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Missourians United to Protect Social Security Continues the Fight

Social Security, the most successful government anti-poverty program in the history of the United States, is under attack. Millions from across the nation have banded together to stop the President’s plan to privatize the future of America’s retirees, disabled and survivors.

Locally, citizens and groups have joined Missourians United to Protect Social Security (MUPSS), a member of the national campaign, Americans United to Protect Social Security to stop this attack on Social Security.
MUPSS members locally include, but are not limited to: Pro-Vote, Service Employees International Union Local 1, Alliance of Retired Americans, American Federation of Government Employees, American Association of University Women, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, People First, Greens of KC, KC Young Democrats, UMKC College Democrats, Rock the Vote, Democracy for America, and the Greater Kansas City Women’s Political Caucus. MUPSS is working across the state to pass local resolutions opposing privatization of Social Security. Citizens have already passed resolutions in the following local government bodies: City of Northwoods, City of Country Club Hills, City of Berkeley, City of Kirkwood, City of Fayette, Howard City and Ste. Genevieve County. These resolutions send an important message to members of Congress to oppose privatization. House Ways and Mean Committee Chair, Bill Thomas, is promising action on Social Security in September. This is a critical time to pressure members of Congress to oppose privatization!

MUPSS has a goal of passing 15 resolutions across the state by August 31, 2005. Kansas City members of MUPSS have resolutions introduced in the Kansas City Missouri City Council, Raytown City Council, and Belton City Council. MUPSS is hopeful to see resolutions introduced into the North Kansas City Missouri City Council, Independence City Council, and the Jackson County Legislature. Throughout this campaign, MUPSS, which was officially formed in Kansas City back on March 16 2005, has faced many questions about our campaign strategy. One recurring question is, “Why should local officials take a stand on the federal Social Security Program?”

To us, the answer is simple. However, for those less familiar with Federal issue based organizing, here are some key points to keep in mind:
*Every privatization proposal includes huge cuts to guaranteed benefits--up to 40%
*In Missouri, Social Security brings over $10 billion of personal income into local communities every year. If the Social Security safety net unravels, it will be left to state and local officials to provide the support to those who fall into poverty.
*The Bush plan requires adding 5 trillion dollars to the federal debt. Servicing that massive debt will inevitably cut into the federal resources available to state and local government to provide education, health care, police protection and other public services.

With that being said, we urge you to support our efforts and contact your local government to pass a resolution opposing the establishment of private accounts as part of the Social Security system.

In recent months MUPSS has been extremely busy. Kansas City members of MUPSS have engaged in:

· extensive letter writing campaigns
· kept pressure on our US Senators and Representatives by demanding elected officials take a stand
· kept pressure on State Representatives demanding they too take a stand
· participated in town hall forums
· organized protests and press conferences
· refused to give up the fight by continuing to organize and educate fellow workers, neighbors and family members on the need to protect Social Security

In the coming months the fight will continue. We will hear discussion of Social Security being called a “dead issue.” That is, until we see Social Security Privatization forced back to center stage this fall by the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives. It is imperative in this fight that members of our community are not blinded by false and empty “seller” legislation, like prescription drug benefit bills. The McCrery/Shaw Bill would have devastating affects on future retirees, and currently disabled and survivor recipients.

If you would like to be involved in the fight to protect Social Security, please contact Lindsey Walker or Nathan Riding at Missouri Progressive Vote Coalition at 816.753.3044 or kcprovote (at) sbcglobal.net.

Please take a look at these upcoming events:

Social Security Celebrates 70 years of Guaranteed Benefits
August 13, 2005
11am – 12pm
North Kansas City Public Library
2251 Howell St., North Kansas City, MO
Come meet elected officials, eat cake, and celebrate 70 years of guaranteed benefits!

Social Security Rally with UAW
August 31, 2005
Illus Davis Park
Across from the Federal Building, 414 E. 9th St., KCMO
Come join fellow workers, members of our community, our friends at UAW, and US Representative Emanuel Cleaver!

The fight needs you.
To find out how to pass a local resolution, please visit www.missouriprovote.org

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short interview with Pro-vote's Lindsey Walker

Why have a city resolution on a national issue?
Use the link below to hear a 2 1/2 minute mini-interview about the Kansas City Social Security resolution effort.

As heard on the Heartland Labor Forum
6-7pm Thursdays
5-6am Fridays on 90.1 FM KKFI community radio

Re: Missourians United to Protect Social Security Continues the Fight

by Jonathan Tasini, TomPaine.com

Shhh...the White House is hoping no one
remembers that Social Security turns 70 this week.

Re: Missourians United to Protect Social Security Continues the Fight

Please note that the Rally on August 31 is at 1pm and will also discuss the issue of gas prices.

Re: Missourians United to Protect Social Security Continues the Fight

Update -
The KCMO Social Security Resolution should be brought up for a vote before the entire council on Thursday, Aug. 25 - 3pm - 26th Floor, KCMO City Hall, 414 E. 12th St.


Max Skidmore and Rev. Spencer Barrett will also be speaking at the Social Security Rally on Aug. 31 ( 1pm ). For more info about the rally, please contact Clem Whitman at 816.455.0200.

Re: Missourians United to Protect Social Security Continues the Fight


The KC Social Security Resolution passed unanimously on Sept. 1, 2005.

Thank you everyone for helping with this!

Re: Missourians United to Protect Social Security Continues the Fight

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