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News: Environment
Below is a list of trash items noted while waiting for a bus ride. The following day most of the large items were cleaned and removed. What does this say about our culture and those who live and drive along Troost? After all, the title of this article is ironic, right? Troost has very little wealth compared to Overland Park, KS, for instance, but it does have a "wealth" or a lot of pollution. Well, this is sort of like a Harper's excerpt; I hope you enjoy it and it causes you to examine the world.
Bus Stop (81st Street and Troost Avenue), Sunday November 9, 2003

List of trash items found on ground:

Q-tip, cigarillo plastic tip, Roll Lite 3-pack package, Lipton Brisk bottle with cap (empty), Natural Ice can, crumpled napkins, cigarette butts, Liquid Foundation package, candy wrapper, DVD label, bus transfer, broken black comb, bottle cap, beer bottle (Natural Light 1 pint 6 fl. ounces, dirty washrag, paper towels, candy wrapper, Seagram's Extra Dry Gin (small bottle), receipt, aluminum foil, Crunch Bar wrapper (fun size), plastic wrapping, Heavy Duty Power Cell Batteries package (empty; size AA), Starburst wrapper, cigarette butts, random paper pieces, AM/FM sports radio package (empty), bus tranfer, cigarette butts, 12 oz. Budweiser-bottle (empty), Camo Silver Ice 24 oz. can, Natural Ice 12 oz. can, Marlboro Red cigarette hard pack empty, Thrifty Nickel Want Ads ad, McDonald's Ketchup package, Chruch's Crunchy Stuff chicken container, Nerd's container, random red plastic strip, drink lid and straw (no container)

Trash can: within 25 feet of everything


There is also the potential of pollution of white liberals from Kansas trying to "clean up the streets."
Mark, Thanks for the interesting slice of life