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BTL:Bush Photo Op in Iraq Precedes Congressional Debate on War Funding

BETWEEN THE LINES Syndicated Radio Newsmagazine --Weekly Summary
BETWEEN THE LINES Syndicated Radio Newsmagazine --Weekly Summary --www.btlonline.org

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1) Bush Photo Op in Iraq Precedes Congressional Debate on War Funding

Interview with Leslie Cagan, national coordinator of United for Peace and Justice, conducted by Scott Harris

In RealAudio:


Text summary/related links: www.btlonline.org/btl091407.html#1hed

2) Washington Increases Weapons Aid to Israel and Pro-U.S. Arab Nations to Shore Up Shaky Middle East Alliance

Interview with Hussein Ibish, executive director of the Hala Foundation for Arab-American Leadership, conducted by Melinda Tuhus

In RealAudio:


Text summary/related links: www.btlonline.org/btl091407.html#2hed

3) White House Likely Used Katrina Disaster in New Orleans to Bolster Fortunes of Louisiana GOP

Interview with political blogger Digby, conducted by Scott Harris

In RealAudio:


Text summary/related links: www.btlonline.org/btl091407.html#3hed

4) This week's summary of under-reported news

Compiled by Bob Nixon

• Federal court order rules that the White house violated a 1990 law when it failed to meet deadlines on releasing updated plans to guide federal research on climate change.

• Flush with oil profits, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has pledged nearly $9 billion in aid to other Latin American nations, more than double the aid sent by the Bush administration in 2005. The aid has been directed to new left-leaning governments in Central and South America.

• NYC's Mayor Michael Bloomberg, eyeing an independent run for the White House, has claimed success in handing over the city's public education system to corporate manager.

In RealAudio:


Text summary/links: www.btlonline.org/btl091407.html#news ====================================


"Between The Lines" is a half-hour syndicated radio news magazine that each week features a summary of under-reported news stories and interviews with activists and journalists who offer progressive perspectives on international, national and regional political, economic and social issues. Because "Between The Lines" is independent of all publications, media networks or political parties, we are able to bring a diversity of voices to the airwaves generally ignored or marginalized by the major media. For more information on this week's topics and to check out our text archive listing topics and guests presented in previous programs visit: www.btlonline.org

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