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News :: Children & Education : International Relations : Peace
Is God Christian ?
Religious conservatives in Texas are pressuring textbook publishers to conform to their agenda—which is changing schoolbooks everywhere.

Publishers compete energetically to win the Texas Board of Education’s adoption sweepstakes. In their strenuous efforts, publishers break bread and cut deals with the most powerful political players—not teachers, not school board officials, not parents or government officials, but rather Texas’ community of religious conservatives, whose support or opposition can make or break a textbook adoption.

Conservative influence does not begin or end with health education. Consider the changes made to these 2002 textbooks adopted by the Texas Board of Education:

Evolution: In Our World Today: People, Places and Issues (Glencoe/McGraw-Hill), a passage noting that “glaciers formed the Great Lakes millions of years ago” was altered to read “in the distant past” after a conservative reviewer attacked the phrase as merely “the opinion of some scientist who support [sic] the theory of evolution.”

Islam: A passage in World Explorer: People, Places and Cultures (Prentice Hall) noting that the Quran teaches “the importance of honesty, honor, giving to others and having love and respect for . . . families” was deleted after a conservative reviewer branded it “more propaganda” for Islam.

Global warming: Prentice Hall dropped an entire section on global warming from World Explorer after a reviewer charged that it would “prepare students to look to the government for solutions to problems.”

Thin Gruel
How the Language Police Drain the Life and Content from Our Texts
By Diane Ravitch - Published in American Educator, Summer 2003 issue

Censors on the political right aim to restore an idealized vision of the past, an Arcadia of happy family life, in which the family was intact, comprising a father, a mother, two or more children, and went to church every Sunday. Father was in charge, and Mother took care of the children. Father worked; Mother shopped and prepared the meals. Everyone sat around the dinner table at night. It was a happy, untroubled setting into which social problems seldom intruded. Pressure groups on the right believe that what children read in school should present this vision of the past to children and that showing it might make it so. They believe strongly in the power of the word, and they believe that children will model their behavior on whatever they read. If they read stories about disobedient children, they will be disobedient; if they read stories that conflict with their parents’ religious values, they might abandon their religion. Critics on the right urge that whatever children read should model appropriate moral behavior.

Censors from the political left believe in an idealized vision of the future, a utopia in which egalitarianism prevails in all social relations. In this vision, there is no dominant group, no dominant father, no dominant race, and no dominant gender. In this world, youth is not an advantage, and disability is not a disadvantage. There is no hierarchy of better or worse; all nations and all cultures are of equal accomplishment and value. All individuals and groups share equally in the roles, rewards, and activities of society. In this world to be, everyone has high self-esteem, eats healthy foods, exercises, and enjoys being different. Pressure groups on the left feel as strongly about the power of the word as those on the right. They expect that children will be shaped by what they read and will model their behavior on what they read. They want children to read only descriptions of the world as they think it should be in order to help bring this new world into being.

For censors on both the right and the left, reading is a means of role modeling and behavior modification. Neither wants children and adolescents to encounter books, textbooks, or videos that challenge their vision of what was or what might be, or that depict a reality contrary to that vision.

By the end of the 1980s, every publisher had complied with the demands of the critics, both from left and right. Publishers had established bias guidelines with which they could impose self-censorship and head off the outside censors, as well as satisfy state adoption reviews. Achieving demographic balance and excluding sensitive topics had become more important to their success than teaching children to read or to appreciate good literature. Stories written before 1970 had to be carefully screened for compliance with the bias guidelines; those written after 1970 were unlikely to be in compliance unless written for a textbook publisher. So long as books and stories continue to be strained through a sieve of political correctness, fashioned by partisans of both left and right, all that is left for students to read will be thin gruel.
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Re: Is God Christian ?
Man made religions are prisons of the mind, used by those elite that use it as one of their methodologies of control and manipulation. God does exist beyond all labels, and within every living creature right in their hearts. Trouble is most people have been inoculated against the truth that God exists within them, and because the inner ememies cover over the light within and distort the truth.

This is from one of my workshops!

Facing the Inner Enemies Workshop

First of all I want to thank all of you for showing up for battle!

Although we will not be suiting up with armor, the battle as you will learn, is no less serious in the stakes that are being played for.

There are some simple keys to unlocking some of the hidden doors within our selves.

The first key is to hold the intention of participating as fully as you can, with a willingness to stretch and grow beyond your usually held concepts.

The second key is to be willing to embrace the truth about your self. It will become clear from the processes the true nature of your inner world and that may have some surprising revelations for many of you.

The third key is to have as much compassion and respect for others in the workshop as you can.

We will all be going into issues that will prove challenging so we can actually facilitate each other by being respectful and compassionate.

Do I have your commitment to participate fully, so you can get the most out of this workshop? Good!

What are these inner enemies?

Classically, they are six:
 Delusion
 Desire
 Greed
 Pride
 Envy
 Anger

There will be a few of our assistants that will be handing out cards with these six enemies, and I want you to all get real familiar with them over the next couple of days.

Raise your hands anyone who may not have gotten a card with the six inner enemies on it. OK? Great!

I want to read a quote concerning some of these inner enemies!

“People are not really destroyed by outside forces – but always by those within. Even when a war or crime takes place, it’s only someone’s anger, envy, hatred, or greed – expressing themselves in the world. In fact, one might say that the reason that battles and wars are fought in the world is because they haven’t been fought – and won – on the inside, where it really matters.”

--Peter Hayes—
Darshan Magazine Vol 49

Now I want to read this again and think about what this really means!
(Repeat Peter Hayes Quote)

The inner enemies cause a great deal of misery, suffering and degradation in the world. They destroy lives and relationships; they vanquish empires and dissipate countries. They bring one’s downfall and enslave countless others.

Delusion’s powers are extraordinary. Not only can he make one thing appear to be another, but he can make himself and his cohorts invisible, appearing not to exist at all. This feature of delusion is sometimes called “denial”.

(Does everyone understand what I am saying here? Please ask me to repeat it if you didn’t grasp it or hear me properly. OK

Even if we admit that we do have a problem, delusion has a funny way of weakening and disempowering us against it. It is here in this invisible, hidden, murky and unconscious country that our inner enemies dwell. And when they are hiding here, we literally cannot see them.

By choosing to engage our inner enemies we side with the force that will uplift us and benefit those around us. By choosing denial we start running down the path of our own destruction and maybe bring down some others with us.

So it becomes extremely important to flush out these enemies so you can get a better look at them and understand how they often operate under the radar. This is why we do some of the processes. Don’t let any judgements that come up for you take you out of the game, watch them they are very tricky.

So let us begin with the, I love you exercise! So if I can get everyone to stand up and pick a partner around your own age group. So everyone please keep your note pads and pens handy you ‘re going to need those!

* Special note, don’t censor yourself when you are writing down your inner observations. Do it from the place inside of the unattached observer.

Does everyone have a partner? Yes? Great! Let’s begin!

Decide which of you wants to go first. Ok the person going first,
looks into their partners eyes and says I love you.

The person receiving this news is to stand silently and look compassionately at the person telling you that they love you.

Then the person saying,” I love you” gives the quiet person a hug.

All the while both of you are to notice the inner voice and inner feelings that come up inside, and write them on your pad after each comment and hug.

Does everyone understand how this is going to work? Repeat if necessary!

I want you to repeat this at least ten times. OK now go for it!

When you are done this part just sit and relax until everyone is finished.

Now stand up again get the same partner and reverse the roles. So what will happen is that the quiet participant will now be saying I love you, and giving a hug. And the other person will silently accept the hug. Taking careful notice of the inner feelings each time. OK GO!

Remember repeat this process at least ten times!

At the conclusion of the process thank the person who participated with you. Then sit down with your notes and contemplate the inner feelings that came up for you.

Check to see when everyone is finished! Once they are finished they are to find a partner that is much older or much younger than themselves and go through the whole process again.

Any questions?! OK Let’s do it!

NOW, please sit and look over your notes and think about the nature of your inner world in that little interaction.

After giving a few moments to contemplate their notes you can continue with the following.

At some point we must ask our Self; where we stand in relation to our inner enemies.

The reason we must ask this question is because we must overcome them if we are ever to be free of their ability to cause us suffering, steal our happiness, or prevent us from loving another completely.

Please hand out the delusion or denial sheets, and if anyone doesn’t get a sheet please raise your hand so we can see you and get one to you.

OK has everyone received a sheet of paper with delusion or denial written at the top?
I thought I would start this workshop with one of the enemies that really has a very powerful influence in how we see the world around us, and how we see ourselves and others. That particular enemy is delusion, and sometimes referred to as denial.

I want to take the beginning of this workshop to sweep away a few things so delusion doesn’t get a chance to settle in before we even get started.

The first thing I would say is that I am not a Guru, a scholar, an expert or any other label that gives the impression that I know more than you, or that I am in some way better than you.

Regardless of appearance, social position, financial attainment, certification or educational degree, or any of the other masks and roles we play, we are all equal in the eyes of that one Divine being who peers through every set of eyes. That divine being exists as the inner being of everyone, it is eternal and all knowing but it is the inner enemies that keep us from really understanding that. We have to start with the truth, proceed with the truth and end with the truth.

Is everyone with me so far? If not don’t worry things will become more clear as we progress in the workshop.

So we are going to start with the reality that we are all equal, and if something comes up in your mind that disagrees with this truth I want you to stop and examine what it is. For instance if you think you are better than someone else around you, recognize that particular enemy as pride, and see how it keeps you separate from naturally feeling love for that person, for they really are another aspect of you. If you think someone is better than you it is a sense of unworthiness that separates you, and that is a trick of the ego as well. We are equal!

I speak about these inner enemies from the standpoint of someone that has consciously battled with them for some time and have been humbled by them, and almost destroyed by them several times. I do this from the standpoint of a friend who found out something he wants to tell you because he cares about you, and want to save you as much unnecessary suffering in the future as he can.

Is everyone clear on that? OK Great! Let’s proceed.

Now we can start with the sheets you were given with delusion or denial at the top of the page.

Does everyone have a copy of this? Yes? Good OK.
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