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Challenge to Investigative Journalists.

The American public needs to see a lot more actual analysis of the Iraqi Constitution that the U.S. has attempted to dictate to the Iraqi people. Why has such an analysis been hid from us? Would it expose too much of U.S. government’s real intentions? This should be the focus of Washington’s legislative debate about supporting Iraq?
A Challenge to All Investigative Journalists and Lawyers Worth Their Salt. By Tiberius Tanker

Walk the talk American news people of conscience. Your industry of media mis-communications has slumped to its nadir. And now that more Americans have begun to awaken to the cravenness of corporate controlled lies they have begun switching to alternative sources.

But here is the rub—alternative media especially, (only winners need apply), needs to focus on “the” issue that can bring the beltway and White House down. Granted there are a lot of issues and corruption but there is one that begs imminent attention.

Some of the house’s cards have fallen. Many regular folk now know that they were lied to by the Bush administration (even if mainstream media has been able to wash its hands of any dirty part they knowingly played—and it would not have been possible without their active involvement).

Americans have come half way to seeing “real” change is necessary. Lies were created and purveyed about weapons of mass destruction. (As it was not just an “excuse” that journalists did not ask the “tough” questions—rather they seemed to deliberately lead us into this war knowing it was a sham). But even Americans (granted not the brightest of nations) know now about the extensive corruption, incompetence and continual defiance toward sanity.

At this moment in respect to troop levels in Iraq the American public needs to see a hell of a lot more actual and competent analysis of the Iraqi Constitution that the U.S. has attempted to dictate to the Iraqi people. This is the rub.

If we really are involved in trying to establish a democracy in Iraq then why has there been such a dearth of information about the actual wording and meaning of the Constitutional battles that they have engaged?

Isn’t the Constitution the foundational law of the land? One would think that if Americans were really trying to help Iraqis (i.e., their welfare) that the wording of the Constitutional drafts would have been a major focus all along?

In fact one would have expected our Senators and Congress people to have memorized the semantics of these Constitutional debates (most of our elected leaders have legal backgrounds don’t they?). They should stop whining about what victory means and spell out to us exactly what their idea of democracy looks like as far as the basis of law?

One would at least expect that presidential candidates have something to say on the matter? What does Obama versus Clinton versus Biden, etc. have to teach us on these important matters? And if American constitutional lawyers do not have the wherewithal to comment on this then perhaps some of the many dissident military officers might?

And why has not mainstream corporate media not focused on this extremely important process? Why have not Constitutional lawyers around the country and at ALA been giving us a play by play take on what rights (such as a Bill of Rights) Iraqis can now legally expect to have—based on “our” provisional government’s attempt to create such an important historical document? And why have they not printed the entire script?

Or is this little matter being effectively hid from us mere citizens? Would it expose too much of our real intentions there besides the billions the military companies and private contractors are making? One would think this would be the focus of any talking points on the Ed Shultz Air America show?

It certainly would give meaning to our soldiers’ dangerous endeavors—as reason for risking their lower and middle class lives (while wealthy citizens invested in the Military Industrial Complex and energy industry are getting ever more rich, and whose college bound sons and daughters are not volunteering or sacrificing).

According to an essay written 17 months ago by Herbert Docena entitled “Iraq’s Neoliberal Constition” [at Foreign Policy In Focus (ww.fpif.org)], not only are neo-liberalist elites there to steal rights to oil revenue ownership but to allow for foreign ownership of anything of value?

What then are the real rights and resources Iraqis can expect to actually have? And what is the story on the new oil law? One would think that a close and competent reading of the Iraqi Constitution (not just how many Sunnis versus Shiites versus Kurds participate) would give a pretty clue about our real need to be in Iraq (as opposed to the rhetoric about exporting democracy and freedom)? Where are the investigative journalists when you need them—even Green Zoned stenographic imbeds ought be able to get a copy without risking their lives? (You can’t sit in a hotel bar all your working day and talk about the military’s propaganda can yah?)

It is pretty shoddy when our government has done such a damn good job of destroying our own guarantees of liberty at home; while getting a free ride by light weights analysis abroad.

Furthermore this “Decider” won neither election—he is not even a legitimate president (see FreePress.org). Why should we be thinking about impeaching someone who is not even the legitimate man to be in the White House in the first place? (See story that major media failed to pick up on back in November of 2004: “GAO Report Upholds Ohio Vote Fraud Claims”).

Nevertheless the illegitimate duo of Cheney and sidekick are ignoring any need to negotiate with the newly “elected” majority of legislators—does that surprise you?

Plus mainstream media recently has done a good job helping promote a recently stolen election in Mexico (see Kenneth Anderson’s: “What Went Wrong In Mexico? What the U.S. Media Didn’t Tell You” in The Humanist pages 14-17 Nov/Dec 2006).

So now some liberals are whimpering they are powerless to do anything. But rather they choose their attitude of powerlessness—it is a choice. And in their complacency (that is vulnerable complacency) they choose is not to take responsibility.

The fact remains we Americans have been stealing resources and exploiting people in other countries for years (via our government and corporations and outlaws). But we only start shitting and spleening about it when it is war time and some of our own have to die. Otherwise we live in our isolated Disneyland sing song in total oblivion to the rest of humanity. Then we cry about how powerless we are a relationship to the meanies in the White House.

The real meanness is our status quo of ignorance, gullibility and rationalizing. We want our well-off lifestyles. We want our cheap energy. And we do not want to hear about what corruption goes into getting it. We expect some eternal privilege of remaining ignorant and happy to worry about football and Christmas shopping.

Over the decades all the U.S. has done has changed a fanaticism about a Christian manifest destiny to a neo-liberal manifest destiny (so that rich outsiders can go the world over and extract whatever resources and potential profits at little benefit for the locals).

Wake up to the real fundamentalism—consumerism and materialism—even if ecological systems the world over go to hell. Since when is it the United States’ job to dictate the economic wisdom or de facto investment domination for the rest of the world?

Does spreading freedom mean the freedom to exploit the powerless and less wealthy? Does spreading freedom mean the subjugation of ethnocentric colonialism? What are our “freedom fighters” fighting for? Why are they killing people our government has conveniently termed “terrorists’? What is terrorism if not the threat to bomb the holy hell out of a nation in the name of religion or the pretense of reasoned out principles?

Irrespective of which nation one lives, one ought to see the truth coming—the wealthy (and more and more the corrupt) are getting more wealth and power while the poor people will be dying—it is that simple. How many politicians of America know that Adam Smith was primarily a “moral” philosopher and that his argument for free and selfish economic interest was argued to be subsumed within a “just” society. Whereas we readily “export” our style of corruption?

But we at least one should to get an education about the quality of Constitutional “rights” were selling ASAP? Or are we suppose to remain in our dream sleep. Who should be asking the hard questions—if not the tax payers and people in general? Or what criteria do you propose we inspect since the money has been stolen for Iraq’s infrastructure? And the Graib Abu disaster has been blamed on a single woman officer—Major Karpinski—who was, because she was female and despite her rank, was not allowed to move around at night when tortured happened? And that Camp Gitmo is still liberty’s death knell? How do you spell democracy? Are there any lawyers in this massive nation that could give us some insight?

Think about this—the world over hates the United States. We are 5 or 6 percentage of the world’s population and we use 25% of the world’s resources. We pollute over 20% of the world’s pollution. These two facts along make us enemies of the world. Plus our arrogant attitude is we own the world? Guess what—when this WW3 goes down—don’t expect too many other nations to really sympathize with our plight—because we are being led into a trap.

Furthermore we do not have the brain power to take on everyone—and does hysterical Israel do anything here to consider our own national interests? When we are knocked to our second knee we are dead—thanks to the pretenders of friendship—the neocon traitiors like Pearle and Abrams.

Waiting and wanting.

P.S. The truest mark of humanity is the ability to show a reasonable man’s mercy. Whereas hypocrites of high place and power prey like sharks.


Challenge to Investigative Journalists.

By Tiberius Tanker

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