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Re: Why is KC IndyMedia Being Censored by Chuck Munson?

This is a portion of an email sent to the kcindymedia editorial committee last night. JH

kcindymedia Collegues:

I am very bothered by this recent censorship revelation
and I appreciate that Janice has brought it to light.

For whatever its worth, I see a pattern of censorship here
that is contrary to everything indymedia stands for.

While some of the removals ("hiding") seem for obvious reasons
I was shocked to see other submissions that were removed
from this public forum, including the examples below.

It is befitting that one of the stories 'hidden' was this one:
Censored 2005: The Top 25 Censored Media Stories
of 2003-2004

There was also a commentary by (co-editor) Tom Klammer
which was critical of the anarchists destructive behavior at
a Plaza protest - deleted. We all know that Chuck is a
leading anarchist, but to delete a (co-editor's) witness
unfavorable commentary is absurd.

Or the 'hidden story about Bill Moyers:
Bill Moyers: There is no tomorrow

This outragous article was also hidden.
Amy Goodman Interviews Gore Vidal

There are also scientific articles, like this one which examines
the gaping holes in the official 9/11 story. This article was
labeled a 'Conspiracy Theory"by Chuck though it raises legitimate questions (Are we like
children who cannot filter for themselves?)
World Trade Center Fires kcindymedia.org/newswire/display/2384/index.php

I would have liked to have read this pre-election commentary:
Raising our heads at a historic Moment

For some very unknown reason, I have been deleted as
an editor of kcindymedia. That was not my intention
at all and I am extremely perplexed as to how it happened.

Best wishes,
Jan H.

Adendum: Besides Chuck, there are currently six other editors of kcindymedia (Sam, Frank, Sharon, Tom, Mike and myself). Speaking for myself, I feel that Chuck has unilaterally violated his position by taking it upon himself to determine content, (without any discussion with the other editors). The original bylaws were written before Chuck arrived, but I also remember that the kcindymedia bylaws were very careful when it came to items that would qualify for removal. Our collective and personal political leanings and opinions were most certainly NOT qualifiers for message removal.

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