You will have to give a user name and password to register an account, giving an email address is optional.

When you publish anything while logged in, you will be able to edit your contribution later on. This means the content you publish will be tied to your user ID. For the time being the user name will not show up as the author, but this might change.

If you report an article through the "report or administer this article" form at the bottom of each article, an email will be sent to the publicly archived imc-london-moderation mailing list, citing your user name.

If you do decide to give an email address, and we see that you are frequently reporting abuse or suggesting good stuff for promotion, we might get in touch with you to offer you hiding and promoting privileges on the site. Giving an email address will also enable you to retrieve your password in case you forget it.

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Any user accounts who violate the Editorial Guidelines will be removed.

No robots!

Until automated systems acheive a higher level of self-awareness and responsibility, we need you to prove your humanity by taking a little test that spambots are too stupid to pass.

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