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News :: Globalization
Mantas Inc,(CIA ?)Herndon, Va, Pro-Money Laundering ... Current rating: 0
20 Dec 2005
Mantas Inc. whose expertise is supposedly anti-money laundering has allowed untold millions or perhaps billions of laundered dollars go unchecked by criminals or even possibly terrorists through our banking , brokerage and market maker systems...
Mantas Inc,Herndon, Va, Pro-Money Laundering Arm of International Bankers,Brokers...

Mantas Inc. whose expertise is supposedly anti-money laundering has allowed untold millions or perhaps billions of laundered dollars go unchecked by criminals or even possibly terrorists through our banking , brokerage and market maker systems... promotion of Endovasc penny stock by Agora Inc. of Baltimore followed by massive dumping of 'up to 30 million shares' from a Charles Schwab account is proof but still not even the tip of the 'share-money laundering' iceberg they are apparently paid to ignore. Charles Schwab sold the corrupt market maker business to UBS not long after that and many other illegal pump and dump schemes in partnership with LOM of Bermuda.Mantas Inc.was rewarded for not doing its supposed job of guarding against money laundering and illegal pump and dump activities by being contracted by CSFB to oversee 'ati-money laundering' activities of CSFB who bought Charles Schwab's market maker business.It should come as no surprise unfortunately that the CIA's In-Q-Tel has been an investor in SRA International, Inc (NYSE:SRX), and that its other parent company Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (NYSE:SFE) actually shows every indication of having been an illegal pump and dump itself having been promoted even by Agora Inc. inthe past to near $100 per share a few years back to having become a penny stock today .

Mantas Inc,Herndon, Va, Pro-Money Laundering Arm of International Bankers,Brokers,Market Makers..

Is Money Laundering Good For The Bush() Administration ?

Although the Bush administration claimed anti- money laundering was to be a post 911priority the truth appears quite different.In fact judging from the continued offshore and onshore activities and the SEC's turning a blind eye to 'business as usual' in allowing Reg.S penny stock activities to flourish and to use unregistered penny stocks to be bought and sold
offshore and dumped in the U.S. later to defraud U.S.
retail investors it would appear encouraging money launding is the clear priority as well as fraud against American investors.

Although the Time article quoted below was written in 2001 it's more relevant than ever::

Banking on secrecy
Terrorists oppose scrutiny of offshore accounts. And so do many U.S. bankers and lawmakers
By Adam Cohen
Reported by Michael Weisskopf and Adam Zagorin/Washington, Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele/New York
October 15, 2001

''Texas bankers have kept Republican campaign money flowing in Bush's first year--$65,000 from Nixon, $40,000 from Stanford Financial, and $12,500 from Jacobs of Laredo National. They deny trying to influence the Administration's money-laundering policies. "We're supportive of any effort our government takes to track down terrorists," Yolanda Suarez, Stanford Financial's chief of staff, told TIME.''

Below portion of press release from Mantas Inc :
''The company's products are used by global leaders including ABN Amro, Barclays Capital, Charles Schwab, Citibank, Merrill Lynch, and Verizon. Headquartered near Washington, DC in Herndon, Va., the company also has offices in London, New York, Singapore and New Delhi. Major investors are Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (NYSE:SFE) and SRA International, Inc. (NYSE:SRX). ''

For further information please visit

Below is from the old spitzer2006 website of Eliot Spitzer,New York Attorney General,perhaps removed for its contoversial theme and implications for and to New York's corrupt Wall Street activities :

Mantas Inc.:Is CIA on Wall Street better than the mafia ? < Back to Discussion

Subject Author

Post 1
Mantas Inc.:Is CIA on Wall Street better than the mafia ?

This is a follow up to my previous spitzer2006 discussion,'CIA Tenet, J.D. Davidson connected Bonner meet in New Orleans conference 2004',
to be found in disussions list here.More on Mantis Inc.xan also be found on discussion 'SS funds in manipulated markets:

I don't think so.With the mafia there is always hope government will act to clean up,with the CIA on Wall Street there is more chance government will act to cover up.And, do cheap stock touts get promoted to the level of 'credibliity' of our CIA when they join
forces with them or does the CIA get brought down to the cheap level of petty penny stock touts by their association ?

I believe also what I'm posting below re Mantas relevant to this topic.Note that Mantas Inc. is conveniently located in the Beltway and has employees from ex FBI and other 'intelligence' agencies,I believe, and I have no doubt they could be
EASILY influenced by the clout of the CIA or FBI TO COVER UP PUMP AND DUMP OPS AND
CONSEQUENT MONEY LAUNDERING,if they were assured it was for(ha)'national security' and they would be protected.But where does that leave defrauded investors ? I'm sure it's great for CIA

I still can't figure why the truth about Endovasc is held from me when it is obvious James Dale Davidson touted the stock in November 2002 and the Schwab 'select clients' account filled in May 2002 with
'up to 30 million shares' was certainly NOT for a long term 'investment', these 'select clients' didn't even pay anything for their shares,while I bought mine retail from Chuck The Schmuck,Schwab !!!

Now from logical deduction I know that account was dumped on and around November 2002 as Davidson touted and lied through his Agora's 'Vantage Point'.I asked Schwab AND Mantas kindly check for
unusual activity in that Schwab 'select clients' account around that time just in case there might be a 'glich' in Mantas Inc.'s software that may have failed to turn this up.But of course there was no 'glitch',if as the article below claims,that Mantas was able to note even an individual's $5,000 a month deposit into her acount as

No,Mantas and Schwab colluded in a cover up of a 'select clients' pump and dump and consequent money laundering of the illegal proceeds,offshore,no doubt.Why ? Because they,unlike me who bought
retail from Chuck The Schmuck Schwab, were 'select clients' after all.

Tony Ryals

05/12/2005 at
5:16:08 PM

Post 2
Does Mantas Inc.need to be investigated ?

Cleaning up after terror funds
By Jeremy Scott-Joynt
BBC News Online business reporter

This is the second piece in a series of four investigative reports into global efforts to choke off the flow of money to terror groups. Simon Moss has to be careful about what he says.

For one thing, the client list at the software company he runs is expanding rapidly, and not all the big-hitter financial institutions he deals with are ready to go public about the relationship just yet.

But as we sit in Mantas's office in leafy Fairfax, just outside Washington DC - an office which, incidentally, is being rebuilt and extended around us to cope with extra demand - it's obvious that there's another reason: that a spot of circumspection is simply the
only decent way to proceed.

" They want your Rolodex "
Former FBI man Ted Fraumann on why banks hire his ex-colleagues

Mantas's job is to write and install the complex software packages which banks and other financial institutions use to help them spot signs of money laundering or terrorist finance within their accounts.
And the boost to business came a year ago, in the wake of the outrage that hit the US on 11 September.

Catching up

It's not a matter of capitalising on tragedy. It's simply that the financial world has finally woken up to the reality of dirty money, and is desperately seeking experts to help it cope with a flood of new rules, regulations and practices.

Banks which hitherto paid little more than lip service to the need to "know your customer" - a mantra in the anti-funny money business - suddenly find they need to prove just how much they care.

Some of the pressure, at least in the US, comes from new legal obligations laid down in the the wide-ranging USA PATRIOT Act of October 2001, which set timetables for a range of financial institutions to shape up.

And so, in the rush to demonstrate their keenness to comply, it makes sense to drop a bundle of dollars on software from Mantas or its UK-based competitor SearchSpace - between them the 800-pound gorillas
of the business.

Mr Moss won't put numbers on the increase in business since 9/11, but new clients include huge banking conglomerates like Citigroup.

Thanks to USA PATRIOT it's not just banks who need the help. Online broker Charles Schwab is also on the list of those who have recently jumped aboard.

Long haul

Unsurprisingly, Simon Moss is at pains to stress the business benefits beyond complying with the law.

The software, he says, gets a business more in touch with its clients, more aware of their needs - as well as snooping on their potential for illicit dealings.

But he cautions that simply buying in expertise is no magic bullet.

It can take months or even years to see the true benefits, to train the software - which scans every single transaction a bank makes, and - using thousands of "rules" - looks for patterns, unusual links between names and accounts, and behaviour which diverges from past experience.

"We're in the slightly dubious business of managing expectations," he says.

"We're a linchpin component (in an overall strategy) but we're no panacea."

Seek and ye shall find

Then again, managing expectations is pretty much all that many organisations are after.

As well as Mantas, there are an army of companies offering rapid searches of databases both public and private, to reassure an institution that its customers are indeed who they say they are.

Regulatory Data Corp founders

Goldman Sachs
American Express
Bank of America
Bank of New York
Bear Stearns
Credit Suisse First Boston
JPMorgan Chase
Deutsche Bank
GE Capital
Lehman Brothers
Merrill Lynch
Morgan Stanley
New York City Investment Fund
Prudential Financial
Wells Fargo

This is not a cheap business, of course. An annual spend of more than $1m is the norm, according to Ted Fraumann, a 27-year veteran of the FBI and now a partner at New York-based Business Integrity
International, a firm involved in business intelligence,
investigations and security matters.

That cost is one reason why a group of 15 international banks, including such luminaries as Goldman Sachs and UBS Warburg, have set
up their own company to perform the searches for them.

Regulatory Data Corp, as it is called, has former FBI and CIA directors on its board, and is intended to turn the cost of "knowing your customer" into an opportunity to sell on the service elsewhere.

The real benefit of these services, though, is that they allow the institutions to assure themselves that they're in compliance with the strict rules and timetable the USA Patriot Act laid down.

"It's a huge industry," Mr Fraumann says. "But we question whether it's enough."

In other words, he fears that the complacency which predominated before 11 September has now turned to a "check-box" approach.

Out one door, in the other

Ex-agents like himself - not to mention ex-spies and ex-customs officers, to name only a few - have been snapped up at an ever-increasing rate to serve as Chief Security Officers.

The title is not a new one, and has traditionally gone to the boardmember responsible for background checks on sensitive staff, securing computer and phone networks, and keeping an eye on financial

Now, though, it means that an institution can tell the government they have a person in place to watch over their compliance with the new rules - a key requirement of USA Patriot.

And a CSO sufficiently senior in his - and it usually is a "his" - old job will bring added benefits.

"They want your Rolodex," says Mr Fraumann.

But not for your underworld contacts, your line into the terrorists' organisations, but for your ability to get a heads-up from ex-colleagues about upcoming issues.

And that allows the institutions to make sure they don't have to go any farther, spend any more money, than they need to.

After all, it took years for anyone to take money laundering seriously.

It may well take years more for the new emphasis on terrorism to become part of the furniture too.

Tony Ryals

05/12/2005 at
5:18:33 PM

Post 3
Mantas Inc.preys on the bad guys ? Then why do
PROFESSIONAL PENNY STOCK TOUTERS OF AGORA INC.,as has been pointed out by me on spitzer2006 board discussion,'CIA Tenet,J.D.Davidson connected Bonner meet at New Orleans conference'? Who can tell me why
Mantas did not halt the Schwab-LOM manipulation and pump and dump discovered by the SEC and reported in 'The Royal Gazette' of Burmuda?
How can Mantas'software detect a few thousand dollars added in a private savers account but miss major pump dump ?An explanation please ?

With passage of the 2001 PATRIOT Act, banks and brokerages are under pressure to file suspicious-activity reports with the government or face stiff fines. One report predicts that brokerage firms alone will spend nearly $700 million through 2005 to comply with the law. Many of them will turn to a trusted technology provider for help in preventing money laundering.

The bad guys know how to cheat prosecution by laundering their ill-gotten gains.

Sometimes they do it simply, washing their illicit cash through a bank by using straightforward,
uncomplicated methods. Other times they put together complex schemes, with trails that twist and bend and are far more difficult to detect.

Either way, with the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act, in October 2001, banks and other lending institutions, as well as Wall Street brokerage firms, are charged with helping to make sure the bad guys don't get away with it. These institutions are required to file
suspicious-activity reports with the government.

If they don't, it's going to cost them. A bank or brokerage firm that's not in compliance with the Act can be fined upwards of $1 million.

But what activity is suspicious, and how do you detect it?

One way to determine who's not playing by the rules is to use behavior detection technology developed by Mantas, a Fairfax, Virginia, firm whose technology is built on more than 15 years of advances in data mining and knowledge discovery.

The Mantas Behavior Detection Platform operates on an enterprise-wide basis, allowing clients to monitor and analyze all transactions and
records within a firm, isolate potentially questionable events and entities, and zero in on suspicious behavior. Mantas' history in developing and deploying software for the global financial services industry has demonstrated the effectiveness, reliability, and
scalability of its software platform. In fact, for just one client, Mantas analyzes more than $13 billion worth of transactions and records, or 100 billion fields of data, on any given day.

Absent comprehensive, efficient technology such as Mantas' Behavior Detection Platform, complex money laundering and other fraudulent schemes can go undetected for an extended period of time--or forever.

And that's not good, because the PATRIOT Act makes institutions liable for allowing such activity to go undetected. Already, a handful of institutions around the world have been fined millions of dollars for failing to comply with anti-money-laundering (AML) regulations. Even more significant is the damage such a finding--or even the allegation of failure to comply--can do to the reputation of
a financial services institution.

Wall Street Takes Notice

Wall Street is certainly taking the situation seriously. In a recently released report, Robert Iati, research director at the technology research firm TowerGroup, says brokerages will spend nearly $700 million through 2005 to comply with the PATRIOT Act.

"The PATRIOT Act seems to be the fire drill of the day," says Iati.
"If you speak to anybody who works in compliance, you'll find out that compliance is typically somewhat of an afterthought. When a brokerage firm starts building a technology budget, compliance tends to be done with as little effort as possible, because it doesn't provide any institutional advantage. They just want to get it done.
Then it is usually treated as a fire drill whensomething such as the PATRIOT Act is passed."

In the past, says Iati, brokerages might have taken a wait-and-see approach, but 9/11 and other world events have spurred them to take action now to build "robust systems."

About 40 percent of what they spend on that task will go to AML software such as Mantas' Behavior Detection Platform. The remaining 60 percent will go to systems integration to make sure AML applications run smoothly and to new infrastructure. The Sun platform has been deployed globally and enterprise-wide across lines of business and has proven its capability and effectiveness over the years.

Among Mantas customers that rely on Sun
infrastructure to meet their critical compliance needs are several of the largest and best-known global financial services firms. Mantas and Sun are working together to help clients including four of the largest U.S. brokerage firms, two of the largest investment banks, and one of the largest and best-known global financial institutions.

Although Mantas software can run on a variety of platforms, Jeff Jones, head of marketing and business development for the company, says Sun is a preferred vendor for many Mantas clients.

"Sun is a dominant provider in the financial services area," Jones says. "When we show our customers that we run on Sun, they know
they'll be working with a company that has the technological experience to run mission-critical systems. When you combine the capabilities of our software and its own proven scalability with the
reliability and scalability of the Sun platform, we have a terrific platform package to offer our customers."

Mantas CEO Simon Moss says Sun supports Mantas in its efforts to offer its customers peace of mind. "Our software is designed to help firms implement a best-practices approach to detecting money laundering, fraud, and other components of operational risk," Moss explains. "Clearly, we need a top-notch, reliable hardware partner to ensure that our clients can trust this system. Sun meets that need, and we're very pleased to have this strong partnership."

Transactions in Context

The chief challenge in behavior detection is the sheer volume of what must be scrutinized by the technology. In this day and age, suspicious behavior almost always comprises many events and entities, such as many transactions spread over many accounts.

Any single transaction in isolation may look completely normal. Only when that transaction is observed within the context of other transactions does it appear suspicious. For example, a trade by itself looks normal, but in the context of other trades, it becomes apparent that it is part of a market manipulation scheme. A bank account by itself looks normal, but in the context of other accounts,
it becomes apparent that it is part of a money laundering effort.

Not surprisingly, most banks and brokerages are more than a little reluctant to discuss the specific traps they are setting for crooks. One money laundering reporting officer at a major banking institution does say, however, that using Mantas software has already paid dividends. So to speak.

"Until we installed Mantas, we were unable to see transaction linkages between groups of accounts," the reporting officer says.
"The other day, in fact, we uncovered an unlikely group of businesses that had some unconventional transaction activity. Further investigation caused us to file a suspicious-activity report."

Of course, it's not always bad guys that the detection software catches. Sometimes it uncovers good guys who need a little help.

"One of our long-term customers had been depositing $1,000 a month into her account," says the vice president for retail brokerage at a major brokerage firm. "In October she began depositing $5,000 a month into the same account. With the aid of Mantas, we discovered this and directed a financial advisor to talk with her. We learned that she recently had been promoted and needed investment advice."

Tony Ryals

05/12/2005 at
5:36:20 PM

Post 4
'mantas inc.,sra,cia,safeguard scientifics'

The following terms 'mantas inc. sra cia safeguard scientifics'are all highlighted in google cache to article below.Mantas Inc. apparently is itself a penny stock or part of one,Safeguard Scientifics,spun off from SRA. And based upon a previous story I already posted claiming Mantas Inc. was able to detect as little as
$5,000 deposited in an acount as an unusual transaction,how could Mantas claim ignorance of say millions of dollars in manipulated penny stocks in the Schwab-LOM account,for instance ? Or were they
the source of the SEC's discovery as reported by David Marchant ? This has not been made clear.

And further in my case how did Mantas Inc. fail to detect or prevent millions of dollars I would presume in the pump and dump orchestrated by Agora's 'Vantage Point' by James Dale Davidson in late 2002 ? Did Mantas Inc. cover up for Schwab and Endovasc's 'select clients'(LOM?) And how did they miss LOM dumping all those Genemax shares around the same time if they were dumped through Schwab's LOM account ? And it must be remembered that Agora has indeed touted for the CIA !!!!


'Coincidentally',it appears from a Google search of, 'safeguard scientifics agora',that Safeguard Scientifics,once touted to about $100 per share and now worth about a buck per share,was promoted by Bonner and James Dale Davidson's many Agora related cyberfraud and mail fraud promotional tentacles - the same ones who more recently promoted the the CIA's Ionatron Inc..

War Dividends
Institutional Investor
Americas and International Editions 06/24/02
Marianne SullivanThe mobilization against terrorism has revived technology investments
and added new financialwrinkles to the old military-industrial complex. Soon after the September 11 attacks, Oracle Corp. founder and chief executive Lawrence Ellisonmade an offer he thought the U.S.
government couldn't refuse. Ellison said he would provide his company's database software, for free , as the basis for a national identification system. He arguedthat only a gigantic, real-time database, consolidating the many incompatible government
agencysystems and perhaps accompanied by high-tech citizen ID cards, could plug the security holesthat the terrorist infiltration so fatally exposed. Washington never gave Ellison a formal response, federal procurement procedures work in farmore mysterious ways. Nor were Ellison's motives entirely altruistic. Free software aside, a security system on that scale would require massive expenditures on project management,customization, maintenance and upgrades. Oracle and its many technology and consultingpartners would certainly have gotten a piece of that pie. But Ellison is not alone in thinking that the global response to terrorism could give his company,and indeed the whole information technology sector, a much-needed lift. This
different kind ofwar, entailing both a military buildup and private sector responses, like the financial industry'sactions to combat money laundering, will require billions in new expenditures, many of
them forinformation technology. Input, a market research and consulting firm based in Chantilly, Virginia,expects federal IT spending to climb by 11 percent annually, from $37.1 billion in the current fiscal year to $63.3 billion in fiscal 2007. According to
Needham, Massachusetts, based research company TowerGroup, U.S. commercial banks will double their spending on compliance with money-laundering rules this year, to $60 million, and will spend 15 percent more in 2003.Securities firms and other nonbank financial institutions are expected to spend $60 million this year. The government spending alone could jolt some tech companies out of the
depression they havesuffered since the Internet bubble burst in early 2000. "Thanks to the federal mandates, we havemilestone events, dates
certain and huge amounts of money coming in," sums up Jack Radzikowski, director of emerging markets for Identix, a Los Gatos, California,based supplier offingerprint verification systems. In a previous job, as head of financial systems at the White House Office of Management and Budget, Radzikowski advocated cutting-edge identification
Page 2
and payment technologies within the government and for consumer disbursements such aswelfare and Social Security. Now he wants to help Identix capitalize on the new security demandsof airports,
military installations and various industries. (The company's share price recentlytopped $8, more than double its September low.) A pair of laws, enacted within two months of the attacks on New York and
Washington, is largely responsible for Radzikowski's confidence. The USA Patriot Act calls for stepped-up money-laundering and financial policing as well as more stringent regulations on the trucking
ofhazardous materials. The Aviation and Transportation Security Act has, among other things,placed the federal government in charge of
airport security. In May President George Bush signedanother bill with big technology implications, the Enhanced Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act. It is hard to pin down how much tech investment
these laws will spawn. Various agencies willhave to draw up specifications for the programs, then put them out for bid.But Radzikowski's notion of "huge amounts of money" is probably not exaggerated. The White House Office of Homeland Security alone has a
$38 billion budget,and the newly created Transportation Security Administration,on top of an initial $2.4 billion, may get as much as
$8 billion more for this year and next. Additional billions will be tacked on for the departments of Defense and Justice, andmuch of the money earmarked for antiterrorism and immigration control will go toward technology.Small figures add up: The trucking, air and maritime transportation and border-crossing provisions in the recent flurry of legislation could require tens of millions of identification cards.If, as expected, these are smart cards with computer chips, they will cost a minimum of $2 to $3each to produce and issue, a likely boon to companies like Fremont, California,based ActivCard and France's Gemplus, which have been struggling to develop
a mass chip-card market in theU.S. Introduce smart cards and infrastructure investment is sure to and other strategic locations will require machines to read the cards. And companies like Identix that offer fingerprinting, eyescanning and other forms of biometric security are lining up to provide the higher levels ofidentification and authentication that airports will need to keep track of employees and on-site vendors. Meanwhile, the Patriot Act has financial
institutions scrambling to keep up with new rules forverifying customer identities and bringing suspicious transactions to the attention of lawenforcement authorities. Companies like HNC Software, Mantas and Searchspace, which havedeveloped sophisticated pattern recognition technologies that pinpoint a few questionable transactions hidden among millions of legitimate ones, could reap a bonanza. "We have four to five times more demand for our product than we did
pre-9/11," says James Hayden, head of product management at Fairfax, Virginia, based Mantas, which has recently sold its anti-money-laundering technology to Citigroup and Charles Schwab Corp. Mantas, which has roots in both the finance and the defense markets, is among the new breed of weapons suppliers in the war on terrorism.

Tony Ryals

05/13/2005 at
1:46:08 PM

Post 5
More Yahoo Censorship:

This will not be found on Schwab(sch)message board as it is a message non grata. Schwab and its supposed 'anti-money' laundering contractor,Mantas Inc.prefer to rob you blind in dark alleys of the internet
and with yahoo and ragingbull cooperation they do. Ragingbull is not even crawled by any search engines.Why ?

Both allow internet fraud sites for penny stocks and 'anti-naked short selling' sites that are really tout sites for penny stock scams that mask their floats so money can be stolen from naive investors and proceeds laundered to benfit criminals,often using fraudulent claim of 'naked shorting' that Mantas Inc. could stop and prosecute if they themselves were not aiding money laundering fraud using dumped shares to do it.

I post the deleted Yahoo post below to this spitzer2006 site for the record.The post number 68458 on Yahoo Schwab(sch) message board does
not exist on that thread.Why does Yahoo aid stock fraud and censor criticism or exposure of it ? I'm not paranoid but does CIA wish to censor this topic as well ?

I welcome anyone interested in internet free speech or cyberfraud to take the URL of this discussion on spitzer2006 and try to post it on Yahoo message boards themselves.Very educational.

This link stayed a couple of days on Yahoo Safeguard(sfe)message board but has now been removed and can't be reposted.Same is true of SRA(srx)Yahoo message board and NFI where O'Brien or dirtdirtydeeds' or James Dale Davidson fraudulent tout group operates.

His Agora,touted for CIA penny stocks,coincidentally .

Schwab:Mantas Inc.:Is CIA on Wall
by: biodog0 05/14/05 01:31 pm
Msg: 68458 of 68458

Mantas Inc.:Is CIA on Wall Street better than mafia ? cId=253

Tony Ryals

05/14/2005 at
11:03:13 AM

Post 7 is another Agora,James Dale Davidsonscam penny stock tout site that promoted the New Orleans 'investment conference' of 2002 as well as touted the CIA's Ionatron pump and dump scam.James Ulysses Blanchard now deceased is given credit as founder of this New Orleans investment conference and is known to have funded rebel terrorists in Africa and was a co-investor with
James Dale Davidson of 'naanss' fraud and Agora cyfraud and mail fraud penny stock tout ops and probably responsible for fraudulent $100,000 plus anonymous letter to Bush with's Patrick Byrne in Wash.Post warning of danger of 'naked shorting' to SS funds invested in markets on February 8.

Since a minor litigation brought by SEC Davidson has maintained a lower profile and Bill Bonner now claims to be founder of Agora in Davidson's stead.

First link directs to New Zealand website circa 1995 and scrolling about 1/5 down will begin Davidson, Lord Ress-Mogg,James Blanchard discussion re their purchase of Wharekauhau Lodge about that time.

This re New Orleans 'investment conference 2004 :

I always encourage you to poke around through our Investment U Archives... It's a good way to see how trends have progressed through the months, and to give yourself some background for understanding
where we are now... To jump to the archives, visit

If you want a complete immersion in the art of smart investing (along with a great networking opportunity), I encourage you to check out the New Orleans Investment Conference 2004,

scheduled for Nov. 10-14, 2004 at the Sheraton Hotel in beautiful downtown New Orleans... only blocks from the French Quarter. The event's going to feature an entire day of Oxford Club, Pirate Investor, Sovereign
Society and Daily Reckoning speakers... including top speakers like Alexander Green, Porter Stansberry, Eric Roseman, Karim Rahemtulla, Eric Fry, yours truly and Agora President and Founder Bill Bonner, as
well as many, many others. Fantastic headliners will also be on hand such as Jim Rogers, Dick Armey and James Dines.

For information, contact Event Manager Steven King at 410.223.2633, or 800.992.0205 (e-mail: sking (at) Hope to see you there.
Good investing,


Tony Ryals

05/15/2005 at
4:22:09 PM

Post 8
Below is a philosphical and ethical discourse re Mantas Inc.and its 'anti-money-laundering' and 'anti-pump and dump' software from Yahoo SRX or SRA International,Inc. message board.

And what,you may ask,does this have to do with the subject of 'naked shorting' ? Plenty.

You see had Mantas Inc.and Charles Schwab caught the extreme signs of 'pump and dump' and penny stock manipulation from LOM's Schwab account, the 'naked short claim' of James Dale Davidson and Genemax and the naked short claim of James Dale Davidson and Endovasc would have been nipped in the bud and with it,probably, the other 100 + copycat claims made by other fraudulent penny stock management that also wished to hide their pump and dump activities under the mask of a fraudulent claim of being 'naked shorted' !!!!

For my part,I resent that Schwab's and Mantas Inc.s,either incompetence on a grand scale or cover up to protect what Schwab itself calls 'select clients'not only defrauded me and my shareholder
value in terms of Endovasc shares I held and that was 'reverse split' under false claims of the company but the ease with which they were able to pull off a pump and dump scam from a Schwab account.

This further emboldened them to go on to work with a boiler room op in Kuala Lumpur that may easily have benefitted terrorist tansactions besides defrauding me even further !!!!

And of even greater importance is that the Charles Schwab and Mantas Inc. cover up and protection of that 'select clients' account encouraged the 'naked short fraud' to grow !!
And so in many ways Scwhab and Mantas have the reponsibility for the massive scam,to mask money through laundered penny stock pump and dumps, that we see even today when they could have nipped it in the bud and reported to the SEC in 2002 !!! Why ?,is my question.Why did they help hide it ??!!

Re: I love this company
by: ellensbookstore 05/06/05 12:56 pm
Msg: 227 of 236

It is a wonderful company. I've worked there almost 20 years, and we've always grown...every year for our whole history.

For so many years we were privately's still funny to me when I hear a reference us on the radio or see posts like those here. Are the people here daytraders? I don't mean that in a rude way if it can
be construed's just that I don't
understand most of the posts so it's clear to me you guys know a lot more about the stock market than I do.

Posted as a reply to: Msg 224 by nicecast1

Subj: then you love fraud money laundering
By: biodog0
Date: 05/14/05 02:21 pm

and perversion of justice.

Subj: test
By: biodog0
Date: 05/14/05 02:25 pm

Subj: or perhaps srx is no longer connected
By: biodog0
Date: 05/14/05 03:35 pm

with mantas inc.but if it is it had better check out whose side it's on that of defrauded investors in pennystock scams that had their money stolen and laundered as mantas inc. looked the other way or those who were defrauded.

Subj: biodog0
By: bsmittytx
Date: 05/15/05 01:12 pm

Biodog0, you're going to get hurt shorting this stock. You should probably look elsewhere.

Personally, I have no problem with short interest in this stock (especially around earnings announcements). It will act as rocket fuel as this company wins contract after contract and grows to be the largest, best of breed, IT government contractor.

Subj: i'm not shorting the stock i'm
By: biodog0
Date: 05/15/05 01:27 pm

exposing the corruption of its supposed anti-money
laundering,anti-pump and dump spin off mantas inc. has aided and abetted both for schwab 'select clients'.

Subj: Biodog's Concerns re: Mantas
By: ellensbookstore
Date: 05/18/05 05:13 pm

Mantas was a commercial spinoff that applied SRA's data mining and pattern discovery technology to analyzing large volumes of stock transactions for transaction patterns that could indicate fraud,
money laundering, and/or other illegal activities.

Per SRA's 2004 annual report, SRA had a 15% non-controlling interest in Mantis as of 9/03. I don't know whether SRA still owns any share of that company at this point.

I've never heard of any issues such as those alluded to by Biodog. I can only imagine that the software flagged some of his transactions for closer scrutiny and he felt unfairly singled out.


Subj: ellensbook,a la contraria,Mantas Inc.
By: biodog0
Date: 05/18/05 08:44 pm

covered up a Schwab-LOM(Lines Overseas Management)of Bermuda pump and
dump account that could have saved my asetts had I known, as Schwab and Mantas Inc. must have,that an illegal pump and dump,or one might say MANY ILLEGAL PUMPS AND DUMPS,were going down through LOM's Schwab account or accounts.I have written to Jack Ruby of Mantas Inc. directly for an explanation and he and Mantas Inc. has been less than forthcoming.

Here you go,this is the link to the 'The Royal Gazette'article that has been disappeared from its Google cache twice if not 3 times !!! I'll accept coincidence but..You can do a Google search 'schwab lom' and read a letter to titled,'Where do Google Caches Go When They Die ?' to read about
that.Since it appeared the 'The Royal Gazette' article reappeared as well,but has again disappeared from a Google search.Check it out.

OK Mantas brags about detecting $5,000 dollars entered into an account by a broker who got a raise - yet the LOM Schwab acciount accounts for MILLIONS OF DOLLARS THAT YOUR SOFTWARE SOMEHOW
OVERLOOKED !!!! How can you explain that phenomenon ?

Clients stood to benefit from suspect stock sales – claim

"The volume of LOM's US trading, whether on behalf of its customers or its own accounts, is staggering," stated Mr. Ungar. "For example, in LOM's account at Schwab, during a two-week period in 2003 – the
same year in which the SHEP and Sedona transactions in question occurred – LOM bought or sold, on over 4,000 different occasions, a total of 151 million shares of US securities traded over various US securities markets."
The trader at Florida-based vFinance who was in charge of LOM's account testified that "LOM's trading over the US markets was more than the trading of most US regional banks" and that he "either
accumulated or liquidated millions of shares a day for them", stated Mr. Ungar.

Tony Ryals

05/18/2005 at
7:11:58 PM

Post 9
Mantas and i-flex solutions partner to offer Anti-Money

Laundering solutions globally

New York, April 1, 2004 - Mantas Inc. and i-flex solutions have signed an agreement to jointly offer Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solutions to financial institutions worldwide.

"When choosing a compliance solution, particularly AML, financial institutions need assurance that implementation and integration services are as sophisticated as the technology itself," said Simon
Moss, CEO, Mantas. "i-flex has an established global presence and expertise in the financial services industry and we look forward to helping financial institutions fight financial crime together."

Under the terms of the agreement, i-flex and Mantas will jointly market AML as well as fraud detection, trading compliance and broker surveillance solutions to banks and other financial institutions globally. This partnership provides financial institutions a compelling total cost of ownership value-proposition, which combines 'behavior detection' technology from Mantas with consulting and implementation services from i-flex.

"AML initiatives rank high on our clients' priorities and Mantas is undoubtedly an AML market leader" said R. Ravisankar, CEO International Operations and Technology, i-flex solutions. "This alliance is part of i-flex' strategy to partner with best-of-breed
solutions to provide a comprehensive offering that addresses the key priorities of financial institutions around the world".

i-flex is recognized for its financial services expertise in consulting and system integration, while Mantas is recognized as a leading provider of AML solutions with a sophisticated portfolio of fraud detection, broker surveillance and trading compliance offerings
for financial institutions, all running on the Mantas Behavior Detection Platform. Waters Magazine has named Mantas and its Behavior Detection Platform as Best Compliance Solution in the 2003 Waters
Editorial Awards.

With the utilization of i-flex's flagship product suite, FLEXCUBE, the partnership will provide an end-to-end solution comprising core banking, compliance monitoring and implementation services.
International Banking Systems (IBS-UK) has ranked FLEXCUBE the world's number one selling banking solution for 2003, in its annual sales league table for the second consecutive year.

About i-flex solutions

i-flex solutions (Reuters: IFLX.BO & IFLX.NS) is a world leader in providing IT solutions to the financial services industry. i-flex has serviced 450 customers in more than 100 countries. i-flex offers a
comprehensive range of products and customized services that enable financial institutions to cut costs, respond rapidly to market needs, enhance customer service levels, and mitigate risk.

i-flex's premier offering is FLEXCUBE, an end-to-end product suite for consumer, corporate, investment and internet banking, asset management, and investor servicing. International Banking Systems (IBS-UK) has ranked FLEXCUBE the No. 1 selling Universal Banking Solution in the world for 2003 for the second consecutive year. Since its launch in 1997, more than 170 financial institutions across over 75 countries have preferred FLEXCUBE.

i-flex has over 2,700 employees, with 11 development Centers in India, Singapore, Minneapolis and New York. The company provides sales, marketing and support in 19 overseas locations and it has 4
subsidiaries (US, Netherlands, and Singapore). In addition, i-flex is represented in over 55 countries through more than 26 corporate business partners. i-flex also has strong alliance and implementation
relationships with industry leaders Hewlett Packard, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, and Sun Microsystems.

PrimeSourcing™ offers customized application development, reengineering and maintenance; testing and production support and system integration services through various onsite/off-shore delivery
models. i-flex consulting, offers an end-to-end consulting partnership. It provides comprehensive business and technology solutions that enable financial services enterprises to create new
business models, enhance competitive advantage in the digital marketplace, and implement efficient ways to transact business. It provides business and IT strategy consulting, business and technology
consulting, and process and quality consulting.

For further information please visit:

About Mantas

Mantas provide next-generation analytic applications for the global financial services and telecommunications markets. The company's
products are used by global leaders including, Citibank, ABN Amro, Barclays Capital, Charles Schwab, Merrill Lynch, and Verizon. Headquartered in Fairfax, Va., the company also has offices in
Gaithersburg, Md., London, New York, and New Delhi. Major investors are Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (NYSE:SFE) and SRA International, Inc. (NYSE:SRX). The company can be contacted at 1-866-4-MANTAS

For further information please visit

For further information please contact:

i-flex solutions contact:
Caren Barbara
Tel: +1-212-614-4215
Freeman_miller (at)

Mantas contact:
Brian Ruby
Tel: +1-203-406-8800 extn 11
brian (at) Tony Ryals

05/21/2005 at
6:26:17 PM

Post 10
> From Yahoo's SFE or Safeguard Scientifics board where

one of the stock's investors or touters

And its clients include ABN Amro, Barclays Capital, Charles Schwab, Citibank, Merrill Lynch, and Verizon that we can only hope would want such crimes reported if they occured.

Two posts from Yahoo's NFI MESSAGE BOARD,point-counterpoint regarding any claim of 'naked short selling' or illegal shorting of SFE and Mantas Inc. that in many ways shows signs of having been an ilegal pump and dump in its own right, rising to $90 a share in its hey day and crashing to around $1 per share now :

a prime example
by: danstraitman (M/usa)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 05/26/05 12:28 pm
Msg: 42856 of 42901

As to why short selling should be banned.
It is abused and the street uses it to abuse.

The shorts argument is it is a way to punish poor management or send a message. That to me is total bullshit! If you do not like a stock then do not buy it but to allow someone to borrow stock from someone
that took the market risk with their money and use the stock to create selling pressure and drive the stock into the ground is not right.

and don't even get me started on the sham regarding naked short selling!!!

Subj: danstraitman,what 'naked short
By: biodog0
Date: 05/30/05 04:32 pm

selling'? And if it were occuring wouldn't it be Mantas Inc.'s supposed expertise and software that would catch it ? Have you heard that Mantas Inc. has uncovered a case of 'naked short selling' ? I
didn't think so.

But I know they ignored some fraudsters with an account at Charles Schwab in 2002 who were founders of 'naanss'(do google search) and
claimed 'naked shorting' to cover up their illegal pump and dump through a Schwab account and Mantas Inc.never noticed a thing. Why ?

So while the 'naanss','' and now 'ncans'frauds and websites were and are used to convince defrauded investors,(particularly in penny stocks),that they are victims of 'naked shorting', the truth is that they were,or are,victims of 'death spiral' financing and insider dumping.

You are an investor in the VERYcompany,Mantas Inc.,that should have detected the very massive fraud
you appear to claim they are a victim of,i.e.- 'naked short selling.If this were true they should have uncovered it by now.But unfortuneatly their client, Charles Schwab,has hosted pump and dump accounts I can prove and allowed others who Schwab calls 'select clients' to cover up and draw attenion from those accounts by claiming Schwab's market makers are 'naked shorting'.

Why ? Because Schwab has made money from the pump and dump accounts and because Mantas Inc. is like having a wolf guard the hen house.

Don't you believe that if Mantas Inc.'s own stock was being 'naked shorted' as you claim they could have caught it ? And if not,and illegal pumps and dumps were occuring at Schwab,couldn't they have
caught that as well ?

Either Mantas Inc.'s software doesn't work or they cover up illegal penny stock pumps and dumps and money launddering.Which one is it ?

Mantas Inc. brags about detecting an unreported $5,000 deposited in an account from a raise as an example of an 'unusual'account transaction they were able to detectyet just one penny stock pump and dump I am interested in involved MILLIONS OF DOLLARS and they missed it !!!!

How could this be and how many other millions of dollars illegal transactions could they have missed if I can,without any of their fancy software,document this undeniable millions of dollars in fraudulent penny stock pump dump and consequent money laundering
fraud ?

Tony Ryals

05/30/2005 at
1:53:28 PM

Post 11
Mantas Inc. was-is a pump and dump in its own right so how can Charles Schwab and the other banks and brokerages get away with hiring it as an anti-money laundering,anti-stock pump and dump professioal ?

more from Yahoo SFE board :

"The Great SFE"
by: ninexapple 05/24/05 06:29 am
Msg: 42826 of 42970

Holding each others hands does not alleviate the pain of bankruptcy, it only prolongs it.Let me spell it ouy for you guys AGAIN !

Google to join the S&P; 500 SFE to join the pink sheets
SFE double the share price of CMGI for the longest time.Cmgi double the SFE share price.
Markets up BIG in the last week Sfe 2 cents off its 52 week low. (that will change today)All the data, and statistics, all the analizing, and theories do not
work with a POS company that is run by Crooks! Crooks are dishonest people who steal your money!
You got it? All the tools you guys have to evaluate an equity DO NOT WORK HERE ! Got it?? OK here comes the punch line truth...
The Market Has Decided ( not me ) that this abortion is worth $1.20 today only. Tomorrow a little less. I cannot believe I am the only guy on this board who hates this stock. Face it its called DENIAL. Please stop kissing each others asses and bonding together on a journey to BK.

Subj: Re: Annual Meeting
By: mglotz2002
Date: 05/25/05 08:15 pm

Today any one go????report. mglotz

Subj: Re: Annual Meeting
By: johnkill1
Date: 05/26/05 09:52 am

Yes meeting was non event. they cann't say when SFE will make money but they are building LONG TERM SHAREHOLDER VALUE! right.

Question on why the G&A; so high as % of market Cap. Anwser good question G&A; is all fixed cost we cann't cut.

They did sell corperate aircraft so Mr craig is now paying for trips to his house in FL

before meeting I asked VP of IR (Janine Dusossoil) the following question but got no real anwsers.

Why doesn't Mr. Jack L. Messman show up on any board committees?
Please provide what he is doing for the board?

Please provide a breakdown by director name of broad and committee meeting attendance: in person, by phone, or did not attend

Total of all directors out of pocket expenses paid by SFE in 2004

Please provide the list of companies used by the compensation committee to establish the bench mark comparison for 2005 executive compensation and the name of the compensation consultant used

Subj: Re: Annual Meeting
By: sonogottzilla
Date: 05/26/05 11:46 am

decline has been steady since the convertible preferred's were issued a few years ago....your management delivered the company to the shorts

Subj: Re: Annual Meeting
By: danstraitman
Date: 05/26/05 11:58 am

yes...the street does this when a company makes that kind of decision...
All it takes is one major positive event and the lid comes off as all
those cocky shorts get reamed!

Subj: Re: Annual Meeting
By: sonogottzilla
Date: 05/26/05 01:05 pm

still shows a complete contempt for the shareholders

Subj: Mantas Inc.covered up Schwab-LOM(Lines
By: biodog0
Date: 05/26/05 08:13 pm

Mantas Inc.covered up Schwab-LOM(Lines Overseas Management)of Bermuda pumps and dumps account that could have saved my asetts had I known,
as Schwab and Mantas Inc. must have,that an illegal pump and dump,or one might say MANY ILLEGAL PUMPS AND DUMPS,were going down through
LOM's Schwab account or accounts.I have written to Jack Ruby of Mantas Inc. directly for an explanation and he and Mantas Inc. has been less than forthcoming.

Here you go,this is the link to the 'The Royal Gazette'article that has been disappeared from its Google cache twice if not 3 times !!! I'll accept coincidence but..You can do a Google search 'schwab lom' and read a letter to titledd,'Where do Google Caches Go When They Die ?' to read about
that.Since it appeared the 'The Royal Gazette' article reappeared as well,but has again disappeared from a Google search.Check it out.

OK Mantas brags about detecting $5,000 dollars entered into an account by a broker who got a raise - yet the LOM Schwab acciount accounts for MILLIONS OF DOLLARS THAT YOUR SOFTWARE SOMEHOW
OVERLOOKED !!!! How can you explain that phenomenon ?

Clients stood to benefit from suspect stock sales – claim

"The volume of LOM's US trading, whether on behalf of its customers or its own accounts, is staggering," stated Mr. Ungar. "For example, in LOM's account at Schwab, during a two-week period in 2003 – the
same year in which the SHEP and Sedona transactions in question occurred – LOM bought or sold, on over 4,000 different occasions, a total of 151 million shares of US securities traded over various US securities markets."
The trader at Florida-based vFinance who was in charge of LOM's account testified that "LOM's trading over the US markets was more than the trading of most US regional banks" and that he "either
accumulated or liquidated millions of shares a day for them", stated Mr. Ungar.

Subj: Annual Meeting
By: mglotz2002
Date: 05/31/05 08:08 pm

what was said at the annual meeting to drop the SHARE PRICE? mglotz
Tony Ryals

05/31/2005 at
7:09:07 PM

Post 12
PDF file proof of Illicit Schwab Pump and Dump Account :


The following pdf file link is to document Charles Schwab's and Mantas Inc.'s(Schwab's Beltway located anti-money laundering, anti-pump and dump 'experts',who should be dimissed from further
banking and brokerage activities in light of document below alone),proving they're either incompetent or criminally complacent in aiding and abetting of penny stock money laundering for personal gain and that of their anonymous criminal clients.

Note in letter from 2003 from Charles Schwab's Chairman's Division,Elias Torrez actually threatens me to keep quiet about the fraud Schwab aids and abetts - both illegal penny stock pump and dump
activity and consecuent money laundering of illicit profits !!!

Note also in pdf file that someone at Schwab actually wrote 'select clients' on the Endovasc 'shareholder agreement' that was used to defraud me.Charles Schwab still protects their anonymous 'select
clients' who may have used the LOM account I began this report with with.Nonetheless it is the same type of illicit pump and dump scheme.

Schwab Protects Insider Pump Dump and Cover-up. Why ?

pdf file :Schwab letter and Endovasc's 'shareholder agreement' to
deposit 'up to 30 million shares in ONE FRAUDULENT Schwab pump and
dump account ! :

Tony Ryals

Letter to Brian Ruby of Mantas Inc. from message board :

Mantas,anti-laundering, anti-pump dump arm of Charles Schwab
By Is Brian related to Jack Ruby ? (hee hee) on 4/21/2005 11:27:30 PM
E-mail: biodog0 (at)

Letter to Brian Ruby of Mantas, 'anti-money laundering and anti-pump and dump arm of Charles Schwab.Wonder if this guy is related to Jack Ruby ? (hee hee)

Dear Brian Ruby,
I noted only recently that Mantas was hired by Charles Schwab in May of 2002 for the purpose of preventing money laundering and monitoring unusual activity in or through Schwab accounts.This is indeed an important task not only to Schwab itself,but also to their clients,shareholders and account holders alike,who may even be adversely effected by such activities unbeknownst to them.

I am sending to you a shareholder agreement between Endovasc(thatSchwab Capital was a leading market maker in for several years),and an unidentified party of 'select clients' as you can see written in hand on the agreement by a Schwab employee.I,as a shareholder who bought my shares retail through Charles Schwab in 2001 was assured in writing from this penny stock biotech that I would maintain my same 'proportionate percentage ownership' after a 40 for 1 'reverse split' took place in July 2002.This would have left less than 3 million shares outstanding,because before the 'reverse split' approximately 100 million shares were in existence.

Yet I now know and as you can see from the agreement,a deal had already been made two months earlier to fill a Schwab account with up to 30 MILLION SHARES ! As you know,pump
and dump activity in any security is illegal.I lost my entiire investment and the company blamed it on Charles Schwab,Refco,and Ameritrade 'naked shorting'.I now know this was a fraudulent lie.Even a fraction of the number of shares allowed into that account and sold or dumped would have done far more damage to my investment than any 'naked shorting'by Schwab could possibly do,don't you agree ?

I also know for a fact that a Mr.James Dale Davidson touted the stock around October and
November of 2002 when volume went from near nothing to substantially over a million shares traded for perhaps a couple of weeks.The stock rose from below one dollar to over $3 and then
plunged back again to new lows it never recovered from.Endovasc and attorney John O'Quinn put out a pr claiming Schwab had 'naked shorted' me and I needed to buy a 'cert' for my remaining shares to protect myself from my own broker !!!

I wrote to Charles Schwab asking them to refute this claim by Endovasc and their attorney John O'Quinn.Schwab replied they were in litigation with Genemax another James Dale Davidson connected penny pump and dump biotech and so could not answer if they were 'naked shorting' me or not !! For this reason I took Endovasc and O'Quinn's advise and bought the 'cert' from Alexander Walker's 'NATCO',which is notorious enough that you must have heard about.Anthony Elgindy did an expose' that I only read,about Walker,Sulpco, Endovasc,etc.,too late.Only later did I find this transfer agent was an Endovasc 'insider'(which I would have thought illegal)and that he received $200,000 in freely dumpable shares probably for hiding the float and allowing unregistered shares to Belladorgroup boiler room of Kuala Lumpur !!!

I feel that if the pump and dump from a Schwab account had been stopped in late 2002 the Kuala Lumpur fraud would never have occured and am quite upset with Schwab to this day.I was investing in a Stanford patent NOT a James Dale Davidson pump dump scam disguised as 'naked shorting' !!! I have gone from a naive investor to perhaps the foremost expert on the naked short scam for masking share dumping.

Now just look at that 'shareholder agrement' I am sending as an attachment.Do you see any money mentioned or exchanged for these 'up to 30 million shares' to be deposited in a Charles Schwab account ? Was this ever brought to your attention by Charles Schwab or Schwab Capital ? How could I be suckered into buying retail,at what at the time I did consider a cheap price in my ignorance,for my percentage ownership from Schwab and these individuals in effect got all my shares deposited FOR FREE into their account for what could only have been an illegal pump and dump from a Schwab account ??!! How could I compete with 1/40 the shares I originally had and they dumping as Davidson,ubnbeknownst to me,touted though Agora, Vantage Point,etc. ? Mr.Davidson even lied about receiving shares for a patent that does not exist !!! And no these shares were not accounted for in SEC filings.

You must know that Schwab or Schwab Capital has now been named by the SEC as a dump account for Mr.Lines and LOM of Bermuda ? It can be found along with my writing on the subject by a Google search,'schwab lom'.So to sum up could you verify a major sale or dump of Endovasc shares occured from that 'select clients' account in or around November and that was what Endovasc and Davidson fraudulently claimed was a 'naked short' ?

Other than that what else would 'up to 30 million shares' be freely placed into the Schwab account for ? I can think of nothing else.Also I suspect it was the LOM account because Mr.Davidson was a substantial owner of LOM itself at one time and recommended it,without declaring his ownership,in his book,'The Soveriegn Individual'.And it is a known fact that shares of Genemax were sold-dumped from LOM as well.And the Schwab-LOM account has been the most active of all LOM's U.S.accounts.

While Schwab has a reputation to protect I do not believe it ethically should be by negatively effecting your own and so am bringing this to your attention.It would occur to me the money laundering may also fall into the definition of this transaction and in a post 9/11 world this is indeed even more depicable than before if that's possible.
Tony Ryals

Agora Inc.meets George Tenet in New Orleans,touts penny stock for CIA

Stanford University,Chris Heeschen,John Cooke, penny stock fraud money laundering

Senator Bennett :Is Patrick Byrne's NCANS a Fraud ?

James J. Angel,Georgetown University,lap dancers and cyber fraud mafia

Charles Schwab and Share-Money Laundering

NASAA: Agora Inc.& James Dale Davidson started 'anti-naked shorting' scam

To NY Post re Agora Inc., James Dale Davidson,and Rupert Murdoch

The Byrnes,John Edwards,Attorney O'Quinn,Swift Boat Vets,Money Laundering

This work is in the public domain

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