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Kansas City IMC

Mission Statement

Drafted 12/15/2002

Kansas City Independent Media Center joined the global network to provide regional residents with an alternative source of news reported by the citizens who see and make it happen. We demand a forum for unadulterated information that people can use to solve problems and make lives better. We have good ideas and important things to say, and we will no longer settle for the twisted truths and blatant distortions passed off as news in our local corporate media. We believe chain newspapers, canned radio broadcasts and television news that promotes fear and disinformation do not serve our community well. We can make a difference by raising our voices, conveying our thoughts through unfiltered words, documenting what we see with our cameras, and refusing to sit down and shut up.

Kansas City Independent Media Center will use our space on the web to further the efforts of the many individuals and organizations working to promote social and economic justice in our community. We will do so by giving everyone a way to communicate with a broader audience in a forum that is free of hate speech, slander and vitriol. We will work to break down the layers of apathy that make people give up, and we will try � using the power of information � to forge new alliances so that groups which have never worked together before can recognize the potential of their greater collective strength.

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