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News :: Animal Rights
Documentary linking human and animal cruelty Current rating: 0
06 Oct 2005
We have uncovered and decoded the messages hidden in the modern day BDSM web sites, a euphamism for the legalized sex slave trade and exposed the master programmer, leader of, that trains young women to live in servitude like animals.
Note: before reading this that the activities discussed in this article are not describing relationship between people who trust and care about each other. The people who are participating in the kinds of behaviors described below are predators and true sadists, people who only derive joy from others' pain and have the worst intentions in mind for the person who they are "playing" with.
As a long time vegan and animal rights activist, one of most important correlations made in the film that helped me to realize how I had been brainwashed was the human to animal cruelty link that had been staring me in the face the entire time but I was unable to come to terms with until recently and upon the onset of my decision to make to this documentary. As you know Peta has been involved with numerous campaigns worldwide pertaining to the use of leather products in the S&M; scene, asking of people to give up their leather and choose more humane materials such as latex and vinyl. But this is only the very tip of the iceberg. I feel that this campaign, although of the very best intentions, is missing a large part of the total picture. To bring the issue of animal's rights to the next level we have to start seeing a larger global picture. The real problem that we are dealing with right now as inhabitants of this planet, is a basic lack of respect for all life forms, be that animal, human, plant, etc. The system is bent on making us violent and hateful and wants us to see life not as something sacred and beautiful but as something that only has a value according to how that life form may serve the individual or group that owns it. In the BDSM community it has become standard to sexualize dog training, pony play (which is really most likely a person muzzled as a horse and whipped while they are made to pull heavy objects), putting people in cages, beating people with canes exactly like the canes you will see depicted in the famous PETA clips from the video "hog farm investigation," using cattle prods to make people go where the controller wishes them to, experimenting on people without their consent (this is something I fell victim to personally when I was involved with the web site in which I was programmed and operantly conditioned using electro shock and cult tactics), and on and on and on. There is no end to the correlations one could make....there were shoots that I did in which I was hunted in a scene called "turkeys" where I was stripped down with three other women and made to run naked in the forest while he hunted us with a paint ball gun and then later cooked one of the girls up over an open fire and had the other two baste and turn her as she baked. In another scene four of us where milked like cows and were attached to milk machines while tied to a metal contraption to keep us from moving. At the time I was excusing the activities as a way in which I was channeling the pain of the animal, becoming the animal so that I could better understand the true nature of the cruelty and further in my spiritual path of loving animals, but my realization started to happen at a crutial moment after the milking scene in which I asked the leader if he would consider changing the visuals and having the girls wear hand binds that made their hands more hoof-like, use cow tails and paint their bodies like cow hide to really portray us becoming the cow. He replied to me that it would defeat the purpose, which was not to portray us as being the cow but to portray women being treated like cows. In other words it was to bring the women's existence and purpose down to the level of the cow, not as we peace lovers see the cow, as a supremely enlightened and pacifist spiritual being, but as a being that's only purpose is to serve the master's needs for milk and then later as meat.
Here is quote from the web site which I worked with pertaining to the hunting scene described:
"He thinks of them as turkeys.To him these girls are nothing more than meat. He sees himself as a hunter, a man who loves fresh meat. He drags them outside and un chains them and starts spewing out pellets, scaring them up good. After all, he wants to be challenged. He’s looking for sport, just a little fun. They run through the woods all in a flurry, screaming, squawking. Open season on girl."
In another scene in which I was repeatedly shocked with a cattle prod this was written:
"They are ordered onto their stomachs. So much meat rolling on the floor. No wonder the cattle prod is used on them. Are these girls, or are they beef?"
This is not just about animals any more. The animals are a shadow of their original true selves, they have been bred over generations and conditioned into complete and total slavery with no way out and now we see these controllers trying to pull off the same thing with human beings. Their ultimate goal would be to create the same kind of a slave race parallel to these animals in bondage, only they can't pull it off quite as blatantly because human beings are still supposed to have more rights than animals so they have to trick us with imagery like Cat Woman and Vampire movies and make S&M; seem like a bit of harmless fun all the while that it is the bait that hooks her into the fisherman's net. This is serious, if this imagery and cruelty that is so exactly akin to animal cruelty depicted in famous PETA movies such as "Meet your Meat" is accepted in the main stream as sexy and as entertainment then our cause is dead. Look around you in all media, the only thing that is portrayed as glorious is the destruction of beauty. We are never allowed to evolve past this world of living on instincts, this Darwinian society, dog eat dog, big fish eats the little ones, only the strong will survive, pyramid style society where every person is categorized and stereotyped and forced into a dominant or submissive box. We are conditioned into thinking about only 2s, 2 sides of the coin, good vs evil, black vs white, male vs female, liberal vs conservative, republican vs democrat, etc...we are not allowed to be individuals, we have to pick between 2 bad choices which corners us into a limited and narrow minded view of the world, then closing us off from other people and not allowing us to emphasize with other beings who exist too far outside that box. For instance we have one name for each "species" of animal. In science class they teach us very little about animal behaviors, most especially the ones that they want to convince us exist for us to feed off of and use as our servants. Watch a national geographic episode and they generalize about every species of animal: e all X birds migrate to Y spot and mate in A, B and C fashion. Being a long time friend and caretaker of two beautiful cats, I can tell you that one thing I have learned is that each cat is completely different, they have different likes and dislikes, they communicate differently, have different spots and positions they like to sit in, etc, but this is not something that a person would notice at first glance. Each being is different, and it is in getting to know each one separately as an individual that you discover all of the things that make that being unique. Sure, a person could take a look at my two cats and see them both cleaning themselves and assume that they are cats...know one know em all, but we have the potential to do the same exact thing with each other if we allow ourselves to see each other as our chosen labels. We have to think for ourselves and be able to evaluate what it is that you like and want and not care if it doesn't fit into you little category. There are always two sides with prejudices and generalizations, the person who is looking and the person who is being looked at, both are victims of massive brainwashing campaigns and conditioning through media The person looking is generalizing about the person they are looking at making immediate assumptions and coming to premature conclusions and the person being looked at is most likely allowing themselves to portray and fall into a chosen stereotype which makes it easier for people encountering them to generalize about who they are and how they interpret the world. And so we get back into the subject of bdsm and into the experiences I had in which I was unknowingly being operantly conditioned and programmed. The purpose of the programming is to erase all of your actual individuality and replace it with pre-determined, pre-programmed responses so that nothing about your behavior will be unpredictable. They aim to reverse all of your natural responses to pain and trick your mind into convincing yourself that it's pleasure. Thinking from the side of the sadist, this works out very well for them seeing as all they enjoy doing is hurting other beings, so wouldn't it be lovely if they could fool you into believing that you love getting hurt, that way there is no fight any more, rape is not rape, torture is not torture and the criminal is no longer a criminal but the person's most endearing lover giving them exactly what they need. This is necessary, as I said earlier, do to the fact that human beings are supposed to have rights so these people cannot openly torture people in the way that they do to animals without inventing a whole clever set of false pretenses and fake realities in which to do so. I was convinced into this masochist mentality very easily seeing that I am a woman who is determined to break out of the normal female, weak mold. I had it in my mind that if I could show people that I could take more pain than anyone then people would respect me as equal to men, that I would be seen as a true warrior. I had never had an opportunity to "prove" myself in any other settings previously, I was not allowed to participate in sports or any sort of commonly male rites of passage activities. I had been the loser in school, bullied and picked on my entire life, always last in every physical activity, overweight and socially inept which I now know is the #1 targeted victim for luring into becoming involved with these types of BDSM sites, women with histories of abuse who have been conditioned due to harsh childhoods into taking more pain than others and shutting up about it. When I was working with I was told that the path to enlightenment was to be able to completely beat out pain. I would learn to dissociate, to cut off from my core self and drift into some other realm where I no longer could feel either sensation, pain or pleasure, what some would call leaving your body. The BDSM community has termed this subspace, they describe it as a place in which pain and pleasure become one. In order to "go there" and achieve subspace you have to stop thinking, stop evaluating and just go with it. You have to only react without analyzing what it is that you are reacting to and why. This is the mental state of the animals who are currently enslaved, they are in a constant state of shock and trauma, going from one sensation of pain to the next, being forced to just deal with it and accept that their lives boil down to nothing but misery. Think about the consequence of a society of people who just accept and "go with it" without questioning, isn't this the major problem with everything, that people are so readily conforming to whatever societal norm they see fit? When every life form is a number and a generalization, then that life is expendable. I suddenly woke up and realized that I wasn't being me the warrior by showing how much pain I could take, I was doing something that anyone can do, anyone can be tied up, beaten and gagged, there was nothing unique or artistic about any of it! Just the same as with most job titles in our society, they are technical skills, the slot could be filled by anybody or by letting yourself identify a person with a particular culture based on what that person looks like, ex: being a person who for a long time considered myself to be "alternative," I had thought that I had more in common and identified more with people who dressed "weird," who had piercings or tattoos, but now I realize that these are accents to who a person is. Anyone can go out and buy a tattoo or get a piercing, that doesn't make them a good person (a government agent could get a tattoo and infiltrate any club or scene being completely trusted because of his appearance). People have started to loose the ability to see deep inside of things and can only see the external facade, there is no attention to details and people look for specific cues and commands that tell them whether to like a person or dislike them: ex. oh, that man is wearing a nice suit and drives a nice car, he must be a nice guy. Let's call these people on what they are: sadists who derive joy by inflicting pain on others: animal or human. I urge you to please check out our documentary and see the undeniable evidence for yourself.

This work is in the public domain

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