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A Call For A Nationwide General Strike!

Shut It All down!
A Call For A Nationwide General Strike.
Call For A General Strike !
Shut It Down.

I can't believe I'm still protesting this crap.
(Better to die as a free man, than to live as a slave.)

Lately, every month is the deadliest month in Iraq.
There's a surge alright.
In American Military, and Iraqi Civilian Deaths.

For a U.S. Embassy In Iraq?
(One dead American is one too many. Byte Me.)

Set to open in September.
Projected to cost $592 million.
(That's fuzzy math. It's thousand upon thousands dead, Billions and Billions of dollars. Torture, etc.)
The embassy will have a staff of 1,000 people and operating costs will total $1.2 billion a year.
The complex will be 104 acres, approximately 80 football fields.

Afghanistan violence is growing, and now they produce 90% of the world's opium.
U.S. War ships play war games near Iran.
Israel is supported in the slaughter of Lebanese and Palestinians.

How Are Things Here At Home ?

Bush keeps dragging out this tired old dead Osama boogeyman.
9/11! Terrorists!

No Child Left Behind ?
-Yep. They're targeting'em all for workers or molestation.

Bill Of Rights ?
-Bill of Whatsits ?

Gonzales' War On Child Pornography ?
-No child's behind left behind.

I Think You Get The Idea.


Enough !

Everyone !

Take a week off work.
At the same time.
Independence day, (4th of July), falls on a Wednesday -- Take the week.
September would be fine. Labor Day Week - "alleged" benchmark assessment for Iraq.
(If not then, figure out a date. Just so long as everyone does it at the same time.)
Get everything you need for the week beforehand.
Because you won't be buying anything that week.
That's the point.
To send a financial tremor through the system.
(Money speaks louder than votes.)

Then --
Sue every republican in your neighborhood in small claims court.
For anything.
Doesn't matter.
It's cheap.
And it's fun.
Get your name and picture in the paper !
(Buy extra copies)

Sue any republican.
All the time.
For anything and everything.
Keep all of those Bush loyalists busy.
That's where they live.
Keep 'em busy.
Just tie 'em all up.
Because they're all just Bushie Dipshit appointees.
(If they're not, let them prove it. In court.)

Heck, they're not that smart.
(Just look at 'I crossed the line but didn't mean it' Barbie Monica Goodling.)

The latest betrayal by the DemReplicans ?
Those DemReplicans are like vampire familiar wanna-be's.
Screw them.
Remember -
Attack their masters.
Keep your eye on the ball.

The Constitution.

Run interference so the big dogs can go for the throat.

We need to make the 'cheese stand alone'.
And then make him pay his bill.

This Is A Call For A General Strike.
If you can co-ordinate a better date, do it !

"The White Beast is in the villages,
dealing only in death.
With his soul left behind him,
He is -
The raper of women,
Mutilator of children,
Murderer of men.

... Unite and Fight."
~ Amon Duul II

"Think For Yourself" ©

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