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Re: Let's Start a New KC Indymedia Site

Kansas city really needs to import some better trolls, because many of the posts in this thread are silly, childish and simply inaccurate. First of all, you have some local sectarian leftist named "anon" or "nona" who is simply posting to trash anarchists. The post about anarchists using the Internet would be funny if we hadn't heard that one before.

"A Reader" is simply pulling stuff out of their butt. Accusing me of censorship is pretty dumb when this software has a built-in *moderation* system. If this person doesn't want to understand the difference between website moderation and government censorship, the best thing to do is ignore this person.

Mr. or Ms. Reader also claims that I have "absolute control" over Mutualaid.org. I haven't been involved with Mutualaid.org since late 2003. On the other hand, I was one of the co-founders of that project, which currently hosts several hundred email lists, websites, and Indymedia sites.

It's obvious that a few people around town have too much time on their hands. Instead of posting attacks here, why don't you try producing some independent media and post it to this website? Indymedia is, after all, about "being the media."

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