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Economic Depression Survival Guide

Economic Depression Survival Guide
Sorry, I don't usually post emails, but thought I would make an exception for this:

Economic Depression - Survival Guide

First, join together with all your friends and family; you cannot do this alone. Ok, here is what you will need to do. Work with your community as a whole and first focus on food production and permaculture. Remember, in times of a depression, food may not be as available as in previous times. There also may not be fuel to run the equipment, so you and your friends must work with your community to ensure enough has been planted and grown. Since everyone is working together, all gardens and produce can be considered everyones!!! Remember, this is no time to worry about who's property is where, all must work equally for community sustainability.
Second, and this is where things begin to get tricky, place your focus on helping your friends, family and neighbors (community), rather than money. Remember, without the help of the entire community, there will not be enough people helping to work the needed jobs to ensure a decent quality of life. Money should be considered as unnecessary; those who are able to help and do so should be treated with the end products, likewise those who are unable to help
should be cared for. Just because someone is disabled does not mean they are not still a person, and should be treated with respect.
Third, and trickier still: people may loose their homes in the depression. As said above, we need the entire community to aid one another. So here is what we need to do. Since money should not be our concern, neither should removing people from their houses. Now is not the time to throw people to the curb, it is
a time to help one another. Therefore, those who are being thrown out should just choose to stay in their homes, and the community should back them. Remember, all members of society are necessary to helping maintain society. Those who have some other situation in which they loose their home should be aided by the community by providing a place for them to stay until they find a home of their own. We are all one community, and one family!!!
Lastly, people should work to make the decisions of their community through a consensus. Now is not the time for politicians to be arguing, it is a time for the people to come together. It is the people doing the labor to sustain their communities, it is the people helping provide a living and loving environment for the members of the community; it is the people's community. We should work to aid one another and do the work necessary for our community to run smoothly regardless of the ideas of politicians. IT MAY ALSO BE NECESSARY TO
To sum it up: Each of us needs to be focused on the well being of each member of the community, with each member contributing their part in order to ensure sustainable living. Since each members worth to the society
is judged by their working to the best of their ability in the community, money must be overlooked as unnecessary.
While business were important before to provide the necessities to the community, the community will now work to provide for themselves. Since all land and buildings should be shared by the community, we should not focus on squabbling over who owns what, as every person has equal ownership of all property. If we follow these simple steps, we should be seeing our way out of the horrors of a depression in no time. Pass it on!

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