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LOCAL Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights : Globalization : International Relations : Latin America

The Anti-Genocide Struggle in Guatemala

An interactive presentation on the Association for Justice and Reconciliation – a multi-ethnic coalition of Mayan massacre survivors demanding justice for genocide in Guatemala. Despite the continued threats they face, the AJR organizes to end the impunity enjoyed by the politicos and military brass that reigned over one of the hemisphere's bloodiest genocide in modern times.

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Commentary :: International Relations

Putin checkmates Bush in missile chess

His offer to the US to share a missile shield shows the Russian leader’s guile, writes Seamus Martin.

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News :: Children & Education : Globalization : Health Care

Gone to Be a Soldier in the Army of the Lord ***

6/10 As a 1943 graduate of Wheaton College, Billy Graham should have been one of the first to acknowledge that the prophet Elijah had arrived. The Bush Nazis have cursed the earth, and the same thing is going to happen all over the whole damn earth. "Samaria shall bear her guilt because she has rebelled against God... their little ones shall be dashed to pieces, and their pregnant women ripped open." (Hos. 13:16)

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News :: Environment

Antarctic Glaciers Moving To Sea Faster

The British Antarctic Survey team studying 300
glaciers found that they are flowing into the sea
at a faster pace than scientists have ever seen.
As the glaciers melting is accelerated, the melt
water contributes to the faster movement.

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Announcement :: Labor

Working Class Resources

Lists of working class movies, documentaries, and literature

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News :: International Relations

Iran lodges protest with UN against US engineered sabotage

Iran-US-Letter of Protest Iran's permanent representative to the United Nations on Saturday lodged protest with the UN against United States for engineering sabotage and creating spy networks in Iran.

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Commentary :: Anarchism : Civil & Human Rights : Latin America : Media

Venezuela: The case of RCTV and the fictional democratization of communication

* The Collective of “El Libertario”, Venezuelan anarchist newspaper, makes public its reasoned out position in the debate generated by the case of RCTV, in where the current government imposes a solution where we pass from the meanness that the capitalistic private oligopoly of TV to the dreadful that could be the monopoly of a bureaucratic and authoritarian state.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Stand with us. Stand for Peace. Stand with Israel

Come to Washington DC on June 10, and join us in a rally to support Israel's right to peace, security and defensible borders!

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News :: Environment

Coal-gas: Another Fiasco in the Making?

I am sending you this because there is talk of a 2B dollar coal-gas plant in Oswego Co. NY, and there is no mention of what the byproducts are or what they are going to do with them. Also included is a Topix post on diabetes. Here is what I had to say on these issues in the order that I published them:

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Announcement :: Environment

Kimberly-Clark Nominated for Hall of Shame

Vote Kimberly-Clark into the Corporate Hall of Shame

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