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LOCAL Commentary :: Right Wing

Conscientious Objector Status—Who Should Decide?

It is a fallacious and legalistic straw man ploy for any society or organization (such as the Department of Defense) to arrogate, as definition, that an individual must oppose “all” war on religious or ethical grounds to be considered a “conscientious objector”. Simply to be “conscientious” means to act from one’s “own” conscience—not from the collective hearsay of any particular group or on legalistic grounds of some corporate presumption. The individual conscience is the moral compass of conscientious authority.

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News :: Prisons

Eric McDavid Update


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News :: Democracy : Everyday Life : Globalization : International Relations

Will King George NUKE Ron Paul's Revolution?

Captain Eric H. May, the Internet intelligence writer, examines the awful possibility that the Bush administration will get even with Ron Paul for writing his blockbuster book, "The Revolution: A Manifesto."

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation


Look out!!

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LOCAL News :: Crime & Police : Democracy : Media : Protest, Resistance and Direct Action

Peace When There Is No Peace

A Forum Topix post also known as A Sh*thead War. (Jer. 6:14; 8:11)

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Announcement :: Alternative Media : Anarchism

Two New Publications From Infoshop

Infoshop.org and the Alternative Media Project are pleased to announce the availability of two new digital publications. The first issue of our
bi-monthly newsletter titled "Revolution" is available as a PDF file that can be read online or printed out.

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News :: Environment

US Media's 'Left Wing' Agenda and the Public's Knowledge of Climate Science

You've heard it many times.

--The 'left wing' U.S. media is 'scare-mongering and alarmist' about climate change. They are frightening the people of the U.S. about the affects of global warming without having enough facts and research to back up their statements. --

The statements from researchers 'on the ground' ARE very alarming, no one can dispute that. Here are a few of the past year or so from separate, independent, long-term scientific studies. [Links to the report that these statements are ripped from are provided below.]

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights : Class : Democracy : Imperialism : International Relations

Maoist China foreign policy: 1970s and 1980s

The Mandate of Heaven (Excerpt). A detailed account of Maoist Chinese foreign policy is beyond the scope of this article, but some examples will illustrate the central thesis: that China’s foreign policy is in no way different from that of other world powers. The Three-Worlds Theory was used to justify Chinese alliances with right-wing reactionary governments during the 1970s and 1980s.

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LOCAL News :: Children & Education : Democracy : Elections & Legislation : Health Care : International Relations

Making Sense of Barack Obama, What He Says and the American Dilemma

by Peter Stern

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LOCAL News :: Class : Imperialism : Labor : Protest, Resistance and Direct Action

May Day Strike Against the War Shuts Down All U.S. West Coast Ports

On May 1, every port on the West Coast of the United States was shut down to demand an end to the U.S. war and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. The historic May Day walkout by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) is the first time ever that an American union has struck against a U.S. war. The union ranks defied the rulings of an arbitrator, who twice ordered them to go to work. They overcame the capitulations of the ILWU leadership, which didn't want the work stoppage in the first place, tried to water it down and cowered before the threats of legal action while waving the flag. The employers' Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) declared the May 1 port shutdown an "illegal strike." But after all the huffing and puffing from the bosses' mouthpieces, the dock workers pointed the way to defeating the imperialist war by mobilizing working-class power. In the end, it was more than a work stoppage. The dock workers' May Day strike against the war was a first step, a show of what it will take to bring down the warmongers in Washington. Their "symbolic" action was felt all the way to Iraq, where dock workers in two ports stopped work in solidarity with the ILWU. But it was only a beginning. What is needed is not only industrial action but a political offensive against the Democrats and Republicans, the partner parties of American imperialism, to build a class-struggle workers party.

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