fraud money laundering

letter to johncooke stanford......

Dear John Cooke and Stanford University,

You may recall I contacted you earlier this year with regards to Endovasc and their use of your 'nicotine for angiogenesis' and 'stemcell recruitment' patents for fraud,(i.e.-illegal pump and dump activities including through a Charles Schwab hosted account as well as a Bellador Group of Kuala Lumpur and Dubai boiler room deal that scattered unaudited and unregistered Endovasc shares around Asia and who knows where else). Probably post 911 money laundering is involved as well in terrorist suspect money laundering regions.

I have no idea if you were holding shares at that time or if you had already disposed of your shares during the pump and dump of 2000 that occured before I was unfortunate enough to discover the company.It would appear you did quite well in that pump and dump and probable money laundering op and may have been as naive as I was and not even have known what was going on. However I am disappointed that Stanford University, with its wealth of business knowledge,was unaware and allowed the fraud to continue all these years.I sense you may not
even want to know what you and Stanford University have aided and abetted and profited from but I also feel obliged to spell it out.

You were the beneficiaries of a fraudulent pump and dump and I was a victim, losing 100% of my investment as shares were dumped offshore and then back onshore and no money from the sale or dumping of shares ever found its way into Endovasc coffers for the touted 'Phase III' FDA trials,only into the pockets of the corrupt and far right James Dale Davidson connected penny stock money launderers.Yes I have discovered a far right mafia using Stanford for stock fraud and money laundering with a Beltway connection !!

Had STANFORD used its business expertise and or had a 'know your clients' policy Endovasc crooks would never have been able to use you for illegal and ciminal activities although you would not have been able to profit from them either.For instance although I 'invested' in 2001,supposedly only a couple of months before Dr.Antonio Colombo was about to do human trials in Milan,Italy,it was already known in 1999 that Endovasc and or insiders to the scam had spammed the internet with lies about a Glaxo Wellcome collaberation.:

“Securities Fraud on the Internet” & "Online Trading Issues"


''Two messages sent to NASAA during the last few weeks are typical examples of “spams” sent to thousands of other unsuspecting investors. There are uncanny similarities contained in the messages.


Company: Endovasc Ltd., Inc.
Symbol: E N D V
Price: ½ ($.50/share)

The April issue of the British Biotechnology Letter, Oxford, England, states “scientists at Glaxo Wellcome have proven the efficacy of Endovasc’s PGE-1 and have submitted to management a multi-million dollar joint venture proposal.”
ENDV is recommended as an immediate and “STRONG BUY.” ''

- Endovasc tout spam circa 1999

And it is now known that Endovasc and its transfer agent Alexander Walker had been collaberating in this illegal pump and dump scam that Stanford lent its name and patents to for years.Anthony Elgindy could have told you that and he had the best FBI informants money could buy.

From offshorebusiness message board and U.S.DOJ re Sean Flanegan and Daniel Chapman,convicted Las Vegas penny stock scam artists also involved with Endovasc.:


I noticed your Athenagen Inc. website while doing a google searchrecently and also that you wasted no time,since the nicotine patentwas returned by Endovasc of Montgomery,Texas,to create a new company that appears to revolve around the one or two nicotine patents you hold.Because your own writing on the internet about your discovery as well as patents available to be read on the internet and because cardiologist Antonio Colombo was touted to do human clinical trial in Milan,Italy in 2001,I was conned into 'investing' in the patent or
patents myself. Dr.Colombo did indeed benefit from receiving some insider shares for the fraudulent use of his name by Endovasc,et.al., but that's about it.

By now all my optimism is long gone as well as any real enthusiasm for 'nra' or 'nicotine receptor agonist' or 'angiogenix',as the Endovasc con artists named it or in 'endothil' a supposed 'neutraceutical' that is still touted by Endovasc although a simple google search of ,'endothil acetylcholine receptor'will show Endovasc is still using your discovery for fraud to pump and dump more worthless Endovasc shares and to promote 'endothil'.

And whether this 'endothil' is harmless or useless or even toxic I would say Stanford is liable for any claims or damages as long as you allow Basic Research and Endovac to use your discovery to claim a new safe alternative to 'steroids' !! Since I complained to you Endovasc and Basic Research have tried to avoid mention of your name but still their promotion of 'endothil' acknowledges the use of nicotine or nicotine like product to stimulate the acetylcholine receptor for muscle and 'stem cell' recruitment.

Note the similarities to your patent(s) ? Basically they are plagiarising your nicotine discoveries under a new name,even insinuating a green tomato alkaloid was discovered instead of
nicotine and ignoring where the nicotine for 'stem cell recruitment' was first discovered or mentioned,all for more fraud upon the public.Are you all proud ? Is Stanford pleased that they have aided and abetted not only fraud upon American investors but also illegal pump and dump activities and possibly money laundering,because that is precisely what you have done,and financially profiting from stock fraud and money laundering with unaudited shares in terrorist suspect money laundering regions as well ? I hope not.

You may recall that a James Dale Davidson, founder of National Taxpayers Union,and Agora Inc. who also founded or co-founded the short lived 'NAANSS' or 'National Association Against Naked Shorting',made a false claim for filing a nicotine patent that also,had it existed,would have plagiarised or violated your own.He did this in Agora Inc. in 2002 or 2003 to further confuse how he came about so many Endovasc shares and not declare his insider as well as pump and dump ties to Endovasc.Stanford could have intervened much sooner and prevented illegal pump and dump activities but instead you
kept quiet and profited from the illegal activities that defrauded myself and others. Why ?

As an added paradox to this penny stock corruption and probable post 911 money laundering your nicotine patents have been used for,Stanford University grad Charles Schwab or his company profited from hosting an illegal Endovasc pump and dump account.And now Stanford grad Patrick Byrne of Overstock.com has created a replacement for Davidson's 2002 to
2004 'NAANSS'website that operated out of the old GENEMAX office in Blaine,Washington and claims his Overstock.com is a victim of 'naked shorting' just as Endovasc and Davidson's Genemax have and continue to do !!It's called NCANS or 'National Coalition Against Naked Shorting' and the closest anyone has come to an official address for it or Byrne's secret pal 'Bob O'Brien',(who I believe is James Dale Davidson),is the Cheetah Club of Las Vegas Nevada !!

What is obvious is that Endovasc was never 'naked shorted' it was a pump and dump scam and Stanford and Heeschen and Cooke were paid for the use of its now returned patents as well as for their names and prestige to aid criminal activities.

What I propose to Stanford is that you enlist members of your own faculty and students to study penny stock fraud and illegal pump and dump and money laundering dangers and risks to those who participate.I suggest money Stanford University has made from that illicit activity through Endovasc be used for that purpose.You might also advise their graduates away from such activities,whether they be Charles Schwab, Patrick Byrne or your own researchers.

You might particularly research the fraudulent 'naked shorting' claims of Stanford grad Patrick Byrne of Overstock.com and Charles Schwab's hosting an account of your former business partners at Endovasc that was used to cover up illegal pump and dump and stock manipulation and money laundering and allow it to be erroneously called 'naked short selling'.

Note the very penny stock frauds who have promoted the supposed 'anti-naked short selling' scams also got NASAA to hold a forum in Washington,D.C. on November 30.Stanford's grad Patrick Byrne is now the chief organiser and promoter of the same fraudulent scheme that James Dale Davidson and Endovasc and 'famed trial attorney O'Quinn' used to cover up the illegal pump and dump scheme and possible money laundering that Stanford University and Chris Heeschen and JOHN COOKE ILLICITELY PROFITED FROM.

And Charles Schwab DID NOT 'naked short' Endovasc as they and attorney John O'Quinn claimed but instead provided the illegal pump and dump account for insiders of the Endovasc fraud to dump from as Davidson touted your and supposedly his nicotine patent through Agora Inc. of Baltimore.And I didn't invest in a nicotine angiogenesis patent,my money was instead stolen in an illegal pump and dump and money laundering op in suspect terrorist money laundering havens such as Kuala Lumpur !!

I will add this letter to you to another indymedia article to further expose the cold fraud I have been subjected to and send a copy to the organizations who first funded your tobacco research in the first place to let them know how Stanford University turned their research grant on tobacco into what can only be seen as an international penny stock pump and dump scheme with possible Washington D.C. connections.

Tony Ryals

Below a message board post on ragingbull.com's Endovasc message board from 2003 with fraudulent claim from Agora Inc.'s National Taxpayers Union founder and Endovasc insider James Dale DAVIDSON re non-existent nicotine patent.Note that if the patent described below really existed it would conflict with the very Stanford patents I bought ENDOVASC SHARES FOR IN THE FIRST PLACE.:

By: skivrmt
09 Jun 2003, 09:14 AM EDT
Msg. 195 of 17875
Jump to msg. #
Another version of the mice article released a little while ago. More of an editorial, but still interesting. Figured I'd post something with EVSC in it on this board since about 80% of the posts lately have nothing to do with EVSC. :)

Startling Results From Endovasc's Nicotine Tests

This week Endovasc Inc. (EVSC) (of which Mr. Davidson is a substantial shareholder) announced some very interesting results from a study that it had conducted. These results could push Endovasc's entry into the non-steroidal muscle growth supplement market.

The three-week study involved 34 mice divided into two groups. One group of mice had trace amounts of nicotine in their drinking water, while the other group had plain water. Both groups were fed the same food.

The mice were exercised on a treadmill for 15 minutes each day or until exhaustion. After three weeks of this treatment, the mice in the nicotine group had a mean 2.32 mm increase in thigh girth while the control had a 0.33mm increase.
The nicotine group's thigh girth increase was 142% more than the control group.

The mice in the nicotine group also weighed 18.3 grams less than control group and ate 10.24 grams less over the course of the three-week study.

The company concluded that tiny amounts of nicotine increase muscle growth while decreasing body weight and appetite.These results obviously need to be tested further but are interesting nonetheless.

If you recall from the May issue of VPI, Mr. Davidson had suggested the use of alpha-7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonist to harness adult stem cells for the proliferation of muscle mass. He and Dr. David Summers, the head of Endovasc, applied for a patent for this treatment.

Imagine if nicotine-enhanced water becomes the sports drink du jour in gyms across the world. A natural, healthy mass builder would be a huge hit in the health food market.

And if Endovasc is the sole patent holder, its
Nutraceutical Development Corporation could become an incredible cash cow.

While we may be, years away from this, the prospect is still very interesting and worth keeping an eye on.

Action to Take: Hold shares of Endovasc Inc. (EVSC).

For Additional Information, contact:
W. Scott Harkonen, M.D, President & CEO
Office (650) 616-1920


NEWS RELEASE --- News Achieve --- 11/01/2005 - Founder Dr. Ken M. Kengatharan Joins Athenagen Inc. 10/20/2005 - Athenagen Adds Dr. Henry Hsu as Chief Medical Officer 09/19/2005 - Athenagen Raises $5.69 Million In Series A Financing
Founder Dr. Ken M. Kengatharan Joins Athenagen Inc. To Lead Pre-clinical R&D; – Company Also Adds Senior Director of Chemistry –

South San Francisco, Calif., Nov. 1 -- Athenagen Inc., a privately held biopharmaceutical company, announced today that co-founder (Ken) M. Kengatharan, Ph.D., has joined the company in a full-time capacity as Vice President, Pre-clinical R&D.; While working in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine at Stanford University, Dr. Kengatharan co-founded Athenagen with John Cooke, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Medicine at Stanford and Athenagen's Chief Scientific Officer.

"Ken has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, in both corporate development and pre-clinical research and development, and we are very pleased to have him on board at Athenagen on a full-time basis," stated W. Scott Harkonen, M.D., President and Chief Executive Officer. "Since our R&D; strategy is based on the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) pathway in angiogenesis that was discovered and characterized by John Cooke, Ken Kengatharan and their colleagues at Stanford University, we are
fortunate to have Ken leading our internal discovery research and pre-clinical programs."

Prior to joining Stanford, Dr. Kengatharan was Director of Corporate Development and later Vice President of Pre-clinical R&D; at OxoN Medica Inc, a South San Francisco-based biotech company where he spearheaded pre-clinical drug development as well as R&D; operations.He obtained his Ph.D. in Pharmacology at the William Harvey Research Institute, at the University of London with Nobel laureate Sir John Vane. Later, in the section of vascular biology at the Institute, Dr.Kengatharan directed translational research that included the development of animal models of cardiovascular disease for studies of the pathobiology of vascular alterations in sepsis, diabetes and atherosclerosis, and supervised research and educational efforts.
Previously, he was an associate scientist at Rhône-Poulenc Rorer (now Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals) where he developed novel drug screening assays and bioinformatics programs.

Athenagen also said it has hired Xiaoming Zhang, Ph.D., as Senior Director, Chemistry. Dr. Zhang's previous industry experience includes positions as Director of Medicinal Chemistry at Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and ARYx Therapeutics, Inc., and Program Leader at Roche Palo Alto. In more than 10 years of pharmaceutical research,he contributed to discovery and development of multiple drug candidates, two of which are under clinical evaluation in stress incontinence and deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Dr. Zhang earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of Maryland and completed his postdoctoral research at University of California, Berkeley. He holds 15 issued and pending U.S. patents.........

Hello Mr. Ryals,

Grace Baysinger forwarded your email on to me. I wanted to let you know that the Endovasc-Stanford license agreement is now terminated. I believe their web site has been updated as well.

Sara Nakashima
Office of Technology Licensing
Stanford University

Agora Inc.meets George Tenet in New Orleans,touts penny stock for CIA


Arizona attorney Ron Logan,Endovasc,and Bellador Group boiler room of Dubai


Senator Bennett :Is Patrick Byrne's NCANS a Fraud ?


James J. Angel,Georgetown University,lap dancers and cyber fraud mafia


Charles Schwab and Share-Money Laundering


NASAA: Agora Inc.& James Dale Davidson started 'anti-naked shorting' scam


To NY Post re Agora Inc., James Dale Davidson,and Rupert Murdoch


The Byrnes,John Edwards,Attorney O'Quinn,Swift Boat Vets,Money Laundering


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