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My Argument For Greater Public Domain In Music

Turn It Up!
My Argument For Greater Public Domain In Music

I am now 49 years old, and I have a pretty good memory for some things. I don't usually forget the things I like, nor things I consider part of my identity, things that make me, me. Like music.

I still remember the first album I ever bought, and yes it was an album. Vinyl, 33 & 1/3 RPM. It was somewhere around 40 years ago that I ordered that album through the mail, and it was a greatest hits compilation from the radio station that was all the rage amongst us kids in Hialeah, Florida, where I spent most of my childhood. I remember the album cover was a very bright chartreuse green with black hippy drawings all over it. Cool man. To be honest though, I don't remember the radio station.

My favorite song on the album was a song called Incense and Peppermints. I am pretty sure it was by the group The Strawberry Alarm Clock. I wonder now if it was a reference to smoking marijuana. I still use incense to cover up the smell of my pot when other people might come walking up unannounced (I now use sage most of the time), and I most definitely still use peppermints to hide marijuanas telltale smell on my breath, if that seems at all necessary.

In case you are wondering, I don't do urinalysis, I would rather starve, it is communist mind control and slavery, and the perpetrators should all be strangled with their own entrails.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, the album, my first album. The first time I played the album I was a pretty happy camper. I was still a decade or so away from my pot smoking days, so it wasn't all that; I was just digging the beats. I played it loud. That was also the first (But certainly not the last) time I saw my mother flip her wig over my musical tastes.

I was told to turn it down, NOW, and I did, quickly. I was just a kid afterall. The next time I tried to use the earache excuse to get out of school, guess what? It was just like the Cheech and Chong skit EARACHE MY EYE:

"EARRRRRRRRRR----ACHE??? HOW'D YOU LIKE A BUTT ACHE? No WONDER you have an earache listening to all that noise so loud, blah yada blah yada blah..."

On the upside of things, Mom recently asked me who did the song Eleanor Rigby. She called it something else, using one of the lines from the song, but I was able to glean that it was Eleanor Rigby (Actually I googled the line), and I took great pleasure in informing her it was the beatles, one of the bands she used to rail about. I am being unfair though. As far as Moms go mine was pretty cool, and still is. Even cooler now that she is finally listening to the Beatles.

The above reference to those wildmen of comedy Cheech Marin (SP?) and Tommy Chong reminds me of the first 8 track tapes my brother Mike and I bought down at the Hialeah flea market one weekend. I think the flea was on 8th Ave, right at the end of East 56th street, which was the street we lived on. I am sure it was at the old abandoned airport east of Amelia Earhart Elementary/Hialeah Junior High, which was our school. Mike had just gotten a new 8 track player for his birthday, we were like 13 and 12, he being the younger. We bought a Cheech and Chong Tape at the flea market, and also George Carlin, AM/FM. We had heard about C & C from Stephen McGill who'd listened to his older brothers tapes.

All good, we get home, put the headphones on (taking turns) and yukkity yukkity yak yak yak hee hee laugh laugh giggle giggle. I think we were in agreement that Ralph and Herbie were the best of the best, though truthfully, being the sweet little innocent catholic kids we were, a lot of stuff Carlin was talking about went right over our dumb heads. The hippy dippy weatherman was not too shabby, I remember that. It might have been on another Carlin I acquired later, but I think it was AM/FM.


The next day while we were at school Mom wanted to see what the new 8 track player was all about, and because she had never used headphones before she gave it all a try...onto her head go the phones, big old honker types with very pillow-like plastic earpads, weighed about 3 pounds...so she searches around and heres a nice tape by this long haired irishman named George Carlin, ok, maybe something like the Irish Rovers?? Which were my parents favorite group at that time...into the slot goes AM/FM, and the first thing she heard was the 7 bad words you can't say on TV (which I also remember to this day):

Piss Shit Cock Suck Motherfuck Son Of A Bitch and tit...and tit don't even count!

Mom called Mayor Milander and read him the riot act over that one. We had to wait until we were older and buy new tapes because thats the last we saw of those copies.

In spite of all this, I was always told that the dirtiest words on TV back in those days were: I think you were a little rough on the Beaver last night Walt.

And whatever happened to Beaver anyway?

The fact that my mother threw our Carlin and Cheech and Chong Tapes out brings me to the meat of this article, and I think it is valid, even though its bound to pee in some peoples' wheaties pretty badly.

Oh well.

Can't please everyone, so you got to please yourself. Rick Nelson? And where are YOU? Some Garden Party somewhere, I am sure.

So all these lizard lawyers and net sharks trying to make a life for themselves protecting musical copyrights and the like...I think I am angry. I mean, beam me the fuck up, would you? There are some musical works that, over time, I have bought on 3 or 4 separate occasions, as the media changed, or as they wore out. The physical media of music has really sukt over the last 40 years or so, and we consumers have foot the bill for all that make-work in the name of technology and lizard profits.

Believe me, they could have made it better all along, but that was not the plan, oh no. The plan was to do just what happened, sell as many records and record players as possible, then introduce 8-tracks, then cassettes, then Cd's (with a life of maybe 10-15 years at most!) then DVDs THEN God Damn It they FINALLY come in with the digital players and gripe like hell when people pass music back and forth over the net. Cheap sleazy swine, they make boy jorge bush and his zionist relatives look positively generous. I think they are all small minded bean counting mean little turds, and thats all they ever will be! And I am being nice.

I recently had the opportunity of accessing a temporary musical database online, and it was huge, someones collection, but what did I do? With this dog of a connection created by the penny counting nits at my phone company, I just downloaded stuff I had already bought years ago, but for some reason or another had lost, and thats all I was able to do before the database went away, but I was happy I was even able to do that. Yeah it was like a trip down memory lane and I was loving it. Donny Iris, you rule, I thought I was never going to hear Leah again, and its playing right now. Thanks brother.

For the record, and no pun intended: Most of the music I have lost over time is because the media wore out, either the crap players were made to break and screwed the pooch, or the trogolodyte vinyl discs or cerium oxide tapes or whatever scratched on the 8 ball. Losers all. They broke because they were purposely made like shit.

I do not do TV, in fact, very little video period, but music starts before I even take a crap in the morning, and ends last thing before I go to bed. So I do use my stuff, I don't let it sit around for decoration, and I am not alone, either in my use, or my complaint that during my lifetime the electronic media has been about as useful as a fucking rubber crutch.

Now I know all you nazi CIA jesus freak communists in ziofascist clothing are going to say just be glad you had what you had, alongwith that other old line which basically equates to: if we are going to make a one world order under de lawd (And we are) then America is going to have to pay for it AND drop down to the level of a third world country, which we have killed most of, so be glad we didn't kill you too, be glad we let you listen to music, and if you kneel before our instrument of torture we will even let you eat.

All this makes me want my gun, ok, here it is, I don't leave home without that old pal no mo', because bush land, like musical media, is not just a piece of shit, it is a stinking lie made up by small minded and mean people who idolatrize an instrument of torture, and are constantly involved in the fornication of church and state; they are ziofascist scum, all of them....

Damn was that rant? It WAS! Sorry but these idiotic spooks and worshippers of torture want you to kneel to their idol of some poor schmuck nailed to a telephone pole, or they will not allow you to even eat, and forget about all that music nonsense, and don't even try to smoke any weed because we are mormons and baptists and bush is lord and jesus was a zionist so all zionists are god and we do not allow smoking or drinking or anything else you might want to do to feel good or keep your individuality, we are heavy tied into the masonic cults, and we are BIG and POWERFUL, and we PUT BUSH IN and the next candidate will be ours too because we are unAmerican commie pieces of shit who have taken over the electronic voting with our money AND we have you under total surveillance 24-7 because we are unAmerican scum!

If you cannot tell, I am feeling something like HOSTILE these days. New Mexico is the land of Experiment, and chock full of idiotic fools who have been dosed one too many times with radiation, biotech, and the lord. Utah, and Arizona too. The only cool people out here are the Indians and a few white people who hang with the indians, and we have been stomped by the jesus freaks for so long many really do not know which end is up.

And let us not forget some real truth here: LORDS AND KINGS ARE UNAMERICAN!

Now, as might be guessed by reading the above, I am one of those cantankerous idealistic artists who want to constantly kick ass over the mediocrity, complacence, and uncaring schleps of this world, alongwith all the foolish stupid idiotic lazy je$u$ freaks too. That is why, long ago, I gave up any idea of personal success within the federal reserves world during this lifetime, but I have made many provisions to carry on after this body goes bye-bye.

Even though some of the popular music in this devo world of hate, and torture, and zinc pennies for the lord, was created by successful musical artists, I also know that the vast majority of those successes either got shafted by their management, blew all their money in about a year, or both. So whether they like it or not, they are in the same boat as me, we are on the same page, we drinketh from the same cup -- historically, all the true artist can hope for is longevity for their work, because we are all just a flash in the pan, a pulsing of light, a slow reflection of the sun which lasts less than 100 traverses of our planet around that sun.

Oh Boo Hoo. Not. This place is a prison and full of bush types who need to be sterilized. At least our type does not USUALLY waste a lot of time worshipping evil jewish gods nailed to telephone poles and all that conniving, lying, backbiting, hateful, bullshit.

So to the real artists (Not to be confused with the simple mechanics) I say: sell your new stuff, but don't sweat the old stuff, the net has made it so only the really good work will survive into the future; spend more time worrying about making good new things, and less time counting the pennies.

Or not. Its a choice, you do what you want. But the closer death comes, the more you will see that it is good if your music gets passed around, because people are liking it, and it is effecting the world, a good thing. It also means other people down through time might like it too. Which is the best you can hope for here in hell by jesus, its all you will ever get in a place like this.

PS -- I really dont have too much of problem with Jesus per se, its what his people have made of him, what they have done in his name. I mean, look at the bush family. Look at dickhead cheney, good jesus freaks all of them. I am disgusted and antagonistic toward the small minded pieces of garbage who need something to worship, and cannot see God all around them, or inside themselves; who cannot see the truth for all the pennys on their eyes, the PEOPLE of jesus, they really suck bad, they are lying, gossiping, phone tapping, lovers of the worst kind of pornography, the pornography of hate and war and torture and violence and death. They are lazy lying fools, and they always drag the normal people down with them.

And it sure shows, dunnit?


PPS -- If anybody comes up to me and wants to take me to task over the music I downloaded, or will download in the future, I think I will present them with a bill for all the music I bought and paid for down through time, that never lasted, and had to constantly be replaced, over and over. This time, they can pay for the replacement, and the money grubbing twits will STILL be 2 or 3 ahead of the game.

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