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Archbishop Fiorenza, Assassination & the Houston 911-2B by Captain May

Sergeant First Class Donald Buswell, a member of the mysterious cyber-intelligence group, Ghost Troop, recently became a worldwide figure of interest with the mainstream publication of the Army's reaction to his "911 heresey." He failed to uphold the official line of 19 Arabs with boxcutters doing the 911 attacks, and for that is now a target. There's a deeper, more sinister story of just how far the Army went to try to silence its best know dissident, and how little Catholic Church officials who knew of his predicament were willing to do to defend him.
Archbishop Fiorenza, Assassination & the Houston 911-2B
(Vital Notes for a Researching Journalist)

Foreword to a Friendly Journalist

I don't know if I noted it in our conversation yesterday about the attempted assassination of Sergeant First Class Donald Buswell, but I was put under death-threat by Ft. Stewart officials for looking into the Battle of Baghdad Cover-up on May 14, 2003. What happened to SFC Buswell is in keeping with the kind of thing they've been saying from the beginning that they were willing to do. My wife was death-threatened during the winter of 2004, as I was beginning to work to stop the 3/30/2004 attempt at a British Petroleum, Texas City 911-2B.

Incidentally, my letter to the Army Inspector General, Lieutenant General Green, has been published at Al-Jazeerah.info. As it provides most of the background on the attempt of SFC Buswell's life, I'm glad to see it in the public domain: www.aljazeerah.info/Opinion editorials/2006 Opinion Editorials/August/17 o/US Army Attempted Assassination of Ghost Troop SFC Donald Buswell By Captain Eric H. May.htm

SFC Buswell has become a widely known soldier for his heroic willingness to stand up to the 911 lies of the Bush League, and is now featured in a Lone Star Iconoclast article, published 8/21/06 as "Under Fire! U.S. Army Intelligence Analyst Targeted For Suggesting New Independent 911 Investigation" -- www.lonestaricon.com/absolutenm/anmviewer.asp?a=426&z;=54.

The Houston-Galveston Catholic Church Cover-up

The Jesuit Order performed an emergency baptism for me because they thought my assassination likely when I re-entered the infowar on 7/11/05, right after the London bombings of 7/7/05 made it clear to me that my 7/27/05 prediction of a nuke in the Houston area was on track and likely. You'll remember that BP, Texas City again blew one day after my prediction date -- the record of which is at www.cloakanddagger.de/media/Captain May/capt1.htm

Fr. James Marshall (SJ) performed the baptism in the Sagrado Corazon church of El Paso, with the permission of Fr. Raphael Garcia (SJ), his provincial. Our editor friend has the certificate of baptism -- as do many others. If you would like to make it clear that I had grave (and ecclesiastically recognized) assassination anxiety, I encourage a call to these priests -- though I think it likely they've been silenced by higher ecclesiastic authority.

Likewise, the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston can't deny my meeting with them on 4/22/06 -- two days after (unknown to me at the time), SFC Buswell nearly died from the pulmonary embolism that I believe was induced to silence him. I provided the archdiocesan legal staff with documentation of SFC Buswell's (and my) concern for an attempted Exxon-Mobil 911-2B attempt. I provided them a copy of my baptism as well, and made it clear to them that both SFC Buswell and I were in grave danger. For three months now they have ignored my repeated pleas for assistance to protect the SE Texas target zone that he and I have identified, and have been indifferent to the ongoing dangers SFC Buswell and I face in protecting the lives of others.

As I brought counsel with me to the meeting, I can provide confirmation of the description of it I've provided, even if the archdiocese tries to deny it. The most recent contacts I've made at the archdiocese are with Annette Gonzales Taylor, the Communications Director; and Eric Noriega, the editor of the Texas Catholic Herald (both in the CC's).

Knowing that officials -- church officials included -- often hide from their duty, I made sure to make all my contacts with the archdiocese matters of record. I refer you to the "Houston Terror Inquest": ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/Houston-Terror-Inquest/?yguid=167912775

I began this inquest on 5/17/06 -- three days before the attempted assassination of SFC Buswell, and five days before my meeting with the archdiocesan legal staff -- because of the information SFC Buswell had provided. The message index is open to the public, and the first messages give you a good understanding of just how perilous I thought this part of our work would be. Please view htttp://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/Houston-Terror-Inquest/message/4, in which I specifically address the likelihood of my death as a consequence of my work to protect the archdiocesan flock.

Predictions of Assassination before the Attempt of SFC Buswell

Even before SFC Buswell's near-assassination, I had initiated similar inquests after attempts to enact the 911-2B event in Texas City (1/31/06) and Chicago (5/2-4/06). Both of these were begun with a declaration that should I die in the course of the inquest, it would be assassination. I believe you will find the "Description" on the front page of each (next to my photo) to be of high interest:

Texas City Inquest: ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/Texas-City-Nuclear-Inquest/ Here's the pertinent quote:

"This command archive will contain evidence and testimony related to the matter of the Nuclear 911 and the attempt to enact it in Texas City, Texas. It is, like all of Capt. May's work, part of a mission of conscience, in keeping with the training given him in four decades of military service. The inquest -- and its pending conclusions -- are rendered as a guideline for future actions to detect and punish the high treason of the Bush Regime. In the event of Capt. May's assassination while performing his necessary mission of conscience, the parties implicated by the inquest should be reckoned as complicit in his murder, as well as the attempted mass murder of the citizens of Texas City, Texas."

Chicago 911 Inquest: groups.yahoo.com/group/Chicago911inquest/?yguid=167912775 Here's the pertinent quote:

"The goal of this inquest will be to ascertain whether high treason has been planned against the people of Chicago, Illinois and the USA in the form of a Chicago 911, and whether the May 2-4 exercises were planned to further the goal of that high treason. In the event of Capt. May's assassination in the course of his mission of conscience, it is his final request that this be taken into account by those who finally bring the Bush Administration to justice."

Condemnation of a Conspiracy

I believe these details help flesh out the picture of the non-action by the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston in a time of peril. The whole hierarchy has responded to this crisis as it reacted to the priest/pedophilia crisis: by covering up, no matter what the cost to its congregation.

I am aggrieved that things went so far without a shred of character being shown by the archdiocese. Given that Archbishop Fiorenza was the "911 Bishop" as the president of the National Council of Bishops in 2001, a cynic could take the view that the failure of his archdiocese to do anything about the "next 911" of 911-2B isn't so coincidental at all. He was born in the very Beaumont where SFC Buswell and I detected and warned his staff of an Exxon-Mobil 911-2B set up, and he presides over the Texas City and Houston Metro Areas that have repeatedly involved in the 911-2B attempts recently documented in my widely published Ghost Troop mission 911-2B history: www.lonestaricon.com/absolutenm/anmviewer.asp?a=318&z;=44

If you want to know the full extent of my attempts to get the archdiocese to protect the lives of its flock and SFC Buswell (and my own), simply google "Archbishop Fiorenza Ghost Troop Captain May." I note that his archdiocesan legal staff told me to "go for it" if I thought there was a conspiracy or a cover-up -- and the whole archdiocese has been acting as if it were engaged in a conspiracy and cover up ever since.

Best regards,

Captain Eric H. May, MI/PAO, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action

PS: Should you want to know more about me and Ghost Troop, I refer you to this week's Lone Star Iconoclast, where Ghost Troop and I are the cover story: www.lonestaricon.com/absolutenm/anmviewer.asp?a=402&z;=52

captainmay (at) prodigy.net

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