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News: Protest Activity
At peace rally on April 13th 4 tickets were given to peaceful protesters as the KCPD works to abolish the 1st amendment.
The weekly peace rally on April 13th started with a barrel of controversy. Upon their arrival, members of the Kansas City Chapter of Food Not Bombs noticed that despite the Kansas City Police Department threatening to ticket their vehicle for being parked on the grass in weeks past, the pro-war counter-demonstrators were being allowed to have a parked SUV and a military vehicle drive around.

Officer Jackson, however, told a member of KCFNB when asking whether he would be able to park on the grass as well this week, that "Yes you may park up here... but we may tow you." They also stated that the people driving on the park posed no danger to the demonstrators. Another officer on the scene later badgered an anti-war protester asking; "Do you understand that the soldiers are over there fighting for your freedom to do this."

Soon after, an anti-war demonstrator who was standing in front of the military vehicle was hollered at by the driver, whom immediately after put the vehicle in reverse, quickly accelerated, and nearly hit 2 young students standing behind his vehicle. He quickly departed.

The SUV around that time decided to leave the demonstration and when a anti-war protester was standing in her way she continuously held down her horn and proceeded to hit the demonstrator with her vehicle (which was captured on video). The police arrived pulling the demonstrator out of the way and allowing the vehicle to leave. The protester demanded that they file a report, which the officers refused to do. The protester who was struck gave the police officers "the finger" to which the officers responded by giving him a ticket for "improper use of a hand signal."

Moments after the completion of giving the gentleman a ticket, the police officers signaled for two vehicles driving by "honking for peace" to pull off to the side of the road. The first vehicle (in which an older gentleman was driving) was allowed to leave, while the driver who was a younger female was given a ticket. The ticket stated (not an exact quote but close) "excessive honking of the horn at officers with the intent to draw a crowd." Regardless that they were not honking after they passed the demonstration and that the police could not know what her intent was.

An announcement was made and $70 was raised to pay for tickets and legal defense. There is also additional money left over from when the demonstrator was arrested the day after war was declared. However more funds are still needed. Please bring money to donate at the next vigil.

Additionally 2 young demonstrators were giving tickets for "suddenly leaving curb causing traffic to stop" during the march that occurred after the vigil. The protesters were marching in the parking lane when police arrived, they immediately went onto the sidewalk afterwhich 2 in the crowd were grabbed and ticketed. Legal defense money shall also go to defend these protesters as well.