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New magazines at the Crossroads Infoshop

The Crossroads Infoshop & Radical Bookstore has gotten some new magazines.
New magazines at the Crossroads Infoshop

The Crossroads Infoshop & Radical Bookstore has gotten some new magazines in which include:

* Left Turn
* Bitch #38
* Hip Mama #38
* Monthly Review, November and December 2007 issues

We still have a supply of Slingshot organizers and the Palestinian wall
calendar. There are only 5 pocket-sized organizers and around a dozen of
the spiral bound organizers left.

The infoshop now has a working furnace, so the place is a pretty cozy
place to hang out and read a book or magazine. Thanks to everybody who
stuck with us during the heat problems and thank go out to those who
helped us get the heat going.

The infoshop will have free public Internet access by the end of next
week and will have free WiFi within a few weeks.

Please stop by the infoshop!

Our hours this week:

Tuesday: 5-8pm
Wednesday: 1-8pm
Thursday: 5-8pm
Friday: 1-5pm
Saturday: 1-5pm

Web: www.crossroadskc.org/

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