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My post to Lord William Rees-Mogg's Weblog re NASDAQ,London Exchange

My post to Lord Rees-Mogg's Weblog re NASDAQ,London Exchange
Tony Ryals
E-mail: endoscam (at) lycos.com

I doubt Mr. Lord William Rees-Mogg can stand much criticism and so will probably censor this.So I post it here.

Weblog - Lord Rees-Mogg - Times OnlinePreviewing your Comment.....re:
Wednesday, 22 November 2006 Ress-Mogg article,
''If the London Stock Exchange is for sale, why not the Bank of England?''


Indeed Lord William Rees-Mogg we have a problem but it is the very corruption of both systems,London and American, that allow an elite to manipulate the markets,including the CIA in the case of its In-Q-Tel pump and dump stocks.That is a very important problem, not just who owns them.And a very good reason not to allow the U.S. CIA access to 'SWIFT' of Belgium financial records.

Personally I believe you could tell us much about international penny stock fraud as your colleague and co-author from the U.S.,James Dale Davidson,is behind his share of penny stock fraud.

What do you think now of the LOM offshore of Bermuda you both promoted in your,'Sovereign Individual' in light of what David Marchant's and the theroyalgazette.com of Bermuda reported in 2004 about all those fraudulent penny stocks being dumped back on the U.S. market from there ? Ashamed to have promoted it ? The U.S. SEC appears in cover up mode as usual.
Clients stood to benefit from suspect stock sales – claim

"The volume of LOM's US trading, whether on behalf of its customers or its own accounts, is staggering," stated Mr. Ungar. "For example, in LOM's account at Schwab, during a two-week period in 2003 – the same year in which the SHEP and Sedona transactions in question occurred – LOM bought or sold, on over 4,000 different occasions, a total of 151 million shares of US securities traded over various US securities markets."
The trader at Florida-based vFinance who was in charge of LOM's account testified that "LOM's trading over the US markets was more than the trading of most US regional banks" and that he "either accumulated or liquidated millions of shares a day for them", stated Mr. Ungar.

This is what did Refco in - penny stocks being held for anonymous criminals or individuals if you will.I suspect all those Refco losses are really Refco profits if you are one of the gang of offshore-onshore criminals involved.

So why do you have James Dale Davidson as a colleague if you do not approve of penny stock fraud ? Of course the penny stocks promoted through Agora Inc. of Baltimore and the world wide internet by your scammy pal and others add up to many billions in fraud annually.The 'blue chips' have a much higher dollar value but do not attract criminals such as your Beltway pal James Dale Davidson.Why ?

Penny stocks are 'pumped' or promoted much higher in terms of percentage point gains to those insiders to this unending fraud than 'blue chips' could possibly be and then 'dumped' or sold to investors who believe James Dale Davidson's,et.al.'s lies.Your pal seems to be doing better than ever under the W Bush Regime just as he most likely did with daddy Bush during Iran-Contra.

It is both interesting and outrageous to note not only that W Bush got his first declarable wealth besides his daddy's handouts from a penny stock fraud that included supposed Middle Eastern oil rights that never materialized but helped 'pump' the worthless shares.And Securacom that guarded the WTC of New York as well as Dulles Airport and Los Alamos was nothing but a penny stock pump and dump that started at about $8 per share and were then sold or dumped to nothing as most penny stocks are at the profit of both Marvin Bush and the Kuwaiti Sabah family ! I guess penny stocks don't guard the WTC so good do they ?

I have no idea of the estimation of penny stock fraud in England nor what portion of that fraud comes from Briish penny stocks or U.S. penny stocks but on the NASDAQ related 'OTC' market I would say it is many billions of dollars.So by allowing NASDAQ to purchase the London Stock Exchange we can expect more stock fraud.

NASDAQ is the owner of the biggest penny stock fraud market in the world,so certainly your colleague James Dale Davidson of 'Clinton killed Vince Foster' fame must be quite pleased with the potential expansion of the U.S. penny stock 'industry'.And these penny stocks are being used to launder money in the Middle East and around the world as we speak.The U.S. SEC seems to like it that way as well.

Do a google search,'Bellador Group'.

Posted by: Tony Ryals at 23 Nov 2006 20:57:38

Personally with all the fraud and corruption eminating around the world from the U.S. its flag is the least of our concerns.

I only hope those defrauded by Bancafe and Refco and Bawag in Guatemala and the Beltway crooks
who have aided and abetted them are brought to justice or at least Guatemalans realise the U.S. SEC and the Refco 'IPO' they brought to market ripped them off with worthless U.S. penny stocks.

What is the amount of money put into India's penny stock frauds or Austria's for that matter ? Guatemala does not issue worthless and fraudulent penny stocks.It is Chris WMDS Cox and his corrupt SEC that does that.

Obviously the U.S. is undisputed leader in fraudulent penny stocks.If this were not so Refco and particularly Bawag would promote Austrian penny stocks,which they don't.And Bellador Group would be promoting worthless Kuala Lumpur ands Dubai penny stocks which they don't.

And the Bush and Sabah penny stock frauds would be registered in Kuwait but they don't.The Bush-Sabah Securacom penny stock scam that guarded the WTC,Dulles Airport and Los Alamos were indeed incorporated in the U.S..Even Kuwait's Sabah royalty pull their penny stock scams off with U.S. 'securities'.And most of the victims of the Bush's and Sabah's are Americans I believe.

Too bad the lieing con artist Cox was not brought to justice in California for his scams there.Then without scum like Christopher Cox at the SEC we would all be better of.

Please resign Mr.Cox,please resign John Reed Stark,et.al.and allow some idealistic university students etc. fill your worthless or even criminal positions.

Nonetheless Patrick Byrne is a hypocrite and should have to answer for the DEATH THREATS HIS FOLLOWERS HAVE LOOSED ON THE INTERNET.But being a hypocrite is one of his better traits.

You'd think the senile politicians who have backed Byrne such as Utah's Senator Bobo Bennett would even cry out about that abuse of the flag but Bob Bennett uses the U.S. flag for toilet paper himself when he aids unending fraud and corruption in its name.
Tony Ryals | 11.23.06 - 12:57 pm | #


Jerry Weller,Rios Montt,Bancafe Guatemala, Bawag Austria,Refco y 'Acciones de Centavos'


Illinois Congressman Jerry Weller,Refco and the collapse of Guatemala's Bancafe Bank


Virginia:Marvin Bush,Securacom,9/11,U.S. Senator George Allen,Bawag Austria,offshores...


U.S. Republican George Allen More Corrupt Than Utah Senators Bob Bennett,Orrin Hatch ?


Asa Hutchinson,Charlie Crist,Jeb Bush,Republican stock fraud and drug trafficking,etc....


Why did Osama bin Laden choose Jeb Bush's Huffman Aviation terrorist flight school ?


Senator Bennett :Is Patrick Byrne's NCANS a Fraud ?


Utah Gov Jon Huntsman,Senator Bennett, Hatch call Republican Senator Shelby 'a gangster'


Does NY Times censor 9/11 Venice,Florida connection ?


NY Rep.Peter King,CIA,Swift,NY Times,Republican stock fraud


NY WTC 'protected' by Kuwaiti company and Marvin Bush on 9/11


Asa Hutchinson,Richard Rainwater,George W Bush,Tom DeLay & 5.6 Ton cocaine bust in Mexico


Senator Bennett :Is Patrick Byrne's NCANS a Fraud ?


Cocaina,Ciudad Del Carmen,Campeche, Abril 10,CIA,Republicanos Y PAN


Did Israel President Moshe Katsav aid Muslim Terrorism or only fraud ?


Israel: Gal Lusky's 'IFA' Caught Up in Moshe Katsav,Mohamed Hadid, Zwebner 'UCSY' scam ?


Israeli President Moshe Katsav aids massive penny stock fraud


Did Israel President Moshe Katzav aid Muslim Terrorism or only fraud ?


SEC,Schwab,Chris Cox,Hillary Clinton & Barbara Boxer Aid CIA'S In-Q-Tel penny stock fraud


Chris Cox,SEC,Makram Majid Chams,Titan Corp,9/11,Abhu Ghraib,etc.


SEC Covers Up UAE Money Laundering with U.S. Stocks


John Reed Stark UAE,SEC,Georgetown University Stock fraud Academic fraud Cyber fraud


Does NSA Serve SRA International's 'Cookies' ?


Porter Goss: CIA Cyber and stock fraud ops damaged by leaks ?


D.C.Terrorbaggers:James Dale Davidson,Don Nickles, ex-CIA Chief Woolsey,Asa Hutchinson,Tom McMillen


Asa Hutchinson,ex Congressman Tom McMillen, Fortress America,offshore money laundering


To CIA,In-Q-Tel,Amit Yoran re SRA International, Mantas Inc stock fraud money laundering


Mantas Inc,Herndon, Va, Pro-Money Laundering Arm of International Bankers,Brokers...


CIA and Gilman Louie are less than honest


Charles Schwab and Share-Money Laundering


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