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Re: Why is KC IndyMedia Being Censored by Chuck Munson?

This subject needs to be discussed in some depth at the next meeting- I'm sorry I missed the last one, and that it wasn't more thoroughly discussed there. Among other problems, I think the site has suffered from neglect by some of the other editors including myself.

I think hidings and/or deletions have gone beyond my understanding of our guidelines.

The "Nearly 9,000 U.S. troops dead? A NATIONWIDE CALL FOR INFO FROM SURVIVORS" article" should have been a feature as a result of a thumbs up vote for featurehood from a majority of the editors. It should have been demoted only if there was a similar majority vote to do so.

Like I said, I think neglect on the part of some of us had contributed to problems- perhaps it was felt, perhaps with good reason, that a majority of editors wouldn't respond. I still don't think that a unilateral decision should have been taken on demotion, or on most of the hidings or deletions.

Chuck has kept this site going and posted meeting notices while some of us have been too busy or otherwise have not pariticipated, and I greatly appreciate that.

But if this site is to continue we must have a better way of deciding which articles are to be available and which not than one person deciding.

A general comment on 9/11:
I don't know exactly what happened, and am not yet sure what to make of claims of complicity by the administration. Some claims may be "conspiracy theories" that won't hold up, I don't know.

I do firmly believe that at very least the administration cynically exploited 9/11, and while I am by no means certain they participated, neither am I 100% that they did not. There are a lot of aspects that raise serious questions- just one example is the collapse of Building 7- that have absolutely not been adequately addressed in general, and certainly not by the 9/11 report. I hope that a lot of different subjects will be addressed here, not just 9/11, but certainly not excluding 9/11, and that a variety of people will feel comfortable posting here.

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