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Commentary: Protest Activity
It has been a difficult year for the peace and justice community. Photographs can serve as a gentle reminder of the Unity felt at KC's historic anti-war protests.;=protests&submit;=Browse

Fourteen archived photographs have been added in Honor of the anniversary of the January 16th, 2003 Martin Luther King, KC anti-war protest.

It is my hope that these photos serve as a visual reminder of the passion and comradre of that period, and also as a source of pride and encouragement for the good citizens who cared enough to speak out for nonviolence and against the upcoming Iraq attack.

I have a respectable sized archive of KC's protest photos, and will post a link to another batch on the next significant protest anniversary.


(Over 600 people were in attendance at this event, according to an official count. The KC Star reported that 'nearly 200' people attended)

”When we remain silent about things that matter . . .
our lives begin to end.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Maybe we'll have that many at the next protest if we keep the focus on the occupation and not the 9-11 stuff.
Perhaps we'll have more if we focus on King and ending racism, sexism, hetero-sexism, domination, elitism, exploitation, brutality i.e. capitalism and the state.
I don't think Dr. King would have been inclined to use such stilted rhetoric, but you are correct.
Personally, I really appreciate that Jan posted this. It is healthy to remember where we were last year at this time, and rather comforting to look at the photos.
Thank you.