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News: Peace
A peaceful protest by an intrepid group of Columbia, Kansas City, St. Louis, and out-state protesters, numbering approximately 150, went very smoothly at a series of University of Missouri-Columbia departmental commencement ceremonies May 18, 2003.
A Confrontation was superimposed by pro-war lobbyists, who had been choreographed to the hilt by organizations such as Clear Channel Communication, which is largely beholden to the Bush/Chaney/Rumsfeld war propaganda machine.

Many graduates fled the "Ivory Tower" after their exercises were completed to join in with their fellow protesters amid exuberant exaltations such as, "We're finally done and we can join you!" Such exclamations were less common than the proverbial "thumbs-up" sign by family members and an occasional honk of support.

While stating this, it would be remiss in not owning up to the fact that a large number of reactionary conservatives shouted obscenities at the challengers and continue to be swindled by the false and misleading allegations of the temporary administration.

Shortly after 3:00 PM, Dick Cheney made his cowardly entry by helicopter into the arena better known for the exploits of cantankerous coach Norm Stewart and the young up and coming Quinn Snyder, before he addressed the graduating class of the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources.

The afternoon began with a peace rally on the lawn of the Boone County Courthouse, an approximate 3 mile march through downtown Columbia which culminated with a law abiding protest of Vice President-Select Cheney's parlance to graduates.

The crowd dispersed when the Secret Service abandoned their perch on the grassy knolls outside the Hearnes Center. Finally a coalescence of parties from the myriad of locales occurred at the Peace Nook Bookstore in downtown Columbia.