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Layoffs, Pink Slips, and A Plan to Take Back Washington

The sheer lack of representation in our government, Local, State, and Federal, has many up in arms as to what can be done. Here are just a few suggestions!
The release of the new politically charged documentary, Washington, You’re Fired, is generating the proverbial “fire under the butt” syndrome for all who watch it. This “clarion call to arms,” as the film has been referred to, is stirring the ire of not only the voting population, but the young, as well. The youths of our nation seem to understand just what is at stake, for it is their generation that will be handed the torch of liberty and expected to keep that flame burning constantly and brightly.

This citizenry charged film verbalizes what Americans have been feeling for over a decade and sets a plan into motion to shape changes that will rescue the U.S. Constitution. Its poignant and unpartisan approach is forcing audiences to think outside of the political-party box and come up with creative solutions. No matter your political party - if you are frustrated, shell-shocked, and otherwise politically disenfranchised… Washington, You’re Fired is THE film that you’ve been waiting for.

Both Republican-led and Democratic-led Congresses have given us legislation that has damaged the fundamental principals of our U.S. Constitution and warped our Bill of Rights beyond recognition. Freedom eating bills such as the USA PATRIOT Act, the Military Commissions Act or the John Warner Defense Act are not just the work of a power hungry President. These bills were passed into law by Congressmen and Congresswomen that WE elected and trusted to represent US.

The film points out several things that non “career politicians” can do to make a difference. Some people are shocked to find out that these suggestions are actually a real, workable plan to re-take our country and breathe fresh life into our Congress.

Right away, there are several things you can do. Learn what your rights truly are. Use the resources at www.bordc.org and either join or start a local Bill of Rights chapter. There are many different things available on this website to help make your group a success. If that is not to your liking, start or join a Fire Congress Meet-Up. Make sure your voices are heard in your local government. Choose a person from your group to run for a local office. Use your newly founded group to help get this person elected. Also, have your group start communications with your city, state and national representatives. Write letters. Make phone calls.

Remember, also, that on the national level, even though the representatives on certain committees come from other states, if they are deciding on legislation for all the citizens of the United States, they do represent you, so contact them, as well. For example, Jane Harmon, of California, sponsor of the Violent Radicalization and Home Grown Terrorism Act (HR 1955), represents all of us. Obviously not well, however!!! Contact her. Let her know that she is out of line and that she does not represent you. As a citizen of the United States, you expect better representation. Contact John Conyers. He is the ranking member of the Judicial Committee. If you support impeachment, he is the one to contact. He, as a member of this committee, represents all of us. He needs to hear our concerns.

Then, bear in mind, the mainstream media must also be held accountable. I would suggest that you start communications with your local media. Contact all your local media and make them aware that you and your group no longer plan to let them run roughshod over us. Let them know that if they will not report the truth, there are viable alternatives to their “exclusive” reporting. Make sure you give them a list of your alternative media preferences. In addition, let them know that you, and your group, will boycott them. They must stop reporting junk and report the truth. They must remember that the backbone of this country is not the career politician, but We-the-People; you and me.

As for information about your rights and the Constitution, these are a few of the many helpful websites out there that have information you need to know.

www.bordc.org Bill of Rights Defense Committee (lots of free downloads and info)
www.ccrjustice.org/faqs Center for Constitutional Rights and Justice FAQ’s
www.civilrights.org/research_center/ Civil Rights dot Org Research Center

Study the information on these websites. Research the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and make sure you and your group understand just what is at stake. These freedoms and rights are unalienable; they are yours by the very right of your birth in this once-noble country. Make sure that your new group is aware that these rights cannot be given up, or taken. They belong to you!

A few others are (including independent media!):

www.kickthemallout.com Supports the firing of Congress, Join or start a Fire Congress MeetUp
www.outtheretv.com Out There TV with Kate and Richard Mucci
www.meria.net Meria Heller
www.1100kfnx.com/ Charles Goyette
www.rprradio.com Ron Paul Revolution Radio
www.wtprn.com/ We the People Radio Network
www.truthout.org Truth Out (many issues)
www.freedomfighterradio.net Freedom Fighter Radio
www.inyouraceradio.net In Your Face Radio

If you, me, and everyone, unite, we CAN make a difference! It is certainly not impossible. It will take work, though. There are so many of us that have had enough of the lack of representation that if we ban together, we CAN make this happen. It is up to you and me!

For more information, please visit www.takebackwashington.com and get involved today!


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