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News :: Missouri

Ashcroft Can’t Get No Satisfaction

...from United Press International:

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Commentary :: Media



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News :: Labor

Labor Union News

About Labor Union News-Labor unions have benefited greatly from the communications capabilities provided by the Internet: thousands of sites overflow with a wealth of information regarding news, issues and policies of labor unions both regional and global. I've collected some of these resources here, to serve as a starting point for those doing research on labor unions, looking for a specific group, or simply wanting to learn more about the state of unions today.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

BTL:New Detainee Treatment Law Target of Constitutional Court Challenge

Interview with Wells Dixon, an attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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Announcement :: Miscellaneous

Actriz cubana Isabel Santos estrena documental sobre el Che

La actriz Isabel Santos una de las más populares en Cuba, se sometió a la prueba del público y la crítica en su nuevo rol de directora al presentar su documental "San Ernesto nace en La Higuera", sobre el Che.

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News :: Globalization

Fidel Castro regresará a su cargo

LA HABANA - El gobernante Fidel Castro regresará a su puesto como máximo dirigente de la revolución, aseguró el canciller Felipe Pérez Roque, quien inició una campaña en barrios de La Habana con debates sobre el impacto en Cuba del embargo comercial norteamericano.

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Commentary :: Imperialism : Labor

Labor must take the road of class struggle!

A Working Class Emancipation labor bulletin

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Announcement :: Children & Education

Evolution, Personal Empowerment, Civil Rights, and World Peace—Update!

I’ve been invited to give a lecture at Arizona State University this fall on evolutionary science and its uses in progressive activism. The version of the lecture I wanted to give turned out to be 4 hours long, so I recorded that version in 13 tracks and posted it on my website for free download at www.newbookforanewworld.com/lecture.htm .

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights : Democracy : Peace : Protest, Resistance and Direct Action : Third Parties

Wars and Debts and Taxes, Oh My!


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News :: Anarchism

Not to the evict of the Almagro`s Assembly !

¡No al desalojo de la Asamblea de Almagro!

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