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It Doesn't Matter Whether the CIA Lied to Pelosi

Don't be distracted by the finger pointing.

Wichita State Sodexo resolution!


Here's some excerpts:

WHEREAS, As students and members of the campus community we have the right to know where the food served on our campus comes from and under what conditions it is produced, and the right to have a say in the contracting and procurement policies of our university; and [...]
WHEREAS, Major food service providers like Sodexo purchase a tremendous amount of tomatoes, serving them to students at schools across the country; and
WHEREAS, Florida tomato pickers are some of the most exploited workers in the country, suffering from sub-poverty wages, no overtime pay, and in the most extreme cases, modern-day slavery; and therefore be it resolved
RESOLVED, the Wichita State University Student Government Association urges Sodexo to meet with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, agree to pay a penny more per pound to directly improve Florida tomato pickers' wages, and, together with the CIW, implement an enforceable, human rights-based Code of Conduct for its tomato supply chain; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED,  that the Student Government Association also urges the Wichita State University administration to publicly call on Sodexo to do the same; and
RESOLVED, that a copy of this resolution be respectfully forwarded to Dr. Donald Beggs, President of Wichita State University [...] and Arlin Wasserman, Vice President, Corporate Citizenship, Sodexo...

Occupy, Resist, Produce: Factories Without Bosses

Beginning in 2001, Argentinean factory workers that had been fired from their jobs decided to take their jobs and their factories back.  Fighting against the former owners, the police and the government, these workers have reclaimed their right to work with dignity and without bosses. This is my undergraduate thesis that explores Argentina's occupied and recuperated factories and the history that led up to this unique social movement. This piece focuses on two factories, Brukman and Zanon, the most famous of the occupied factories.