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Commentary: Labor
Sprint announced today that it is outsourcing hundreds of jobs out of the US.

What do folks in Kansas City think about Sprint's announcement today that it is moving job from the area to overseas contractors? Is this just another example of globalization run amuck? Will local taxpayers get a refund from Sprint for all the money local government shelled out to Sprint for the construction of their various facilities?

Sprint announces offshoring contracts

The Kansas City Star

Sprint Corp. has hired two companies to spearhead an outsourcing project that is expected to send hundreds of technology jobs overseas.

The Overland Park telecommunications company said it has signed contracts with IBM Global Services and EDS to provide software development and maintenance. The five-year contracts should save the company $150 million, the company said.

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Typical for all American tech professionals to lose their jobs. Another area company where an American can't get a job is Cerner. They've had massive downsizing of American software application developers (including yours truly) and other tech jobs. Their goal is to outsource software development to companies in India (such as Vipro). Most of the tech workers in the Kansas City office are from India and other countries. Many of them are given green cards for skills they don't have. I wouldn't want to be a patient in a hospital with software outsourced to a bunch of people in India who don't understand the product. They do this to make the immediate quarters look good for their stockholders. Not that they ever hired people currently living in KC; they recruited recent college grads from surrounding states (NE, IA, OK, etc) or they brought in lots of H1-B visas from India.

I see no hope for American tech workers in KC or anywhere else!