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welcome energy crisis

15 points to break with oil addiction

December 2006

1. Human addction to energy consumption has spiralled to an unsustainable
level in which oil is the hard drug of the global capitalist economy.

2. That this consumption is causing irreparable damage to the biosphere
and is pushing the planet into a climate collapse which condemns many
forms of life to extinction, among them probably the human species.

3. That the production and commercialization of fossil fuels worsens
social inequalities, supports dictatorial regimes and sparks off armed
conflicts around the world.

4. That oil is principally used to ensure the incessant flow of goods
worldwide, flowing the veins of capitalism.

5. That the oil corporations are anonymous financial conglomerates, legal
shields of speculators who act with impunity and as such allow those
responsible to evade legal process for demonstrable crimes against

6. That the profits of these companies grow in proportion to how they can
increase oil addiction (in humanity), using dubious strategies like
blanket advertising, greenwash (promoting a false green image), and
political corruption.

We are decided:

7. To erradicate all kind of advertising (explicit or subliminal) of corporations that make profits generating climate change (oil companies, automotive, electric, petrochemical, airlines…).

8. To initiate legal actions Presidents and Board Memebers of the Oil
Corporations. The repeated mortal accidents, oil spills, violations to
human rights, invasion of native lands, are demonstrable crimes which must
be judged to prevent their repetition.

9. To investigate the responsability of the Petrochemical Industry for the
impacts on health caused by all their carcenogenic byproducts. To make
these companies finance the health costs of the sick, as well as the
management of toxic and plastic waste products.

10. The strengthen ties of solidarity with local victims of the oil
companies´ activities, publicizing the claims that are silenced by the
mass media sold out to corporate interests.

11. To set out on the pathhs towards individual and collective energy
autonomy, adoptingg and practisingg energy saving in everyday life and
startingg up community projects that produce solar and wind power on a
human scale.

12. To fight for good ad accessible public transport, closing the
airports, paralysing the construction of new roads and motorways,
reclaiming the city streets for the exclusive use of pedestrians, trams
and bicycles.

13. To push for a worldwide moratorium on car manufacture and the drilling
of new oil wells. It will be necessary to scrap the millions of cars and
lorries on thhe planet to bring a half to the extraction industry and
re-use the metal to construct trains, sailing shhips and bicycles.

14. To stop world trade, modifying radically our way of life and consumption.

15. To promote and accelerate a transition in energy use towards a post
oil way of life, accompanied with the necessary economic contraction to
get the human species back within thhe physical and ecologgical limits of
planet earth.

Shell kills, BP kills, Exxon kills

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