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Peace When There Is No Peace

A Forum Topix post also known as A Sh*thead War. (Jer. 6:14; 8:11)
Excerpts from Fools of Babylon 9/30/07; In Washington, D.C., Babylon on the Potomac was found "the blood of the saints and of all who have been slain on the earth." (Rev. 18) As you should know, the lawless Israelites did what was evil in the sight of the Lord and served the Baals; i.e. Bush's Asinine Anal Lovers (see Bush Daddy Religion), and they forsook their Lord.(Judges 2:11).. The Bush Nazis have been given power to rule until God's word are fulfilled (Rev. 17:17), that is until they are all killed.. Instead of admitting that no one died in that war 1/16-2/7/91, they extended it to 2/28, fabricated Operation Desert Sabre etc. There is no war in Gaza, Iraq or Afghanistan! It is poopheads blowing people up. Poopheads tricking people into blowing themselves up etc. Rumors of War! Nothing more, nothing less.. "Do something, whether good or bad so that we may be dismayed and filled with fear. Behold, you are less than nothing, and your works are utterly worthless; he who chooses you is detestable." (Is. 41:23-24)..These kind caring Bush Nazis, feigning distress and regret 24/7 and talking terror all the time are Al Qaeda themselves, posing as angels of light, i.e. the Devil.(2 Cor. 11:14).. When Sarah and Jennifer obeyed His servant's words by upholding this law He set in Israel, they became God's people, resulting in the formation of Israel.. Israel became a reality on November 11, 1997 when I wrote that there is a tribe "...that lives and dies and breathes that Sarah and Jennifer are a country as of this moment, a nation on that day"...His power is in the sky.. An onward sweeping tempest that will not turn back until He will have carried out the ideas of His heart..(Jer. 30:23-24).. When he came out of electroshock talking like a moron, they said that he sounds like a Psychiatrist, which explains how Nazi Death Doctors are produced in America...Secret Service, i.e. the private army of the Bush Nazis; i.e. Zion's Secret Police have no right to mess with the voting process. It was worse than what Hitler did to assume power in Germany...he was the one who had these guys slit Elijah from his mother's womb in an attempt to keep them from naming the baby Elijah as his mother had named him.. Replacing the sulphurous fire of the Bible (Gen. 19:24) with poop, they've become Egyptians, offering their children to Molech.(Lev. 18:21; Ez. 20:26; Is. 13:16).. These cops are hand-picked Bush Nazis from the White House, where they worked for a day or two. They would say, "This one's stupid, he'd make a good cop! That one's stupid, he'd make a good cop! This one's so Gad-damn stupid, he'd make a great cop!" ..the mentioned hackers made the WTC disaster happen by transmitting the threatening messages that coerced the pilots into crashing the jets. Since these hackers didn't know what they were transmitting, the foolproof plan is to say that they cannot be held guilty.(Zech. 11:5) The real issue was that Jim Morrison was rolled in Miami Hoyt Auditorium, where they stuffed a fatal dose of poop in his mouth and made him swallow it. There was no recovery.

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-day Satan's evil is going away.

For the latest see Hidden Things You Do Not Know! 5/7 Bobby Meade. Yahoo search title with my name. That's the fastest way. If you don't believe that the Bible is the word of God, read Dr. Ivan Panin's Overwhelming Mathematical Evidence of the Divine Inspiration of the Scriptures. That is proof that "in the beginning was the word". It was conceived before language was created. It is proof that those languages came from God too!

Hits River Junction at seventeen to, at a quarter to ten, you know it's traveling again!..."
That's Jerry Garcia "Casey Jones"

Although I didn't realize it for years, I met Jerry at a lakefront cottage in the 74-75 school year at Cornell. My friend and I got so ripped we were screaming going up the icy vertical drive from the cottage in my 65 Ford pickup, and we proceeded to Beebe Lake where the right mirror was knocked in the window when I drove too close to the stone wall on the road around the lake. Dropping my friend off where he lived at his Uncle Nagle's house in Cayuga Heights was even hairier, for Uncle Nagle was always "packing heat" and saying, "I'm going to shoot that Bobby Meade if he comes on my property again!"

Twenty years later I sought out Garcia at Capitol Centre in DC after having studied his Deadheads on numerous occasions when I would go camp in the park above DC if they were in town. I got a letter to him by making his limo driver promise to give it to him. I was driving my red Beauville van which was covered with slogans calling for that devil, Marion Barry to save the gays with the magic number, 666. Garcia answered with his "Friend of the Devil" music. Since a Grateful Dead is a recently deceased person who has been enabled to find peace by the followers he left behind, Gad is supposed to bring Garcia's head when Gad comes from the South with the heads of the people. That's what being a Deadhead was all about. I am sure that it will put a smile on Jerry's face, and he will know peace at last. Or is that piece?

From Cannondale Woes:


Chenango Point Bikes is removing the chains, saying that is how they clean and/or lubricate them, then taking old chains out of a bath and putting those on. The old chain ruins every single tooth on every single gear on the bike! The chain that was on the bike originally is probably worth three times as much as the one they put on; thus they are probably selling those good chains. You cannot fix what was done to it by riding it with that chain. I repeat once again, the bike had 2,500 miles on it, and it was ruined by a chain with @ 10,000 miles on it. There is no recovery for the drive chain! Need a new bike! A new red Cannondale Warrior 500! Hear that CPB? meaderobe (at) gmail.com

I've also been told not to talk about English Jews. Why not? None of them will admit that they are English Jews, especially after I revealed what happened in the Potato Famine. The only English Jews who will admit that they are Jews is apparently the Walkers. I bet they also did the Protocols and were allied with Hitler in WWII, residing safe in the countryside while London was bombed.

I bet Uncle Nagle is saying, "I'm going to shoot that Bobby Meade if he comes on the wire again!" We don't get shook about such things, besides Uncle Nagle's approach was flawed. He was probably always saying, "I have to look good when I shoot Bobby Meade!"; thus there was always time to fill the place with smoke and split before Uncle Nagle came downstairs to find a smoke-filled room.

I've even heard that Uncle Nagle would hide in his own house, hoping to catch that Bobby Meade on his property!

5/4 The bike is now kaput! As usual, their foolproof plan was for me to go yell at the culprits so they could lock me up again!

Helpful hint from GHW Bush to motivate the lawless ones to make manifest Is. 33:1 against their lawless compatriots: Send pictures or videos that reveal what is going to happen to them when they "stop destroying". Since Uncle Nagle probably never saw his name in print, he's probably going to shoot the hackers that keep removing this!

Anonymous Hacker, you've done it again!
"You've spoiled Uncle Nagle's chance for fame!
You've soiled Uncle Nagle's good last name!"

5/7 GHW Bush, the prophetical god unto himself says that they are going to get rid of the guys that ruined my bike; furthermore that they are going to be dismembered alive so that it can be filmed and sent to Cannondale to show them what happens to those who sabotage vehicles like that. That is probably the only way that I am going to get a replacement for the Warrior 500; i.e. from Cannondale. What? You think that's funny? Whose rectum did your intelligence come from?

PS from Hidden Things....; Have been posting A Sh*thead War, Babbling Baby Bushes, Cannondale Woes, and Sterling Optical; Filthy Glasses on Forum Topix. The first two include a summary of Fools of Babylon along with Uncle Nagle's story. These have been posted every place that you can imagine, and it seems like they are only accessible if I am logged in to Forum Topix as RedRider. Uncle Nagle is probably very upset about this; thus you might want to log in via meaderobe (at) gmail.com and password; israel to see if the articles appear. If it works, maybe doing it on a public computer, pausing it, and splitting is a heck of a way to create a famine for the word of the Lord. They will look but they will not find you! 5/9 The Bush Nazis apparently control Forum Topix and prevent such log-ins, so that is probably little more than a way to attract their attention. What? Huh? Who? Nagle who?

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