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Terrorist conspiracies could help

THE most recent revelations about conspiracies by anti-Cuban counterrevolutionary groups in the United States could help the case of the Cuban Five, according to a U.S. newspaper, the Los Angeles Times.
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The article in the important California daily notes that Gerardo Hernández, Fernando González, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino and René González were sentenced five years ago and "fought the federal charges of conspiracy to commit espionage during their 2001 trial by arguing that they were here to infiltrate radical Cuban exile groups that had devised and executed dozens of missions to topple the Communist government in Cuba..."

In an article titled "Anti-Castro Disclosures Could Help Case of ‘Cuban Five,’"

Carol J. Williams, staff writer for the state’s largest-circulation daily, writes that the revelations related to terrorists Toñin Llama, Robert Ferro and Santiago Alvarez could help lead to a new trial for the Five.

The article refers to the case of the yacht La Esperanza, seized in Puerto Rico with armaments on board as it was heading for Isla Margarita to assassinate Fidel. It also notes that recently in Miami, José Antonio Llama admitted that he "financed a 1997 mission to kill Castro for which he had already been tried and acquitted."

It also cites the case of Californian Robert Ferro, who "said in April that he collected 1,500 guns and grenades for an assault on Cuba."

The article’s author notes that the trial of Santiago Alvarez on charges of trying to organize "an attack on Castro" begins next month.

"We are following these new developments and when we feel we are closer to having the full story, we will be bringing it to the Court's attention," attorney Leonard Weinglass told the daily.

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