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Announcement :: Alternative Media
Crossroads Infoshop moving sale. We're still open! Current rating: 7
08 Jun 2005
Contrary to an erroneous events listing in today's Pitch, the Crossroads Infoshop is open through the end of June. We are having a moving sale which features a 25% discount on new books.
The Crossroads Infoshop needs your help! We are currently in the midst of moving and are having a Sale on all new books! To lighten our load we are selling new books and merchandise for 30% off of list price; buyers purchasing $25.00 or more of sale priced items will also receive a free zine of their choice! So please come down and lend a hand! We will be open regular hours on Thursday June 9th and Saturday June 11th. We are currently located at 1830 Locust in the Crossroads art district of downtown Kansas City Missouri: Look for the big red door!

This work is in the public domain

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Re: Crossroads Infoshop moving sale. We're still open!
Current rating: 62
08 Jun 2005
So, is that 30% off or 25%? ;)

Re: Crossroads Infoshop moving sale. We're still open!
Current rating: 51
09 Jun 2005

Re: Crossroads Infoshop moving sale. We're still open!
Current rating: 10
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Re: Crossroads Infoshop moving sale. We're still open!
Current rating: 14
14 Mar 2006
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Re: Crossroads Infoshop moving sale. We're still open!
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15 Mar 2006
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Re: Crossroads Infoshop moving sale. We're still open!
Current rating: 7
15 Mar 2006
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Re: Crossroads Infoshop moving sale. We're still open!
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16 Mar 2006
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Re: Crossroads Infoshop moving sale. We're still open!
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Re: Crossroads Infoshop moving sale. We're still open!
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17 Mar 2006
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Re: Crossroads Infoshop moving sale. We're still open!
Current rating: 3
17 Mar 2006
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Re: Crossroads Infoshop moving sale. We're still open!
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Re: Crossroads Infoshop moving sale. We're still open!
Current rating: 0
17 Mar 2006
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