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Handala Campaign begins today

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Handala says "Why can't we be friend?"
Send a message to the leaders of both people: We want peace NOW!!!!

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Handala Campaign begins today

Click on image for a larger version

Handala says "Israel wants peace"
From the Handala Campaign: Handala says "Israel wants peace"

Re: Handala Campaign begins today

The right of return is just code for Economic blackmail. And it works- at Camp David, the refugees were offered 30 billion dollars. And the other refugees in this conflict? The 850,000 Jews kicked out of Arab lands were offered nothing

In a survey, Dr. Shikaki, director of the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research questioned 4,500 refugee families living in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, Jordan and Lebanon. More than 95 percent of them insisted that Israel recognize a right of return, accepting their position in principle, he said.

The researchers then presented five options, like financial compensation and moving to a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza. The options were based on those negotiated but never formally endorsed by Israeli and Palestinian officials in January 2001, and they assumed that Israel recognized a right of return.

Only 10 percent demanded permanent residence in Israel. Fascinating that even 10 percent would chose to live in an "Apartheid State". On the other hand, perhaps this 10 percent included gays and other groups that face difficulty in traditional Arab culture.
More than half - a total of 54 percent - said they would accept compensation and homes in the West Bank and Gaza, or in land ceded by Israel in a swap for West Bank land, Dr. Shikaki said. Others said they would elect to stay in their host country or go to another country. Thirteen percent rejected any deal at all.


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