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bad dope turn ac on dc tab1es 1969 hocuss pocuss looze focuss

bad dope turn ac on dc tab1es 1969 hocuss pocuss looze focuss

You know cinci around 1969 when the who gave us led boots
our Aerosmiths have gotton pretty ann sharp. Bi Bi 2112
credance ann his clear water revival well it sorta started
turning frogs into prints ses who. Then when Pink met Floyd
wow pigs where flyin over 1999. Beatle Baily even noticed
the Stones where Rocking ann Rolling my babies away. Then
i looked into the deep purple abbais and wow talk about
working organs. Every time the boys where back in town i
just had to get down to that stage. it was like you know
a who rock ann roll bar of misfits hehe. And yes we got
high my budds where the tullest and skunk was in the heir.
Click on image for a larger version

Manna those flower power daze ain't nothing like emm'
Thoses beatles made sgt pepper a happy man i tell you
i was a real daze tripped back in the old daze about
2000 years ago or so. When billy thor down chidren of
the sun uncle st nick aka santana clause liked very
many. Ted knew gently how to play that viola when
queen was in the opera house. Ann when some bobble
head came dylan well i have never been the same since.
you know them good plants made jimi turn the page
and i am a knew man i tell you. Am i trying to fix
the broken arrow handle on that damned pump some
dope broke now i got my feet stuck in the wishing
well Amenz. Dorris Daze ann Al Bore was screwin
around with that rock ann roll muzik and got zappa
to have a wake for his azz. Now the shrubs stink
and the budz are few the price of salvation being
threw the roof whats a manna to do but bless his
brotherz in the hoodz and sissies Amen Prays 1.
Butts i could talk about this all knight but it
is already half past six in the early morning and
i gotta go weep the streets before the good folks
at looney tunez come outside their doors to play
hide ann seek in the daze. But i be pttin my hands
on you soon i get you up hear on this here upstage
its a hot little spot with know acdc but hey its
not like hotter then hell or knowthing. Su i wonna
ya A11 to take notice the door is A11ways Open and
zozo still plays on tvc1V Amen Brotherz & Sisturns.
Oh ann Hocus Pocuss don't looze butt focuss Amen:)
Debi Ann cook u some alpha bet the soup when u come
too! Now i go follow knew world order hokeypokey


tell door hurry open raider win election he bee too hehe Palz Amen

ucn dummie know su with needle eyes see nice legs Amen oil oil

genie getting wavez peoples knewz channels imc Amen

i so ornry play with myself few daze ho ho Amen hehehe

we know report the knews we make the knews know Aman Amen hehe

Air heads know way to protect my childrenz freedom good for yourz?

cbn no genie eitherz robot son will fall well shuler frankly grams

Arabs no lie ann cheat us nice to kiddies hollow ween pepe

dylan has hims rocket fuel moon us hehe robert plant good seet



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