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Cris Webb

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Review :: Third Parties

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Commentary :: Labor

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Announcement :: Children & Education : Civil & Human Rights : Protest, Resistance and Direct Action : Right Wing

Attacking disabled children who cannot defend themselves

In a hate filled broadcast a failed author moonlighting as a shock jock attacks children disabled by autism and insults their parents saying their lack of mental abuse towards children such as insults and name calling, how he was raised, has merely made them brats with parents running a racket and scam against the system. He compares it to how asthma is abused and accuses non-Caucasian races of using that as their racket to scam money and services.

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News :: International Relations

Decisivo apoyo de Stroessner a Fernando Lugo

Aunque el sector contribuyó con sus votos al obispo, aún más decisivas resultaron sus influencias en Washington y el apoyo del grupo multimedia que maneja su familia.

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LOCAL News :: Children & Education : Environment : Food : Housing : Urban Development

SolarFest Renewable Energy Fair

SolarFest Renewable Energy Fair ~

Meridian Park School ~
175th and Meridian Ave N
Shoreline WA ~
July 19, 2008 ~ 10AM – 8PM

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News :: Black Liberation : Civil & Human Rights : Crime & Police : Drugs : Prisons

Prison and Drug Economy Expert Catherine Austin Fitts on UhuruRadio.com

Inner Workings of the Parasitic Economy

This week on Solidarity Not Charity Penny Hess will interview Catherine Austin Fitts, former Wall Street investment banker and Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under the administration of George Herbert Walker Bush.

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LOCAL News :: Everyday Life : Globalization : International Relations : Peace : Protest, Resistance and Direct Action


An impressive medley of military officers join Captain Eric H. May in alerting the public to the danger of Bush administration foul play in the upcoming terror drills Noble Resolve and Diablo Bravo.

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News :: Democracy : Globalization : International Relations

India against China: global competition, outsourcing, technology, leadership job politics

which nation is going to lead in this century, China, India, or America? What takes to get ahead in borderless finance, wealth, investment, jobs, competition, entrepreneurship? What is the next in global business, tade, and politics map?

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LOCAL Commentary :: Class : Imperialism : Labor : Protest, Resistance and Direct Action

What Will It Take to Defeat the War?

On June 28-29, an “Open National Antiwar Conference” was held in Cleveland, called by a newly minted National Assembly to End the Iraq War and Occupation. Over objections from the conference organizers, centrally Socialist Action, the assembly voted to change the name to include reference to the war on Afghanistan, and to emphasize the connection with U.S. backing for the Zionist occupation of Palestine. (The sponsors of the confab were so right-wing that they feared losing “unity” with Democratic Party supporters of Israel and the Afghanistan war!) What did not change at all was the popular-front character of the new outfit, tying it to the bourgeois parties despite the fig leaf of electoral “independence.” Making this utterly clear, it was decided not to call a national antiwar mobilization prior to the November elections explicitly in order to court those forces who wish to aid the Democrats (and therefore want to avoid making problems for the presumptive Democratic nominee, Barack Obama). Here is the leaflet issued by the Internationalist Group at the conference.

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